Friday, April 25, 2008

Overbearing Health Freak

I had a friend (won't name any NAMES) who said that I can be a bit overbearing when it comes to running, fitness, eating right, etc.

Here are my thoughts on that:
Sorry charlie -that's just the way I am.
This shit is important to me. Very important.
And honestly, if people don't like it, they can stay away.
Because I want positive people in my life, who are supportive of healthy decisions I make.
So there (Sticks out tongue).

And honestly, I don't think I am THAT over the top about it. I still drink my wines and eat interesting food. I am borderline obsessive/compulsive, I will admit. But there are people that are WAY worse than I am. So that technically puts me in the "normal" category - right?

Maybe I just talk about it too much. But what else is there to talk about? I guess I will have to just blog about it more.

Not related at all to this blog: I had to post a pic of my weekend with my fav baby girls. Gigi - the 2 yr old has this new thing of "modeling" in pics, hence the 'hand to the cheek' move. Baby Gracie hasn't picked up on any modeling skills yet. But she will.

This weekend:

Fri: Bikram & movie night at home
Sat: Run 10 miles & visit prego friend
Sun: ??? Relax - not sure yet. Maybe Bikram again.

Song of the day: I turn my camera on by Spoon


Robin said...

Adorable picture!

Amy said...

P.O.M. dear, you look stunning, eight pounds or not! As for the "friendly" comment: it's probably just jealousy due to the fact that you're so committed to being healthy and active. I definitely wouldn't call you 'overbearing' regarding diet and exercise. Committed yes. Overbearing, definitely not. My God, if anything you look like you have a great time!

And love the new pic. You're glowing!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Verryy cute picture!
I totally agree with glam when it comes to the 'friendly comment'. They're probably just jealous!
Keep doing what your doing!!

P.S. I did Moksha today and I've heard Bikram is MORE intense! Good for you..

healthy ashley said...

What did Glam mention about 8 pounds? You look so good!

And as for the friend, could guilt be driving her comment? Health and fitness are both so uplifting and positive... I'm just sayin!

Marcy said...

LMAO I love that fam pic. I gotta teach my kids the model pose hehe. TOO CUTE!

As long as YOUR having fun, who cares how you roll :-)

Heather said...

You're totally normal. Who care if one person thinks your over the top. You're in charge of you. That is all.


carla said...

*what* movie?
(See you do talk about other things ;))

The highbrow tina fey movie here this weekend I think....

(Look! I talk about other things too. Who knew?!)


Unknown said...

Very cute photo.

I get teased a lot about being too overbearing about health as well. But how can you not talk about your passions, right?

chia said...

I was accused today of being way over the top as well. Corporate kitchen conversation went like this...

Mary: "Hey that looks good, is that the bean curd thing you made last week?"
Me: "Yes, turned out better this time, early lunch for me today. I am starving"
Antagonizing Asshole (AA for short): "If you ate some meat and normal food you wouldn't have that problem."
Me: "Well, I chose to omit meat because it's kinder to the Earth and my body, so I guess I can live with eating 5 times a day."
AA: "With how obsessed you are with food and excersize, you'll be in the Anorexic ward of the hospital any day now."

Ok... I eat 5 times a day, drink my wine, sustain a healthy lifestyle... and I'm apparently the fattest anorexic like... ever. :-D. Cool.

Who cares what others think of you when you're this beautiful, right?

Nancy said...

People are so dumb, geez. You're doing the right thing with the healthy stuff.

GREAT pic!!! Sweet little girls.

teacherwoman said...

Love the picture. I will be enjoying an evening at home as well tonight... AND a hopeful 10-miler tomorrow!

Amy - the gazelle said...

I get obnoxious comments like that, too, sometimes. As if there's something wrong with being committed to healthy living.

Unknown said...

aww that picture is soo cute! all three of you!! aww!!

I think I am the same way with talking about it, and being over bearing to some. haha. Whatever, they can just deal with it.

Kelly Olexa said...

oh MAN I totally agree with you. What is UP with people like this, and usually, I've noticed it is men and women that have totally let themselves go and they are bitter - so they see someone working at it, dedicated and excited and passionate about it, and they are jealous not only of your results, but of your ATTITUDE. When people get sloppy and lethargic, they can't (IMHO) have any overwhelming "happy" feelings, so they cut down other positive people to feel better.

But YOU!!! You keep doing what you do, motivating others and staying positive. You are terrific. You complete me.


Kevin said...

Totally agree. If you can't make yourself happy, no one can. By the way, cool job photos.

Stuart said...

uber sweet photo and here's to doing your own thing!

Power to the POM!

Anonymous said...

How cute are your nieces, beautiful picture.

There isn't anything wrong with trying to stay healthy. People are always going to talk. Ignore them and do you thing.

Have a nice run tomorrow.

Judi said...

Is this friend fat or a tad over weight? I always find that the heavy people around me definiately do not want to hear about exercise, esp endurance athletes. So whatever, I try not to talk about it at all.

Have a good weekend. :) Hope movie night is with someone cool, someone by the name that starts with J. LOL.

P.S. I am getting a bunch of traffic from your site. Thanks for sticking me in your blog roll!

katieo said...

Oh my gosh, the cheek thing is hilarious.

and ps, I love your running, fitness, eating right obsessive compulsivity.

Shelley said...

My 5 y/o does the model poses too - she actually practices if she knows she is getting her picture taken. Kids are so funny.

Whatevs to the fitness pooper.

Kiki said...

To borrow a line from bridget Jones..."We like you, just as you are." I like that you have focus, but know how to enjoy yourself, I call that balance!!!

You look great in all your pics...have a great weekend!!!

Sarah said...

You're totally normal! Everyone has at least one thing that they are crazy about and could talk about for hours... for you - health and fitness, for some people its fishing, or stamp collecting or fast cars. You're totally normal.

Lily on the Road said...

cute picture!!

Don't let the Jackholes slag you because your being healthy!!

Keep on with what you are doing...