Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Will it happen?

I am using the Secret for this shiz-nit RIGHT NOW.

Stay tuned.

The Secret and Balloons

Enough of this nonsense.

I re-watched The Secret Last night. In all it's cheesy, new-agey, "Amway for the Soul" bullshit, it does have some good advice and I turned off the DVD feeling better. So that's a good thing. I took that good feeling to bed with me (wink wink) and woke up feeling good.

I'm going to keep with this positive feeling and start working through some steps to apply this to my life.

I'm going to hop forward and list some things I'm grateful for. I've done this before and YES, I will probably do it again. So deal.
  1. I'm grateful that I have fun plans this weekend (pool party in LA with great friends)
  2. I'm grateful that my arms are looking better than they ever have
  3. I'm grateful that I live near the beach
  4. I'm grateful that my new makeup looks awesome on my face
  5. I'm grateful that I am debt free

I woke up early and went for a walk on the beach - about an hour. I didn't want to run because my new rule is no running 2days in a row. It was really windy and not so easy to walk on the sand because it is really slanted when it's high tide. Going to Bikram tonight!

Lesson of the day: BALLOONS ARE BAD.
If you have ever wondered WHERE your balloons end up when you let them go, I will tell you. They end up in the ocean somewhere between Newport Beach and Catalina. Then they wash up on the shore, around some poor birds neck. Now, I hate birds as much as the next guy, but I really don't want your trashy stupid balloon all over my beach. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bipolar Blogging

Clicking on my link, you never know what you're going to get.
No, not like a box of chocolates (we're avoiding those these days Forest).
But more like ...

One day I'm happy and doing handstands.
One day I'm feeling light and content.

And the next
I feel like shit and everything sucks.
Like today.

Sometimes Running Sucks.

I had to stop to walk. Twice. WTF? I haven't WALKED since the old days of hip injuries.
AND I was so winded.
AND I got chicked by a not-so-fit chick.
AND there was wind. Lots of wind.
AND a creepy marine layer that felt like rain.
AND the fresh ocean breeze was not so fresh - smelled more like a used up stripper pole.
AND -ok, I'm out of "AND's"

And when running sucks; just about everything sucks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Runners Lounge

I just started a new Forum on Runners Lounge for the Portland Marathon.

So anyone wanting to chat about it - check it out. Even if you are not running the marathon, but still want to chat about it :) ha ha.

Peace. Out.

God Throws a Bone

I'm pretty sure you don't come to this blog for any type of spiritual enlightenment. Don't worry, you won't get any of that here today.

But I do have to share this. It probably won't even make sense.

Have you ever struggled and struggled with something that causes you so much pain for a long time? The pain doesn't seem to go away, but maybe even gets worse? That lump constantly in your throat or the pit at the bottom of your stomach?

Then all of a sudden, God throws you a bone.

And everything is clear.
Just let it go.
Can it really be that easy?

It is that easy.
And you feel lighter.
Thank you God.

Told you it wouldn't make sense. But it does to me today.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mas Picturas de Puerto

Dandayamana Dhanurasana - aka Standing Bow pose. Me thinks it can be done anywhere. Anytime. Even on Culebra Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

"Raising the Roof" in the El Yunque Rainforest, we ended up at this little (and very COLD) waterfall.

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weenie....
But with Guns like that....

I just can't do a regular pose, now can I?
Back at Culebra Beach, I discovered the best way to reverse sagging breasts.

The Helmet Ten

It's kinda sketchy when you put your dorky water fanny pack on upside down - TWICE. It reminded me of the time my mom asked about my running helmet. I had a weird feeling that I might actually need a helmet today.

I woke up tight and sore from Bikram last night. But it's a good sore. You know the kind of sore that reminds you there are muscles under there somewhere. However, not so good when you have 10 miles ahead of you. But I did it. Slow as can be = 1:44, burning 1130 calories!!! It was hot a haites, but a beautiful day. Actually going to put my bikini on now and hit the beach with my new InStyle Mag! Sounds like the perfect Saturday.

And the best news of all is that after my run, I hopped on Anita. She told me 134~!~~~ Can you believe it? Of course, after I loaded up on my liquids again, I was up to 135. So that's what I'm claiming. 135. Praise sweet little baby Jesus.

Two weeks until the half marathon. I am not sure if I want to do another 10 next weekend or maybe a shorter run with some hills. I am getting nervous about a hilly race. I was thinking that Portland would be my first traveling race. But DOY - this one is. I will be staying at my grandparents house. Their house is actually ON the race course - so they can chill out on their driveway and hold a fancy banner for me. At least THEY BETTER if they know what's good for them. Anyway, I can use this half as practice for the travel/packing portion. YKWIS?

My friend sent me the rest of the Puerto Rico pics - so I will post those next...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Overbearing Health Freak

I had a friend (won't name any NAMES) who said that I can be a bit overbearing when it comes to running, fitness, eating right, etc.

Here are my thoughts on that:
Sorry charlie -that's just the way I am.
This shit is important to me. Very important.
And honestly, if people don't like it, they can stay away.
Because I want positive people in my life, who are supportive of healthy decisions I make.
So there (Sticks out tongue).

And honestly, I don't think I am THAT over the top about it. I still drink my wines and eat interesting food. I am borderline obsessive/compulsive, I will admit. But there are people that are WAY worse than I am. So that technically puts me in the "normal" category - right?

Maybe I just talk about it too much. But what else is there to talk about? I guess I will have to just blog about it more.

Not related at all to this blog: I had to post a pic of my weekend with my fav baby girls. Gigi - the 2 yr old has this new thing of "modeling" in pics, hence the 'hand to the cheek' move. Baby Gracie hasn't picked up on any modeling skills yet. But she will.

This weekend:

Fri: Bikram & movie night at home
Sat: Run 10 miles & visit prego friend
Sun: ??? Relax - not sure yet. Maybe Bikram again.

Song of the day: I turn my camera on by Spoon

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick Pics

Home again, home again.
Jiggity Jig.
I'm too tired blog.
I feel like a fat pig.

Lots of fun.
Too much drinking.
Trying new foods.
What was I thinking?

Some pics of the trip
Need to detox from the booze.
And get some rest because
I now have 8 lbs to lose.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

9 Miles, Hammies and Oozing Pus

The title says it all, but here's a few more deets...

I did my 9 mile run in today (on the treadmill at the hotel). Let's just say that the love-affair with the treadmill was short lived. The bastardo pulled a fast one on me. He led me to believe that we would have fun together and everything would be peachy. Well NOT so much! By mile 3, we were getting sick of each other. By mile 5, we stopped communicating all together and by mile 8, there was nothing else I wanted more in the world but to get away from the Masochistic Jerk Off. But, I got my 9 miles in - about 1:26 mins or so. I was sooooooo sweaty.

During my run, my legs felt really tired. Which is weird for me - my legs can go for days (in more ways than one - wink wink) and it's usually my lungs or brain that poops out. But my legs were just killing me. I finished up and got off the Death Mill to do my stretches. OUWIE WOWIE. My right hamstring is soooo tight & sore that I can't even touch my toes. So here is my question for you all - how do you know if your muscle is sore from doing dead lifts or if I actually pulled a muscle???

Saving the best for last - I have AT LEAST 15 mosquito bites on my lowers legs. They didn't bother me the day I go them, but the day after they swelled up. This is not unusual for me. I am alergic and get all puffy/swollen from anything that bites me. Well day three has been a real hoot. I was standing in line for lunch at this little sandwich place and feel something dripping down my leg in several places. MY BITES ARE OOZING PUS to the extent that it is actually dripping down my legs. The seepage is seriously disgusting. I'm sure nobody is going to want to SALSA with a seeping girl.

Just weighed myself - the scale is still in it's usual spot. 2 out of 3 goals reached thus far. Tomorrow is my last day of work then the fun shall commence. So the 3rd goal should be reached soon.
Thank you sweet little baby Jesus.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sneak Peak

Hola Amigos

Went for nice beach walk today - only about 2.5 miles. But my hammies are killin' me from yesterday's weights escapade.

Went into old San Juan today - what a quaint little down. Like a dingbat, I forgot my camera, but had my trusty blackberry. The first pic... you guessed it - a cemetary. It was right on the water and so beautiful. The second pic is just a little cobblestone street. We had tapas on a patio - so fun and delish (not to mention the killer mojito!)
Well, now it's time to work. Wah.
(PS: Sorry about the weird spacing. Blogger is having issues. All the blogger instructions and stuff in in spanish here - hee hee. Oh and spell check is Spanish, so forgive me if there are spelling errors).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Treadmill Tryst

I hate to admit this... but
I had FUN on the treadmill today.

Really, I did.
It was like a date with an old friend that went really well - not that I would know.

I haven't run on a treadmill in long while, but being that I don't really know the area yet, it seemed like the safest thing to do.

I hopped on and put it on the old setting I used to do. And it was sooo easy so I sped up. I was running an 8:30 mile for 2 miles! I am always in the high 9's so this was great.

Then I decided to switch it up and do some hills so I did 2 miles of hill intervals and it was FUN.
Am I losing my mind?

I was sweating like a banshee. Not that banshees sweat, but I sure as hell was.
Then, feeling super motivated I hit the weights.
Hell yeah - bathing suit time people. Bathing suit time.

And there is a scale in my hotel room. It's no Anita, but it says the same damn thing she does... 136. Maybe, just maybe this is where my body is supposed to be. Jiggly tummy and all.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hola Problemos


I landed in Puerto Rico and got to my hotel to find this....

Please note the essentials:

1. Computer with Mrs. F's Blog on the screen.

2. A bottle of Cab sent from the hotel.

3. A yummy-ass cheese platter sent from the hotel.

Let's just say, I dove in HEAD FIRST! But I think if I was calorie counting, I would still be within my limits since traveling these days means you don't get to EAT ANYTHING on the plane. I had 45 mins between flights and barely had the chance to get a shit-sandwich. I only ate half and tossed it (regretting that later!). I was so hungry by the time I got to the hotel I was absolutely STARVING (my excuse for the cheese-dive).

Honestly, I thought I planned ahead. I packed 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple. Well, that was gone by 9am. I landed at 9pm. Ohhh.. the joys of travel. And YES, Angry Runner, I did sit in bulk head on one flight, and exit row on the other. That's how I roll.

Well, hopefully I can wake up early enough to get a run in tomorrow before my meeting crap starts. But since there is only about one glass of wine left in this bottle, that just might not happen. Somehow, someway, I have to get a 9 miler in for my half marathon training. And there is no way I want to do that on a treadmill. Good thing Big G came with me. Just not sure yet how I feel about running around by myself in an unknown city. I'm pretty adventurous though - I will figure out something.

Goals of the week:

1. To weigh the same when I get home as I do now.
2. To salsa dance even though I don't know how.
3. Have a few laughing fits - I really need some laughs!
(I'm sure no. 2 and no. 3 will go hand in hand)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Utopia Run

I had one of those runs this morning. The most rarest of the rares, but one of the reasons we all keep coming back...


I thought I was pushing it because I swear it was 90 degrees at 9am.

But I ran.

And I loved it.

It was warm - I was in my favorite shorts and tank.

There were lots of people to watch (bathing suits, mullets and muffins galore).

My iPod (which usually has lame songs on it) all of a sudden had the best mix ever.

I didn't feel any body parts hurting.

I had energy.

My mind was blank.

And as I running I thought to myself "there is really nothing else I would rather be doing right now!"

And when I was done, I put on my bikini and laid on the beach.
(This pic was taken with my phone)
Los Numeros:
Mile 1: 9:20
Mile 2: 9:35
Mile 3: 9:57
Mile 4: 10:05
Mile 5: 10:14
Mile 6: 9:56
Mile 7: 9:59
Mile 8: 9:28
Had so much with my baby girls this weekend. But lemme tell ya, I have a whole new respect for my sister. I always respect her, but now... wowsers. A tiny baby and a 2.5 yr old. 'Nough said?!?
Voy a Puerto Rico manana!!! Adios amigos.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rambling on...

  • Shopping! I almost forgot. Even online shopping. Yesterday I went to Sports Authority dot com and got a lot fun stuff on sale. (2) Nike tops, (1) Adidas Top and a pair of Nike Capri's. They were all kinda weird colors, but all that stuff was $100. NIIICCCEEEE.

  • Downloading music. Just call me a Tegan and Sara Stalker!

  • Getting your hair done

  • Blogging

  • Crying

  • Signing up for races

  • Oh yeah - RUNNING

  • Booze: Went to a fancy work dinner last night and had a martini and some wine. So cross that off my goal list for the week. Oops. But it was nice and I didn't over-do it. So that's ok.

  • Yoga - well twice was the goal. But only getting it in ONCE this week. We'll get 'em next week.

  • Running - I will definitely get to 20 miles this week because I will run about 5 tomorrow and then have 8 on Sunday. Yeah!
Taking a personal day tomorrow because I freakin' need it. I still feel like there is a lump in my throat and a hole in my stomach. When does this go away? I'm going to wake up early, run 5 miles then go see my baby girls (nieces). So get ready to be bombarded with the cutest pictures in the universe. I definitely need some baby girl lovin' - nothin' heals your heart better than that - as Nancy reminded me.

Thanks again everyone for your awesome support. I'm excited about Portland and some BLOGGER MEET UPS! More on that later.

Song of the day: Better by Regina Spektor

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vegetable Porn

My lunch was too pretty to not share with you guys:

2 small heirloom tomatoes (purple & red)
Hot House Cucumber
1/2 Avocado
Non-Fat Cottage Cheese
2 Small Balls of Buffalo Mozzarella
Smidge of white balsamic vineger on tomatoes & mozz

AKA: Pure Heaven Lunch

Bigger and Better

I know you are all holding your breath for the big announcement.

Wait no more!

Here it is....

Right here...

I've signed up for my next marathon - marathon el numero dos.

The lucky city to host this monumental event is...


Reasons I/we selected Portland:
1. My two girlfriends (Kris and Mel) who ran with me last time are meeting there. It's kinda of a central city location for us all.
2. It's being held on Kristin's BirFday and therefore the entire race will be dedicated to her because she is the best friend a girl could want.
3. iPod Friendly
4. Brisk weather
5. Hot Single Men. (ok, I made this one up, but if I'm using the "secret" then maybe... just maybe...)

Things that stress me out:
1. I've never travelled to a race.
2. We don't have a hotel booked and they are really pricey - even for dumpy ones.
3. I will be training by myself. UNLESS I join some type of group - more on that later.
4. I don't have the support system (aka boyfriend) that I had during my last marathon.
I'm not even going to think about marathon training until June. Well, I probably think about it, but not really plan out my training. But I'm thinking of taking a more relaxed approach compared to last year. I think I over-trained and that was the cause of my hip problems. So, we'll see what I come up with.
Now, I know there are some very hip and cool blogger chicks from Oregon. So ladies... I'm open to some suggestions on fun places to go and see. I think we will go out drinking Thur night to celebrate my girl's bday and then somewhere to drink/recover on Sunday. Ideas??? If you're open to a meet up, let me know too.
Morning Digits:
4 miles = 38:43 = 444 calories
Mile 1: 9:35
Mile 2: 9:48
Mile 3: 9:58
Mile 4: 9:22
Song of the Day: Misery Business by Paramore

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Overwhelming Warm & Fuzzies

I cannot even express to you all how amazed I am with all the support pouring in. And thanks for not being mushy and sympathetic. I seriously LOVE all of your advice and am taking all of it into consideration. You guys are all awesome and I can't believe how incredible you make me feel.

Vanillas strip club advice is probably on top of my list. I'm savin' my dolla bills so I can stuff them in some shiny g-string with my teeth. Ok, just kidding, I wouldn't really put money in my mouth. I'm not that gross. Vanilla - this pic is for you! Or maybe it's for Marcy. I know she loves her man-thongs.

Ali and I are going to have a major drinking binge and end up at Promises where we can recover and meet some celebu-drunks.

There's no need to hurt anyone.... JESS... (but I will keep that in the back of my mind for future reference. wink wink.)

Mrs. F - cracks me up as usual. And I'm down for some psychic advice. Seriously. Now, how do I find a reputable one???

I might end up shacking up with Nancy for a while. But she'll probably kick me out when she realizes that I used up all her lipstick!

Lots of you suggested drinking. I am saving that for the weekend. My rule is no booze during the week because I don't want to turn into a big bloaty nightmare. But actually, Thursday Charming Grey Matters and I are going to spend a ridiculous amount of our life savings on dirty martinis. Hey, the weekend starts on Thursday, so I'm not really breaking the rules.
The best advice though.... and LOTS of you shared this one... is that I am going to keep on runnin' and keep on truckin' and keep on shoppin.'
I have some exciting news that I will announce tomorrow. Well, it's exciting for me, but probably not really exciting for you.
Song of the Day: Walking with a Ghose by Tegan & Sara (Sorry I told you I'm obsessed wit them right now)

Monday, April 7, 2008

This Ship Has Sailed

Thank you Thank you and Thank you to Runner's Lounge for lots of reasons. First, Amy and Tom are really nice and cool people. For some reason, they like to read my blog and for some even stranger reason, they have told OTHERS to read my blog. Holy cow. I feel famous. They have a great website that you must check out if you run and if you don't run you will probably start after you check out their site. Everyone is really supportive over there - thanks for everything! And, I received an award for being an Active Lounger! Yippy for me. Very excited for my prize to come :) And this good news couldn't have come at a better time!

In other news, you might have noticed that I have been trying to be really positive in my blog as of late. Well, lemme tell ya - I'm a SHAM. A FRAUD. AN IMPOSTOR. I have been trying to be happy on the outside so maybe my insides will catch up. If you're a frequent and long-time reader, you might have also noticed the lack of mentioning the Captain lately. Well, the reason behind all this is that the Captain has decided to set sea for bluer waters. (Bluer - is that a word?)

I have been afraid to post this news because, well, it just makes it more real. Since I can barely process it myself, I have waited to share it here. I haven't even had the guts to tell some of my family members (sorry mom). Don't worry - my mom really doesn't read my blog. But I think it's time to let it out... let it go... let it fly. Maybe it will help me get over it.

Honestly I am devastated but I know I will be ok. Some days are really easy and some days I want to sleep under a rock all day. I won't get into the details, but he is an amazing person and I am happy for the time that we spent together. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't be too sympathetic with me, as I don't deal with sympathy well. But if you want to give any advice on how to get over things like this... I'm all ears.

For now, I'm keeping sane by focusing on my goals, running and keeping busy as much as possible. Sorry to be a Debbie-Downer today. I will sass it up again tomorrow. Hopefully (Crap now I feel pressure)!

Song of the Day: Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michealson

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Warning: Boring Blog

Please forgive me. I drank away a few too many brain cells on Friday night. But it was worth it. Wine is goooooooooooooooooooood.

I had to change my weekend running plans. I was going to run "Back Bay" with it's nice hills and beautiful views. And hopefully bump into Cara. But my legs were KILLING me from Bikram. Yes... sore muscles from yoga. This class is not just stretching, there are some serious strengthening exercises. I thought to myself "Self, you run a lot. Your legs should NOT be sore from yoga." But they were. Really sore. Still sore. Anyway, there was no way I was going to attempt the hilly run for 7 miles. So I stuck to my nice, oceanfront flat path. For being flat, my times sure sucked. It was a little windy on the way back and I'm sore - that's my excuse.
So there.

Miles: 7.04
Time: 1:12
788 calories

Goals for the week:
* No drinking all week.
* run 20 miles
* Yoga 2x
* Figure out how to get emails on phone or return phone by Thur
* Weigh 135 by Friday

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dolphins, Dolce & PDAs

I had a few friends join me on my run this morning - a jumping school of dolphins. It's been a few months since I've seen any so they were a welcomed sight. Every time I see them, I think it's a sign from God that something good is going to happen.

*Fingers Crossed* (Still waiting for something good...)
Here are the digits:
Mile 1: 9:45
Mile 2: 9:47
Mile 3: 9:58 (Slowed down to chat with the dolphins)
Mile 3: 9:14
Total: 38:44 (447 calories - that is enough to compensate for a few glasses of WINE tonight)

After a week of NO WINE, eating like a rabbit, running and doing yoga, I stepped on the scale this morning. Guess what... STILL at 136. I don't get it. I can usually drop weight easier. Maybe this is the weight I am supposed to be at. I know I'm not really fat. But there are still "spots" that have extra jiggle. Anyway, I needed another *something* to check my status. Remember a while ago when I got a pair of "Motivation Pants" from my boss? The Dolce & Gabana Black Skinny Pants? When I first got them, I could not button them. (See link for gross photo). Well, here they are now:

Yeah - they close! I actually think I could wear them and feel comfortable. There is still a slight muffin effect, but not like before.
So yeah for that. (Oh my gosh, my closet is such a mess in the back, but not as messy as in the "before" picture.)

On another note: I have entered the 21st Century and picked myself up a new PDA/Smartphone - whatever the heck it's called. I did my research and ended up with (what I think) is the perfect phone for me. It's small, yet can do my emails and all that stuff. HOWEVER = I SUCK AT THIS PHONE.
1. I have spent a total of 1:58 on the phone with technical support and STILL don't have my email sync'd. (I could have ran a half marathon in that time!)
2. It takes me twice as long to text.
3. I have been back to the store twice.

Apparently my IT guy has to help me. BUT he only comes once a month and it was last Tuesday. So I'm at a loss for now.

Weekend Plans:
~ Bikram this afternoon, Dinner with girlfriend's tonight and DRINKING WINE! Yippy.
~ Saturday shopping with Aunt and Granny
~ Sunday 7mile run and baby shower
~ Waiting for something good to happen (per dolphin sighting)

Song of the day: Back in your Head by Tegan & Sara (I love these gals)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok, it's time to announce the next trip. I'm actually getting excited for this one already, probably becuase of these little numbers:
Dress #1 - The White Dress - it really doesn't make me look as fat as in this picture. Kinda girly and flirty. Very excited to wear it.

Dress #2 - The Blue Dress - told you - it's a littl risque
But that's ok because in 2 weeks I will be in....
wait for it....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A 'Sense' of Bikram

The Five Senses of Bikram (according the POM Institute of California)

SIGHT: The class is held in a large, carpeted studio with mirrors on 2 walls. All the usual suspects were in attendance: The Hard Bodies, The Hairy Bodies, The Mushy Bodies, The Anorexic. Something to note is that in regards to clothing - less is more. And "less" there is. Some people are practically in bathing suits and some of the men are in tiny biker shorts with their junk on display for all to experience.

SOUND: The instructor guides you through the 26 postures, so the main thing you hear is her/his voice. Usually it's pretty soothing and I like to hear how each posture benefits your body. The other thing you hear is BREATHING - lots of people breathing. Oh, and in my case, I hear ringing in my ears - but that's just me.

SMELL: Now this is something that takes some getting used to. Remember the room is carpeted and there is lots of sweat dripping around. The first time I took this class with my friend K-Dub we had a very hard time focusing on anything but the stench. But now, I'm sorta used to it. Kinda like how farmers get used to the smell of shit, I guess. Even after not going to class in about 6 months, I still didn't really bother me. Go figure.

TASTE: Lucky for us all, I managed to keep my tongue inside my mouth, so there was no tasting involved. Except I guess for water. One must consume copious amounts of water.

FEEL: This can be divided into a few categories.
HOW IT FEELS: It feels HOT and MOIST (I know some of you hate that word) so we can go with WARM and WET instead. The room is kept at 105 degrees with 40% humidity. Well, pack about 50 people into that room in a crowded class and I swear it's hotter! You start out doing a breathing exercise and by the time you are done with that, you are completely soaked through with sweat. Each position stretches and strengthens different parts of your body - inside and out. So some are easier than others, depending on your strengths & weaknesses.

HOW IT FEELS TO ME: By the time I'm at half-moon pose (#2) I am really really hot. I have hard time with this pose because I can't straighten my arms above my head. Who knows. Pose 6 and 7 - my heart is POUNDING - like a full on cardio workout. I actually had to sit down on the 2nd set of these poses. I didn't want to pass out. But sitting down is fine - they just ask that you don't leave the room. Pose 22 is very challenging. I wasn't able to complete it this time because of the dizzy situation. But in the past - I loved it. It really stretches out the front side of your body - perfect for runners (tight hip flexors).

HOW IT FEELS AFTER: All in all, I survived. There was no tunnel vision, no blacking out and no puking! Yeah for me. The best part of this class is how I feel after I'm done. I feel spent, but relaxed. I feel energized, but mellow and clear headed. I feel cleansed physically and mentally. And best of all, I feel LEAN and MEAN and ready to take on the world.

(Warning: confession of a scale-whore)
I did step on the scale when I got home and lost a couple lbs of water weight - duh! I thought I drank enough water before, during and after, but I think I fell short a little. I woke up very tired with a little headache this morning. So next time -even MORE water! And yes, there will be a next time. I would like try to incorporate this into my workout schedule at least twice a week.

Song of the Day: Buzzin' by Shwayze

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still Strong- Day2

Day 2 -no wine. Going strong...

I stopped by the Captains, had a chat. Went home, made an awesome little whole wheat pita pizza thing (God, I can't get enough of those babies). Watched the Simpsons. Read my book. It's light-hearted. I was in bed nice and early.

Woke up for my run this morning with no issues (It's much easier to get up when I didn't drink the night before). Nothing too exciting to report, except that I really love where I live and I don't ever want to move. Especially this time of year (no tourists!)

(This is part of my path - mile 1)

4 miles = 39:43


I did make a little mistake and stepped on the scale this morning. This is against my rules, as I can easily turn into a psycho-obsessive-compulsive-scale freak. The number was NOT where I wanted it to be. But this will only me make stronger today. I just threw away two bowls of candy that were near my desk. They weren't even mine - but I don't want that shit around to temp me with with sweet sugary ugliness.

Very excited for Bikram tonight. I will have the POM Institute issue a full report tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Feel Alive by Benassi Bros.