Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Real Trip

In exactly 24 hours I will be sitting first class, poppin' bubbly on my way to CABO.

I'm landing and getting a massage.


That is all.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backslide On A Stick

Well, the scale went the wrong way this week. I have nobody to blame but myself. I missed my workouts Friday and Saturday. I was down in San Diego for work then stayed to have some fun with a friend in town. I figured that 3 hours of dancing like sweaty maniac would be enough of a work out, however when you add a late night burger, fries and hot wings into the mix, it is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention waking up covered in hot wing sauce.

We also hit up this little spot - Seriously GO THERE if you're in San Diego. It was so yummers. I actually went there for dinner Fri night and returned for lunch on Saturday. I don't know how to describe it - it's like high end bar food. Dreamy. Chorizo corn dogs. hello!

Leaving for Cabo in 2 days. Let's just say that instead of dropping cash on new bikinis, I purchased two new cover-ups instead.

In OTHER news... I have to say that there are alot of scummy jerks out there. What sucks is that they are disguised as nice guys. I met a guy in San Diego - we hung out with all our friends, had a BLAST. He was really funny and sweet. We texted all weekend. My friend had some fun pictures, so I texted him and asked for his email address so I can send him the photos. He sent it to me. Then I thought, 'oh I should see if he's on facebook.' So I looked him up and
Obv, I cut all contact. But seriously people - what the heck?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ewe...What's On Her Sleeve?

I've been feeling a little sicky - sore throat, snotty. Maybe it's just allergies.

I was running yesterday morning and having issues breathing out of my nose. So I blew a couple snot rockets.. and let the flood gates open!

I swear I lost about 2lbs of SNOT, which I very carefully wiped on my sleeve.

The down side of blowing snot rockets while running is that you don't have a mirror to see if there are any remnants.... you know? The captain used to call them 'men overboard." Crusties, boogies, little friends? What do you call them?

What? Are you grossed out? At least I didn't poop my pants - not naming any names AMY LAWSON.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pounds, Hikes and Trips, Oh My

Two more ell-bees down (see sidebar).
Saturday was so supa dupa fun. Dr. Dev and I headed to Laguna Canyon for a nice hike/trail run. She was planning on hiking and looking at flowers/plants, because that's her thang. I was planning on running. We had the perfect combo of both! Overall, we did about 7 miles. I would say we ran 4-5 of those. I sometimes forget how many amazing spots there are here in So Cal. It was especially interesting because Dr. Dev was pointing out all these natural wonders that I would have missed if I was running alone. But please don't test me because I would never remember the names of any of these plants. It's going to be my mission to step out of my comfort zone and check out my places. (I think I've said this before).
Please enjoy this lovely pic, courtesy of Dr. Dev and also please enjoy the fanny pack I am wearing. Over those hills, you can see the ocean. It's awesome. I heart Laguna.
Cabo is in about a week. I won't be at my goal weight, but at least I'm heading in the right direction. My sister took some photos this weekend while we were at the beach. No way in hiz-ell those are going to be posted. I even flinched when I saw them. ARGH. Note to self: Forget to bring camera to Cabo.
And, for those that are wondering, I am going to Cabo with 2 girlfriends, their hubbies and......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Workin' for the Weekend

I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I just wish it was a little bit longer :)

I ran 4 miles this morning and I really want to go to Bikram after work. But I MUST go to the market. I have no groceries and I need to make some dishes for Father's day. If only I could slip out of work early and go to the 4:30 class - it would solve all my problems. Well, not ALL my problems, but at least the problem of the hour.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday. Dr. Dev and I are hitting the trails! We're going to hike, do a little trail running and take pictures of flowers (that's her thing - check out her blog). Then we're going to go watch "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" movie. I've read the entire trilogy and can't wait to see the movie. I am also looking forward to mowing some serious popcorn-----ahhhhhhhhhh popcorn.

Sunday, I am going to hit up Bikram early. Then we're having a father's day picnic at the beach. My cutie patootie nieces, my sissy, me and pops. I'm really looking forward to the day with them. Yes, I still call my sister 'sissy'. She calls me sissy. And her kids call me "Aunt Sissy." It actually stunned me one day when the almost-five year old was trying to get my attention and shouted "JESSICA!" I looked at her and said "wow, I didn't know you even knew my real name." She said, "duh." Her new favorite thing to say is "OMG." She's not even 5. GOD, I love that kid.

That's about it. By the way - did I tell you guys who I'm going to Cabo with???

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Cure to All the Ails

My friends, I'm FINALLY feeling like I'm back on track.
  • I've got more energy.
  • I'm sleeping better.
  • Anxiety? What anxiety?
  • The scale is slowly (healthily) moving in the right direction.
  • I have a sunny disposition (haaaaaaaaaa... just call me Mary Freakin' Poppins)

The stupid thing is that I KNEW exercise would get me here. The first couple steps are the hardest. Kinda like running - the first 2 miles are usually the worst. I'm on day 5 of exercising everyday. I'm wondering if I can make it everyday until Cabo. I think I can. I only have 2 days of work trips. I can work out in the morning before one, the other might be tricky. But hey - may as well shoot for the moon.

I am going to go get new yoga dvd to do in the mornings on days that I'm not running. (Remember my old rule about not running 2 days in a row - I seem to always end up injured if I do that.) Any suggestions????

Monday, June 14, 2010

Slow Start

Weigh In this morning - 142.8
That's like 1.2 f'n pounds for the week.
Me not happy.

I didn't drink all week (except for wine during my stupid delayed flight home Friday night).
I did 4 days of Bikram this week.
I ran 3 days this week.
I kept calories down to about 1200-1500 per day (except wine on Friday).

But, I have to admit that I did eat about 6 lbs of M&Ms. Do you think that could be the problem?

17 days til Cabo. Step away from the freakin' M&Ms. I don't even really LIKE them - they are just sitting there - at work - staring at me. I tried to move away from them , but they call to me..... stupid M&Ms.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down Side of Being Single

It's times like this that I wish I had boyfriend.
I'm totally paranoid to deal with things like this. Honestly, it's just an oil change. There should be nothing to be afraid of.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Single Hood Dinner... and I Mean HOOD

A received 2 messages on Facebook today from girlfriends who told me they made my famous "Pita Pizza" for dinner last night. (Ok, famous in MY world!) And the crazy thing is that I made it last night too.

But I was very short on ingredients so I went a little GHETTOOOOOOOO-style on my famous pita pizza. Basically there was a pita, very little cheese (I didn't have much left), and sliced turkey hot dogs. Seriously.

This got me to thinking (and seeking validation, of course).
As a sexy singleton, I often eat random, easy to make, odd things for dinner. They are often eaten as they are being cooked, standing over the sink or in front of the TV out of plastic Tupperware using my hands. Now, many of you are not sexy singleton's but you know you do this when your significant (or insignificant) other is not home.

So, let the sharing begin. I'll start.
  • Canned tuna thrown in barilla plus pasta with random left over veggies thrown in.
  • Cottage cheese and crackers
  • Popcorn and wine (this has been sidelined with my new weight goal)
  • Broccoli (for some reason I always have broccoli at home) and tuna (same with tuna)
  • Junkyard salad - basically anything left in fridge (usually veggies, hard boiled eggs, etc.)

What say you?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bringing Dirty Back

You know I love letting you guys in on all the dirt.
I've got a good one for ya, but I'm hoping this will inspire you to leave a comment with your own similar story so I don't feel like a total scumbag.

Sometimes, I do gross things.

Here's an actual IM describing my latest favorite gross thing to do.

POM: Dude, I can't wait 'til you see my hair tonight. It's flippin'
awesome and everyone at work keeps asking why I'm so fancy.

BFF: I'm scared.

POM: You should be.

BFF: Can't wait.

POM: OK, get this. I did Bikram last night, and didn't wash my hair

BFF: Gross

POM: It gets better. Then I ran this morning. And still
didn't wash my hair.

And I came to work like this.
And everyone thinks it's fancy. Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It's my new favorite thing. For some reason, sweat makes my hair nice and wavy and naturally beachy cute.

Side note: I did actually SHOWER, I just didn't wash the hair.

Please tell me you do gross things too - share with me people....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welp, It's A Start

Albeit, a small one.

For my first Monday morning weigh-in I was expecting something amazing. Although, I have no idea why.

I started the weekend off with a nice HOT run after work, about 4 miles. Saturday I met a girlfriend for a 5 miler, including speed work (WOW do we need speed work). Side note: even with speedwork, the average pace was OVER 10 min/miles. Side side note: My pace last year was in the 8's. WT Hizzo?

Then it all went downhill. I babysat my nieces and their new little kitty Coco, where I ate hot dogs and french fries and pasta salad. Sunday I had dinner with a boy and drank wine. Not too much though, only 3 glasses :)

So this morning I weighed in at 144. That's 2 lbs down from last week. I ate really well all week and kept up with workouts. Just think if I actually held strong over the weekend?

I don't think I've announced it yet - but I'm going go Cabo over the 4th of July. BIKINI time people. So my goal is to get back to about 135 by then. 9 lbs to go. My work and personal schedule of the next couple weeks isn't crazy (not much travel, etc.) So I really can put all my focus and energy into getting healthy again.

I'm pretty excited about it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Only Works If you Work It

I think the world is divided up between two people: rule followers and rule breakers. I am definitely a rule follower.

This especially applies to yoga. If you've ever taken a Bikram class, you know there are some basic rules.
  • No shoes/socks in the yoga room.
  • No talking in the yoga room.
  • Look at yourself - straight ahead (wonky eyes is my BIGGEST peeve in yoga).
  • Don't drink water in middle of pose.
  • Don't be wonky in the middle of a pose, especially balancing poses
  • Try your best (remember it's called 'practice' for a reason)

There are more, but these are the ones that I can remember right now.

On to my story - this new chick walked in to yoga and by the way she signed in, I knew she was a rule breaker - and an annoying one at that. She had a very muscular physique, which she made sure everyone in the lobby knew it was because she surfed everyday. Whatever, that's fine. But she was definitely the type of girl that wants all eyes on her. By the way, she was not pretty in a conventional sense, but she was attractive, natural, a typical surfer type.

As class was beginning, the teacher introduced the new people. When she walked by surfer chick, the teacher made a comment about how fit she was. (The teacher is nice and very personable with everyone.) I should note that the owner of the studio was positioned behind me and the new girl was positioned to the side of her. Both were in my line of vision (without my eyes being wonky all over the room).

It was quite obvious that new girl was just not into yoga - like she thought it was too easy or she was too good for it. You could tell my her expressions, eye rolling, etc. I also noticed that she put about 20% energy into her poses. For example, one pose you are supposed to grab behind your heels - she had her hands barely below her knees and was looking around the room, instead of down.

Throughout class, the teacher observes everyone and checks. About half way through the class, she asked surfer chick how she was doing.

Surfer chick responded, "meh, I'm barely sweating."

(Please note: the class was super crowded which makes the room muy caliente mas. I am estimating it at about 110 degrees.)

The owner of the studio piped up and said, "work harder then."


Lesson of the day: You get out of it what you put in!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coming Clean

There are 2 things I am coming clean with today. I'm sure you'll be WAY more interested one over the other, so that one is going 2nd. MUAH!

Besides that small portion of time I had to get my ass into a size 4 bridesmaid dress, I have been on a serious backslide in regards to health & fitness. I mean serious.

I hadn't weighed myself in quite a long time. I put the scale in the guest bathroom so I wouldn't have to see it regularly. Well, last weekend I went to put on my comfortable (read: fat) jeans. They are worn in and oh so lovely. They were just out of the dryer and therefore a little snug. I did the deep knee bends that we all do to try and loosen them a bit. Well, you can image my shock when I hear "RRRRRRRRRRRRIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP." There it was, clear as day, hole right across the booty and a sign that SOMETHING needs to change. (And these were not cheap jeans people!)

That's when I got reacquainted with the scale, aka ANITA. And she is pissed. That bitch told me I weighed 146. In the MORNING. (My happy/healthy weight is 134.) Obv I didn't need Anita to tell me I was out of control. I hardly workout except weekends and I have been drinking like a fish out of water (that didn't make sense but whateves). I can barely fit into ANY of my work clothes and have been wearing wrap dresses every chance I get. (Lord, I love wrap dresses!)

So there. It stops now because I have a new goal in sight. I'll tell you about it later. But I did Bikram last night and ran this morning. Cutting out the booze and cheap women. I will frequently post again - I promise. And I will update the weight sitch - maybe like a Monday Weigh In type of thing.

Part 2 - what all my loyal readers have been dying to hear about.

I'm coming clean - don't judge.
I got back with the captain last year. I didn't want to tell you all because I know that the decision was not a smart one. BUT sometimes the heart ain't smart. Well things were good (not great) for a while. There are so many issues that I won't go into here, but I was definitely kidding myself. I was making excuses for him, for me, for our relationship. It was fake. It was a front. It was not good. I faked happy, but I wasn't. And I knew it was going nowhere. Three years of my life now.

Well it all came to head again (yes, this is like the 5th time) about a month ago. But this time it's different and I will tell you why. Because I was the one feeling like it was over. I was the one who was finally sick of where we were and where we were NOT going. We didn't talk for a couple weeks (he is the type that needs space to gather his thoughts - there I go making excuses again). A couple weeks ago we finally had THE TALK. This time it was the CLOSURE talk. And the crazy thing is that I feel fine. I'm good with it. I will admit that was so busy traveling like crazy that I didn't have much time to really focus on the implications of it all. And I did have ONE little wah-wah-whoa-is-me-cry-baby breakdown. But just one. And I'm fine again.

And I'm movin' on up.
And getting my ass back in shape.
Starting weight: 146
Goal: 134