Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breaking Ze 100

Zola My Peeps.
I track my runs on breakingthetape cuz they is the bomb. You can keep track of your shoes, miles, pace, all that boring shit that us runners are obsessed with. (By the way, what the hell was I doing in Feb? NOT running, that's for sure. )
And I am so happy to announce that my lazy butt FINALLY broke a 100 mile month. 110.63 to be exact. HOLLA!!! And actually I am about 9 miles short of ze plan cuz there is no way in hellz that I was going to 14 on the dreadmill today.
There is a lot to be said for routines and sticking with them. Being away from home for all this time is starting to wear on me. I miss my routine. Crazy, huh? 2 more days here. Tomorrow I am getting an 80 minute massage and 50 min facial - zat is how I rollz.
Zat is all.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lessons In Cabo

Things I've learned so far

* Tequila drinking does not count as cross training
* Remembering Spanish is not like "riding a bike"
* Wealthy people dress much nicer than me
* Chips and guacamole does not count as a balanced diet
* Eating like crap makes me feel like crap
* My pants are tight

Es Todo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How The Other Half Lives

Hola de Cabo.

Just checked into my fantabulous room at The One&Only Palmilla. Wowsers. I have a personal butler who will unpack and iron my laundry! I bet he isn't used to ironing clothes from Target. ha ha. Also, my patio is HUGE with a big bed type thing on it. The room is a suite that is bigger than my apartment at home (and decorated MUCH nicer). It's cool to see how the other half lives sometimes. I wish I was here for fun in the sun. Oh well, better than being tied to my desk at work.

Have a meeting in a moment but wanted to check in with my peeps.

Running? What is this running you speak of?
I have not hit the pavement in a couple days and I'm feeling wretched about it. My plan is to wake up early and use the treadmill at the gym. It's way to hot and humid to run outside.

Wish me luck.
Not sure when I will be able to post again.

Adios. Livin' La Vida Loca.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost Famous

I felt like Penny Lane last week on two occasions.

The first one was funny. My girlfriend just got her Ph.D. from Brown. I have no idea why such a smartie pants would want to hang with me, but that's another story (Hi Dr. B). Anyway, one of her friends from the East Coast saw me on her facebook page and was like, "Does your friend Jessica write a blog?" To make a long story short (ok, it's kinda a short story, shorter) she has been reading my blog for a while and I just thought it was cool to actually be recognized by someone who doesn't know me in person. (Hi Trina!)

My second brush with fame was when the lovely and talented Amy from RunnersLounge contacted me and asked if I would do an open mic interview for their website. I was completely flattered, although I don't know if people would really want to read about me. So anyway -please check it out so Amy doesn't regret asking me for the interview. Just go over there and leave a little comment so I know you were there. My Open Mic Interview

Vegas was a blast. I completely lost my voice. I swear it wasn't from screaming at the Thunder Down Under men. The show was actually comical. I spent a lot of time laughing and having fun. Saturday night I danced my fair share of calories away. But I think the AC blasting at the hotel really messed up my throat.

Going to Cabo tomorrow, so my blogging will be sporadic for the next week.
Peace Out Homies.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Obsessive 21

Hi Peeps
Gotta make this quick as the Men from Thunder Down Under are expecting me in a few hours. (God, save me).

So you might be wondering how that little 21 miler went this morning.
Let me just recommend out there to anyone who is considering taking up running - LEARN TO PRAY PEOPLE.

I had 2 goals this morning:
1. Not to chip the French Pedicure I got yesterday.
2. Keep it a sub-9 min/miles

I think I was a little obsessed with #2 on the list because I was glancing at Big G every 10 seconds. But it worked.

21 miles = 3:03:30 (you think I should bet on 3 in Vegas???)
That's 8:44 min/mile average!!!!!!

I just spent 20 mins trying to download a pic of Big G from my cell to no avail. Now I'm running late.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Miss Scatterbrain

So, this is what is up next to my desk. It is Ze Plan - my long run scheduled for the BIG DAY! As you can see, I have 21 miles tomorrow. I have to be out the door by 5:30 am to get this done in time to hit the road to Vegas.

Yes, I am a little bit stressed. Ok, a lot a bit stressed.

I am also dealing with work stress, client dramazzz, etc. My client doesn't know I will be out tomorrow, so I will be working in the car via blackberry.

I leave Tuesday for Cabo where I am scared I won't get my 14 miler in. I am going to be a SLAVE TO THE MAN that entire week and probably won't have time to do more than a 3 or 4 mile run (if I'm lucky).

My other big debate is if I should do yoga tonight. I really want/need to for mental reasons. But I'm scared that my muscles might be sore and I will lose too much hydration if I go. If I can slip out of work early, then I will go. This way I can get home by 6pm, start to rehydrate and have a little carbo dinner. But if I can't slip out early, then I will just head home.

Sorry about the boring post today, but all this crap is overloading my mind.

I still need to:

  • Prepare for long run - get all the goodies packed in the belt, find my moleskin to cover blister from stupid new shoes, charge iPod, charge Garmin, etc.

  • Pack for Vegas - clothes, shoes, makeup, products, healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, etc.), camera, iPod docking station, work shit, BIKINI cuz I am hitting the mofo pool.

  • Cook dinner

  • Ride new bike to friend's garage so it doesn't get stolen

Damn... I feel like this girl today:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Non-Scale Victories

Yesterday was quite a challenge for me - work wise. I had planned on doing Bikram after work, but by 5:00 pm all I wanted to do was check out, pick up some wine and hit the couch. I was tired, grumpy, negative, sad, pissed, frustrated - you name it. Bad day all around.

As I headed home, I was in the turn lane toward my 'hood. It's a long light that I usually have to sit through 3 times. There was a definite internal battle as to whether I should go home or do yoga. At the last minute, I pushed my thoughts to the more positive of the decisions. Then I left it to fate. I didn't have water with me so I would have to buy one. So IF there was $3 in my wallet (I NEVER carry cash) then I would go to yoga. If not, I would hit the liquor store with my ATM card and get wine. And guess what, there was $13 in my wallet.

The light turned green and I skidded across 2 lanes to change directions toward the Bikram Studio. The moment I walked in, I started to feel better. As the first bead of sweat dripped from my arm off my elbow, I knew I made the right decision. Class was hard, but I kept thinking that with every drip of sweat, I was rinsing away all the stress and negativity that found itself in my body.

I walked out feeling like a new woman. I felt so amazing and mostly proud for making a good decision.

Then my mom, who has been struggling with her weight, called me while I was driving home. She shared a non-scale victory with me too. She went for a 3 mile walk and turned down and invite to go out for ice-cream. I was really proud of her and just KNEW that today's topic had to be NON-SCALE VICTORIES! (Don't you just love when blog ideas get laid your lap like this?)

You might notice that I removed the "digits" section in my side bar where I accounted for my weight. Since I've managed to stay in maintenance mode (between 128-131) for a while, I have decided to remove that bar. You know my crazy ass will still weigh myself every couple days, but there's no need to post it unless things enter into the danger zone again.

Right now, I'm going to revel in non-scale victories and I urge you all to do the same. Share one in the comments section. I swear it feels really good!

Song of the Day: Don't Know Why (remix) by "My Fitness Music" on iTunes

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feast or Famine

My life has always been in a FEAST or FAMINE mode.
Whether its dating, traveling, family events, I either have too many or nothing at all.
It is ALWAYS like this.

Here's a glimpse of the highlights:

Friday - 21 mile run - then hop in a car to go to VEGAS for the weekend.

Sunday - come home hung over and exhausted.

Home for 1 day

Tuesday - leave for Cabo for 7 days (not fun - trust me - all work)

Home for 2 days

Thursday - leave for Denver - fun with friends and 5k

*In the midst of all this I have to work, run, and try to squeeze in yoga for my sanity.

It's only Tuesday and I'm already starting to stress about the upcoming weekend - and weeks. It's gonna get hairy people.
Real hairy.

So if you read this blog, you know what I do when I'm stressed (besides run, yoga and wine)


  1. Operation Hydration - back in full effect. This will help me with my run on Fri and get thru a weekend of drinking. I will drink 100 oz a day until Friday.

  2. Yoga in Motion - get as much yoga in as possible - which means today, wed and thur. Hopefully I will be super mellow and sane and therefore not rip any heads off.

  3. Pre-plan - Start packing early. Get 2 suitcases going. Vegas will be easy to pack (2 little black dresses-check), but Cabo needs some planning (since I will be working and have to dress nice in 1,000,000 degree heat).

  4. Don't Be Crazy. I am not adding anything else into my plans for the next couple weeks. Practice saying "no."

Song of the Day: Crazy by Violent Femmes

Monday, August 18, 2008

Words of the Weekend

This about sums it up, in alphabetical order:

Crab Legs
Fillet Mignon
Lockout Mode
New Asics
Tattoo Guy
The Detective
Yoga Party

Song of the day: I take all the blame by Tegan & Sara

Friday, August 15, 2008


Dear Running Gods,

Please forgive me for all the running sins I have committed.
Thank you for humbling me and thank you for teaching me such valuable lessons as:

  • Yes, a side stitch can last 2 hours
  • Just because I run fast once doesn't mean I will do it again
  • Respect the distance (even if it's only 10 miles)
  • One bad run doesn't exempt me from another bad run

I vow to stop talking (negative) smack about running. I vow to stick to my training, although I'm not sure I can deal with another poopy run.

In the name of all running things sacred.


Song of the day: Can't Help Myself by Kaci

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cliché Run

We have all had the run that was hard to get through, right?
Right? Oh come on... you know you have.

Well, this morning, my cheesy little 4 miler took about all my mental and physical strength for some reason.

As I'm barely over mile 1, I tried to change my perspective. This usually works at mile 1. But by mile 2 I was still lagging. My legs were heavy, my mind all over the place.

Then I was trying to think of ANYTHING to get into this damn run. I realized how cliché all these "sayings" sounded so I decided to start listing all the running clichés.
  • If it was easy everyone would do it.
  • Every run is different.
  • I think I can, I think I can.
  • Right Foot, Left Foot
  • Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Help me out guys... can you think of any?

Anyway, I made it thru the run. I didn't time it. But I survived it.

Stop by Runners Lounge and check out their Give Away Question of the Week! It relates to this topic. Hey, if you leave an answer, you might even win some free socks! I know I could use more running socks (it means doing laundry less often!)

Song of the day: Our Lips are Sealed by the Go-Gos

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leftover Wine

Leftover wine?
Who am I kidding?
A bottle is opened.
A bottle is drunk.

Morning Run?
After a bottle of wine,
there is NO SUCH THING.

Invisalign Update:
Major case of the ouchies last night at the ortho. Some of my teeth had to be FILED down to make more room for them to move. It was not fun. The wine helped. My teeth still hurt, but I can actually feel them moving more, which is good. Eating sucks right now though. I have some killer leftovers from dinner last night because it was painful to eat. I'm being a total baby, right?

Yoga tonight - cute tattoo boy - enough said.

Song of the day: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Without My...

Say, you're shipped away to a deserted **insert your favorite running spot here** wearing only your favorite running shoes and shorts (& sports bra if you're a chick).
If you could take only ONE other running-related item with you what would be? Why?

I hate to run without my HAT.
Yep, hat.
You guys probably thought it would be more glamorous, huh? Well, it's not.
Without my hat, I cannot run. I have these wispy long bangs that go berserk if not smothered down by a fancy schmancy running hat. They drive me so nutso that I would probably not run sans hat. Really. I'm that crazy about this.

I actually forgot my hat when I ran Santa Ynez Half Marathon and THANK my lucky stars that my granny goose bought me one at the expo. She rocks like that. Grandpa Snook would have had me just wear "one of the many hats in his garage." Uhm. He is adorable, but sometimes doesn't get it.

So, what would your ONE item be???

This mornings digits:
Miles: 5
Time: 43:46
Pace: 8:45

Last my lassies, I think I am going to stop talking about boys/men on this blog for a while. I'm sure it won't take long to get back to boys/dating talk, but I need to learn to keep some stuff personal. I sorta have an issue with that. (But first... the big, buff, brown tattoo hot yoga guy has a name. And he knows mine. That is all. No more boy talk. Stating now.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Aggressor Update

Seriously people, I cannot make this shit up.
Here's a glimpse into a day in the life of POM.
A little Messaging from Thursday:

Aggressor: Hi. I've been thinking about you. I have some of your stuff at my house. Can we get together?

Me: Hi. Yes, how about we meet next week on our lunch hour. (I figured that would be the safest and I want my Cole Hann shoes back!)

Aggressor: How about today?

Me: I'm really busy. How about next week? (I wasn't really busy, but didn't feel like dealing with it)

Aggressor: Next week is like next year. Can we meet for a drink tonight?

Me: I have plans (A 2nd little white lie, but I know where the "drink" can lead to)

Aggressor: Well, when then?

Me: Lunch next week. (HELLO? How many times do I have to say this?)

Aggressor: What about this weekend? (I told you - he's aggressive!)

Me: I am dating someone (a 3rd little white lie). I don't want to inconvenience you, so next week during our lunch break will work best.

Aggressor: That's ok. It's was all my fault. I would like to get together to talk this through. Ok?

Me: Talk? About what? (Seriously does he want like a post-dating conference?)

Aggressor: Just talk about what happened between us. I know you're dating someone but is it bad that I want to .... with you again? (Yes, you can fill in the blank).

Me: Yes it's bad and it's not gonna happen.

I mean REALLY. That is one aggressive mo fo. Have you ever dated a guy who wants to talk about what happened? Usually don't they just run for the hills? For some reason this just struck me as hilarious.

Song of the day: Crack Rock by The Dogs

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Girl

I have been a good girl so far this weekend.

Run = 14 miles = 2:08 = 9:10 average; Bikram yoga (1.5 hrs)

Bikram Yoga (1.5 hrs)

Run = 8 miles - didn't time just wanted to enjoy the morning outside.

BUT... Sunday is poker time. Poker means drinking time. At least I'm in a calorie deficit so far this weekend. Miss Anita has been very nice to me. I won't post how nice, because I know it was just a little dehydration nice after my crazy Friday, double workout day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. I have a great/funny/ridiculous little tidbit about the Aggressor.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get The Balance Right

I used to have a problem saying "no."

Not for THAT, you perves, but saying "no" to friends, to dinners, to parties, to events. I would end up somewhere and be totally resentful that I was there, when I would rather be home or doing something else.

As I growsed up and turned the big 3-0, my priorities changed. No longer was being at every party or every hot club important. But my health and fitness and self worth were more important. I started saying "no" to things and "yes" to myself.

Flash forward to now. I have a pretty consistent routine, even when not in training-mode. I run in the mornings before work. And I do yoga in the evenings after work. My runs are usually not interrupted by LIFE, except for the occasional morning of extreme exhaustion (read: hangover). But yoga on the other hand is frequently interrupted by a birthday or friend dinner or late night work event. And I'm finding myself starting to get resentful of this.

I know I need balance in my life and friends. So why do I get so irritated when something comes up? Last night I was invited to dinner and didn't want to say no, so I missed yoga. Tonight is a bday party with a friend who lives out of town and happens to be in town today. So I can't say no. That's 2 classes in a row, interrupted. I enjoy myself when I'm with my friends and have a good time. It's just that I hate missing my "me" time. Then again, I'm sure I would hate not having any friends, too - ha ha.

I know other out there struggle with this balance thing.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Struggles?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OK Day

My fartleks (giggle giggle) were quite challenging this morning. I think my legs are still tight & tired from the 20 last weekend. Of course now this makes me want to retract my thinking that I could run a 4 hour marathon. Yeah, I'm fickle like that.

El Numeros:
Miles: 4
Time: 33:35
Pace: 8:24 Average

Going to Bikram tonight. I think I'm over my girl crush. Plus Wed night this hot, dark, muscley tattoo guy attends class. I'd rather focus my attention on him :) We have actually spoken, more than once. By the way, I'm very excited that some cool Portland ladies are going to try Bikram. I hope they like it - re-read my Bikram post so you know what to expect. And give it a couple tries before making any decisions.

I know we've talked about how crazy scales can be, but I just want to reiterate this.
Last night Anita told me I weighed 133 and 20% body fat. This morning I was at 130 and 22% body fat. For some reason, I'm ok with either :) That's a nice feeling.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crushed Girl Crush

There's this girl/lady/woman (whatever) in my yoga class. She's tall, has these awesome lean muscles that I covet. And she totally kicks ass at yoga. I pretty much have a girl crush on her. Not in a "Katy Perry" way, but in a "I wish we could be bff" way. I've seen her at yoga for about a year and we've never spoken. We don't even smile at each other. Basically she doesn't even know who I am.

On my long run last Saturday, I ended up in Huntington Beach which is one town North of me. And who do I see ALSO running? Yep, my girl crush (G.C.). You can imagine my excitement when I find out she is also a runner. All these visions of me and my new best friend - going to yoga together, running together. Getting tea afterwards, talking about yoga and running. Then going out to bars at night and having men fall all over us cuz we are such kick ass yogi's and runners. We shop together for yoga and running clothes, go to races together, go on yoga retreat vacations together. It's just a perfect friendship. (Maybe we can even get matchy matchy BFF Yoga Running Tattoos - ok totally exaggerating on that one).

Well, the universe brought us into the locker room at yoga last night at the same time. BOTH just arriving from work (yet another thing we have in common). So this is my chance. My chance to start the communication that will lead us to being best friends forever ever.

This is how it shakes down:

Me: So, are you a runner too?

G.C.: Yes

Me: Oh, I saw you running in HB last Saturday.
G.C.: Yes, I run in HB.

Me: Oh. (Smiles and walks out)

Yep, that was it.
God, I suck at making friends. Or maybe she is just a bitch. Good thing I'm not a dude or I would still be a virgin.

Song of the Day: Say by John Mayer

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Period Power Twenty

Aunt Flo showed up last night in all her glory, with all her luggage. But being the kick ass runner that I am (ha ha) I powered through and got up at 6:30 this morning for my run.
Let's just say the first couple miles, I felt like I was "Smuggling Cantaloupes." But by mile 5, I forgot about them.
I don't know how I did it peeps, but numbers don't lie:
(Maybe I should date a number. Is that possible?)
20 Miles
Ave Mile = 9:05
Fastest Mile = Mile 20 @ 8:29
Lowest Mile (who cares?) = Mile 19 @ 9:27*
*Please note that my friend biked up to meet me and we were chatting, so I think I slowed down to be able to chat.
I am so happy right now about this that I want to jump up and scream, but I'm too tired and my feet hurt. But this makes me rethink my marathon goal. I mean, whatifmaybeicould run a 4 hour marathon? Do you think? Methinksmaybe. Scared to say it out load. But whatif? whatif? First off, I am about 13 lbs less than I was last year AND I have actually been training smarter. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here. Last year I ran 4:45. Is shaving 45 minutes off of a marathon time doable? MeThinksMaybe.
I now have 2 weekends in a row with shorter distances. I can really crank up the speed work. Ok, I'm not gonna get all excited. We'll just see what happens.
Weird Things:
I have a blister/callous forming on my bony wrist bone from Big G. Does this happen to anyone else?
I'll probably get some crazy hits for this confession, but I'm all about honesty. So, after my run, I am supa dupa sweaty. Like my shorts are dripping on my floor, sweaty. I blame Bikram for the sweat bandit I have become, but I'm OK with it. That's not the weird part. The weird part is that when I get home, I strip off the sweaty clothes and THEN stretch and make my recovery drink - NAKED. I'm no nudist or anything. It's just more practical. I hop in the shower right after and am usually on a time crunch. So why put on another set of clothes just to stretch and drink a smoothie? Doesn't make sense. Right? Right?
Song of the Day: Dreamin' by Will to Power (total flashback)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yogis Who Suck

It's been a while since we've had a nice little rant here, so saddle up. Here we go.

People Who Suck In Bikram Yoga Class

1. Miss Rule Breaker - She is the person who walks on the carpet with her shoes or brings her cell phone into the room or even puts her mat in between the lines instead of half way over a line. She breaks rules. She is annoying.

2. Miss Does Her Own Thing - Why does this gal even come to class? She is putting no effort into her postures or she does her own moves which gets her a stern talking to.

3. Mr. Sweat Flinger - Now we all sweat more than humanly possible. But this guy flings his around like a monkey in a cage at a zoo flinging poo. Every time his arms go up, be prepared for a sweatguy shower.

4. Mrs. GRIFOYADMWATPSDSE - She is rare. This is Mrs Goes Right In Front Of You And Doesn't Move When Asked Then Pretends She Doesn't Speak English. Seriously.

5. Miss Mat Smacker - This lady actually smacked me in the head with her mat when she left the room. Can one really be that unaware of her surroundings to hit someone and not even realize it? Apparently.

A few others - The "Chatties," the annoying 80s Sweat Band Lady, and my fav, the Guy who ate a sausage and onion sandwich before class.

That's it for now. Feel free to add to my list.

Song of the Day: Runnin Up That Hill by Kate Bush