Friday, January 30, 2009

Surfin' USA

You ever have those days where you wish your inside matched your outside?
Today, I wish my outside matched my inside.

I am feeling STRONG and CONFIDENT
BUT (there's always a big butt - ha ha)
My poor body (calf) is not feeling so strong.

The half marathon is this weekend. I know I can run this race without much training. But I don't know if I will be able to limp the entire race. That just sounds dreadful. If I have to quit mid-race, I will. But it will suck and I know I'll feel like a failure.

In FANTASTIC news...
I am finally meeting Viv and Danica today. Whoo hooo!!! We're planning on meeting at the expo. I have to say it's been a long time comin' for me and Miss Viv. We tried to meet up in Puerto Rico back in April of 08. Then again in Houston in - crap I forgot when. But this time we are makin' it happen. And Chic Runner practically lives next door, so there is no excuse. I can't wait to meet these awesome athletes!

I love Expos, too. Maybe a hot guy will spot me from across the room and our eyes will meet, and we'll walk towards each other... and...

I probably won't be a bloggin' again until Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Dopeness

I watched a pretty cool movie last night called The Wackness.

The title came from a part in the movie where the love interest told the young, depressed main character, "Know what your problem is, Shapiro? It's that you just have this really shitty way of looking at things, ya know? I don't have that problem. I just look at the dopeness. But you, it's like you just look at the wackness, ya know?"

So, let's all focus on the dopeness today.

Something dope that I have to tell you guys about is that I have a crush on my neighbor.
I've seen him around for about over a year now. We say "hi" when we're both running on the boardwalk (he runs!). I've seen him at the market twice, where we have had a bit longer conversations, but nothing substantial. Once I saw him at my local bar BUT I was with someone else, so I just said 'hi' and then left.

I'm just puttin' it out there. Cute neighbor... ask me out for a drink.
It is the 2000's and I suppose I could ask him. What are your thoughts on that?? It could end disastrous like when I had a girl crush and tried to make friends with that bitch at yoga.

Song of the day: Can I kick it by a Tribe Called Quest

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Copy Cat

I'm totally copying Chic Runner today because she is cool and I am lazy and I JUST figured out how to do this stuff. (Please remember I am uber lame at the Internet and I really hate the word 'uber.' Technically, I don't think it's even a word. It's not in my Webster's.)

I'm a bit disappointed in my google reader thingy. Apparently nobody is finding me by any cool or weird way. These were the most interesting and they are really NOT interesting at all.

  • I feel my retainer is messing up my teeth (Did I ever blog about that??)
  • Oozing mosquito bites (gross, I remember blogging about that)
  • Skimpy Skirts

Do I need to spice this blog up peeps? Am I really that boring?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twenty Seven Down

We are 27 days into the new year and I have not done ONE thing about my measly resolution.
I was going to broaden my horizons. Instead I've actually limited them.
No WONDER I've been so melancholy.

So I'm starting over, starting today. Because I can.

I went for a short run this morning to test my calf. The news does not seem to be too good. But I'm still running the race on Sunday.

After work I am going to the market to get a bunch of healthy stuff. Then I'm going to pick up the phone and call 2 girlfriends that I have been neglecting.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and most likely going to the race this weekend alone. I'll meet some cool blogger peeps.

And the last resolution was to date. I don't know if I'll ever really be ready, but I need to get out there. So I'm putting it out in the universe - Mr Wonderful, I'm waiting :)

There is always hope, right?

Monday, January 26, 2009

This Is What I Was Afraid Of

Well I finally did it. I got my big booty up and RAN.

Yes, ran.

Being that there is a little race coming up THIS weekend (Surf City Half Marathon) I thought it might be a good idea to run a little bit. Mind you, it's been like over 2 weeks since I've run. I don't know what's going on with me.

I decided I would go for about 5 miles. At the turn around point, I was still feeling good so I kept running.
All is well.
Happy POM running along then at 5.5 miles...
I pulled something. I tried to walk it off. But damn, it hurt.
It's not quite my calf, but lower like deep Soleus (whatever the hell that means). So I limped the rest of way home. And it hurt.
It hurt all day. I wish Dr. Drew would come over and rub it out for me.
I knew this would happen. I'm not a novice. I should have taken it slow and increase my mileage slowly. Eased back into it. But NOOOOO, I still have it in my head that "I ran the marathon in 3:48, I can do anything" mentality. But, duh - I trained my butt off for that. I can't just go from Lazy Ass to Queen Runner without training.
Stupid POM (bangs head on wall).
I am going to try to do yoga tonight because in my whacked head, yoga cures all.
Then try again running tomorrow.
But this race, this race is scaring me. A frightened little runner, I am.
I'm doing it come hell or high water, but I'm not expecting to bash any P.R.'s or anything. I'm just going for fun and to meet some cool blogger peeps.
So let's have a little shout out to see who will be there....
Surf City... Calling All Surf City Runners....

Friday, January 23, 2009


These are the men that I am totally ga-ga over.

I know - judge me... go ahead. Bring it on.

Grey hair, older men with muscles, glasses, nerdiness...

Wow, is it getting warm in here?

Discuss in the comments all you want.
I might consider taking drugs so I can have a private session with Dr. Drew. (KIDDING PEEPS)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Morning Ego Boost

Thank goodness for funny things that happen to me or I would have nothing to blog about (since I seemed to forget how to run).

I was minding my own bidness this morning, pumping gas at the gas station.
This car pulls in, but not to the gas pump. He parks directly behind me.

Guy: Excuse me, but I was driving by and noticed you. You are the most beautiful girl I've even seen. Can I buy you a cup of coffee? (He must be blind)

Me: Well, thank you but I am seeing someone.

Guy: Is it serious? How long have you been dating?

Me: Off and on for two years.

Guy: I think I can steel you away.

Me: I don't think so.

Guy: (Walks away, then turns around before getting in his car) Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I'm sure.

And, I finally stepped on the scale this AM to assess the damage. I'm about 5 lbs up from my fav weight, but actually 1 lb down from my post-holiday weight. So I didn't mess up too bad in the Bahamas.

Things are looking up. Now if I can only slip out of work early to get to yoga.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Losing IT

What happens when you get sick, travel across the country and don't do ANY exercise for about 15 days...

1. You gain weight - surprised? Really, you do.
2. Your entire body aches but it shouldn't.
3. You get grumpy. Real grumpy.
4. You over-react to everything. (Not being able to open a jar of Peperoncini's almost caused a major meltdown.)
5. You snap at everyone.
6. Your favorite radio station turns Spanish. (I know this must somehow be my fault.)
7. You turn so vain you probably think this blog is about you.
8. Depression kicks in. Sticky and not so sweet depression.
9. You have no energy but know you need to do something about this.
10. Bed is your only solace, but you can't even manage to fit that in.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out Of Touch

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging from the Bahamas. It's been such a crazy busy last few days.

I stepped off the plane and immediately lost my voice. By the next day I had major sinus issues, coughing. But being sick while on a program isn't an option. So I had to continue with my 12 to 15 hour days. So here I am 5 days later and still not feeling much better.

I have not done one iota of exercise except for the 3/4 mile walk from my room in the Cove Towers to the Convention Center in the Coral Towers. Can you guess what hotel I'm staying at??????

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So The Travel Begins

I'm outta here peeps ~ heading to what I call "Island Disneyland for Adults."
If you know how I feel about Disney then you know this is NOT a complement.

Not sure how often I can blog, but I will be sure to keep notes to share with ya'all upon my return.

Let's just all say a little prayer right now that I can control my eating. I'm still not recovered from the holiday binge fest. The problem is that when I'm on these events, my eating schedule and food choices are not really my own. I can do the best with what I have, but sometimes I don't get to eat until 11pm. I packed some bars and I've arranged to have whole fruit in my room. So we'll just have to see what happens.

And running? PHFFFT. I am going to do my best to make this happen.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Foundation Update

Not that anyone is really interested, but here's how the story ends.
I did go back to buy it.
I loved the other products so I don't want to return them.

Here are my justifications:
1. My grams gave me $200 for Christmas, so I will consider it a gift from her.
2. I only buy concealer about once a year. Maybe twice. So if I prorate the amount over the entire year it's like $7-12 per month. That's nothing.

Plus the sales lady remembered me and threw in a full size lip gloss for my troubles. I LOVE LIPGLOSS! And she said that I can come in anytime and she will do my make up for free. And she invited me to an eyebrow event next month. Fun times. Fun times.

Reason #82 To Look At Prices BEFORE You Buy

Ok peeps.
Who is the idiot of the day?

I called Bloomies (see below) and apparently they didn't charge me for the foundation. I mistakenly thought that the $251 bucks included my foundation. Oh no. It didn't. The Foundation is another $75. The receipt just had numbers and the cost, so I thought that one of the $28 items was the foundation. NO. It's $75. I am such an idiot sometimes.

I just can't go spend another $75. I shouldn't have even spent the $251 yesterday. I'm not going to be able to eat for the week.

I still have no foundation. No way in hell am I going to buy Cover Girl.
What to do? What to do?

(By the way, I already opened and used everything so I can't return it. Plus I'm to chicken shit to return stuff.)

Stop The Press!

Guess who woke up early to run today...

One guess.

That's right - ME!!!

Finally. I got out there and my first thought was, "Damn why haven't I been out here all along. I love running." Duh.

I have a quick annoying story. I ran to Bloomies on my lunch break yesterday to pick up some new foundation. Went to the Bobbi Brown counter to discover that they discontinued my foundation and color. Poop. So I went to Trish McEvoy and asked the lady help me find something. She was very helpful and I am an EASY sell. Something to note: she did make a weird comment saying that I am "pretty enough." What the hell does that mean?

Moving on. Me and my "pretty enough" ass ended up spending $251.06. I love me some products but that's steep even for me. I get home after a long day and unload my goodies. I use some of it then go sit down to watch Biggest Loser. THEN it hits me...

The foundation was NOT in the bag.

Damn. Double Damn. That was the only item that I really needed and it's not in there.
I check my receipt and I was charged for it.
As soon as they open, I'll be making a phone call.
Stay tuned. (I know you're probably holding your breath with anticipation.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Booty Buster Results

Booty Buster Results:

I threw in the towel at the very end of the booty buster challenge. Not on purpose. I just was super lazy and didn't do a damn thing! Not a damn thing.

But I had fun doing it and enjoyed trying to get one thing in each day. I wasn't always successful, but I did ok, I think.

So, work is crazy again. I am leaving for a 2 week event on Friday. Running will be very minimal as I am expecting at least 15 hour days, at least for the first week.
I'm sure I will back fat & crazy. Just warning ya.
Oh yeah and training for that half marathon? Uhm, not gonna happen. I will still race it, but not planning on being super fast.