Friday, November 30, 2007

Let the Festivities Begin

Today's' addition of "Fun Fact Friday" has been postponed until next week to bring you this late breaking, hard-hitting news.....

Go Jessica... It's your birthday.

We're gonna party like it's your birthday.

Yes, my name is Jessica and yes, this weekend we are celebrating my birthday. The festivities begin as soon as I get off work today (early, of course). I'm really excited so I had to share:


Light 30 min. Workout
Massage at 1pm at a fancy spa
Home to get gussied up
Shopping at Fashion Island with The Captain (to buy me presents!)
Birthday Bellinis
Romantic Dinner at Forest 230 with lots of wine

I am planning on keeping up with my workouts this weekend. Running has been non-existent in my world. It still feels like someone is stabbing me in the hip with a knife every time I take a step. Just thought I would share that update with ya, since this is supposed to be a "running blog." SHAAA RIGHT!

So back to the important stuff, please take this moment to reflect on birthdays and then send me a present. hee hee.

Thank you.

Song of the Day: Birthday by Via Satellite

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Neither Hair, Nor There

Gots my hairs did last night.

I'm totally a creature of habit.
Same hair stylist for 11 years.
11 years. Seriously. I have followed her to 3 salons.
But I like her because she makes my hair look natural and healthy :) Thanks Kim.

This pic is from TG with my gorgeous sister (7 month prego).
I can always tell I need to get my hair done when I'm wearing pony tails everyday.


I also want to take this moment to talk about my favorite hair products. I am a self proclaimed "product whore" and therefore cannot commit to just one. So I mix it up a bit - here are the top contenders of late. Please feel free to share your fav products as I am always looking to "hook up" with a new one :)
Enjoy - Great product line. Smells good, makes hair really clean. A little pricey, but not outrageous.
CHI Shine Infusion - This is my new favorite. I makes your hair so silky straight and protects from the straightening iron. *Not for beginners. If over-used, you will be rewashing your hair. Less expensive than Icon.
Icon Airshine - This was a fav for a long time, until replaced by CHI. It's not as heavy as CHI, but makes hair shiny when using straightener. Very "airy" when sprayed. It's a little pricey too (about $19). I wasn't in love with their shampoo/conditioner though.
Mastey - This is my new favorite line for shampoo/conditioner. It make my hair sooooooooo soft and smells really good - natural good, not purfumey. It's amazing.
Song of The Day: Back at Your Door by Maroon 5

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Most Fit?

According to Self Magazine (who got their info from the American Medical Association, National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) says that Orange County, CA is the "Most Fit" region in the country on this year's list of the Best Places for Women.

If you live around here, you would probably agree. Everywhere you look there are women (and men) of all ages who look like they just stepped out of a magazine. I swear, I do not understand how these ladies get their stomachs so flat. Really flat.

I'm trying to figure out if this motivates me or makes me feel crappier about myself. I'm really not sure. I would love to be positive about it and say it motivates me, but I'm tyring to be honest here. Actually, I think it does both. For example, when I was running my marathon and I had about 3 miles left, I saw this woman who was in her 50s, awesome shape, zip past me. She was motivating! But when I am walking out of the gym sweating like a whore in church, and I see a fake, super skinny, made up girl walking out at the same time (not sweating at all), it's frustrating. I guess I should just take the motivation where I can and get over the rest. And shit - I'm in my 30s now, what do I care about comparing myself to others?

Ok, I'm over it. Just my thoughts today. Kinda pointless.

Song of the Day: Satellite by Guster

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Motivation Recycled

As you probably know, I'm down with OPB. If you're not sure what that is, read Vanilla's Thanksgiving blog. As I was perusing through OPB, I came across miss Heather and her new "goal jeans." So, I'm totally copying her. I mean, recycling her idea.

Seriously ladies, we all have them (and maybe some guys out there too). Those pants in the back your closet that you know you will fit in someday. Well, I pulled them out last night and here is their story.

My very thin boss likes to clean out her closet once in a while. Since I have champagne taste on a beer budget, I mentioned to her that if she has anything great, to send them my way. In walks "THE PANTS." They are black, Dolce & Gabanna skinny pants- size 6 with a cute silver belt. Now, designer clothes size 6 is like a really a size 4 in my book. But that's just my opinion. I snatched those pants up faster than Brittney running a stop sign. But they don't quite fit.

Please note the gap (the arrow is pointing to it). I need to get that gap closed. Also, their snugness is causing the famed "muffin" effect on the "flanks."
So if I can get to my goal weight of 135, I know THE PANTS will fit with ease.
The Monday weigh in was quite a disaster (up 3 lbs) after T.G. so I needed this little extra motivation to get me going again. I think it's totally working.
So all you W.L.C. pals, pull out those secret pants and try them on. NOW. Go. Do it. Seriously. And take a picture. Paste the picture on the fridge or on your computer. And everytime you need a little motivation, go back to the picture and think about THE PANTS.
Also, I got on the Stairmaster last night and the song of the day came on. For some reason, it really kept me going. I stayed on that darn machine for 45 minutes (15 mins longer than planned). Yeah song of the day!
Song of the Day: Body Language by M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade

Monday, November 26, 2007

Giddy Up

Time to get back in the saddle again.

Because this weekend, I seriously fell off the horse. Not just the horse. The entire buggy went skidding off the road, hit a big piece of pumpkin pie and rolled into a jug a wine.

If being a glutton was an art form, I have perfected the technique and will be offering courses at the local college. Sign up early.

Four days of eating everything in sight - oh and drinking.
There was wine, I saw, I conquered.

Exercise you ask? Well, there as none of that.
Unless you count getting up from the sofa to pour another glass of wine and nibble on yet another piece of pumpkin bread/cake/nuts/pie/chex mix/etc.
As you may notice in the photo, I was once again in the kitchen. That bottle of wine behind me is just one of the many victims. (Isn't my Grams the cutest thing ever?)

So needless to say, I didn't step on the scale at all.

But it all ends now.

Starting this morning, back to counting calories. Hitting the gym tonight where I will step on the scale and assess the damage.

Results to be posted tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Bandwagon

I know its tres cliché, but I'm practicing for tomorrow. My family will definitely make us go around the table and say what we’re grateful for. Maybe I’ll try to mix it up this year.

Odd Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Indie 103.1 so I don’t have to listen to the same crappy music on my way to/from work.
  2. That there are still a few good men out there and I just happen to find one of them.
  3. Martini’s – Dirty, shaken with a Big Damn Olive
  4. Expensive beauty products that make me feel better about myself
  5. Ponytails for bad hair days
  6. Hard Boiled Eggs – the perfect food
  7. Half Off Appetizer menus at Happy Hour
  8. Random Capitalization and use of Dashes and Parenthesis (it’s my blog and I’ll write how I want to)
  9. Flavored Green Tea – especially from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – my fav place (Starbucks sucks)
  10. My loyal and wonderfully talented readers that think I'm funny.

Happy Turkey Day to You All. Over Consume and Enjoy Every Second of It.
PS: I'm going to be away from a computer for a while, so not sure when I can blog again.

Song of The Day: Always the Sun by The Stranglers

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

For Sale - A new PR

Taking a hint from Vanilla, I've discovered a new way to PR my Turkey Trot this weekend:


Item: Dana Point Turkey Trot
Cost: FREE
Valued at: $35.00 (But really it's priceless)
Includes: Entrance Fee and fancy race number
Complimentary Woman's Medium Shirt
An incredible experience (pretending you're me)
Requirements: Run a 9:00 min/mile pace (way faster than I really am)
Pretend you're me
Look really good in the pictures

In all actuality, I'm very, very bummed that I have to OPT out this Thursday. Considering that I have a lot pain just walking, I don't think I will be able to run a 10K. As much as I would like to try, The Captain (and my Physical Therapist) think I should sit this one out. But really, what do they know? I feel extra shitty about it because I raised money and my wonderful friends and family donated and I'm not running. I know the money still goes to the Food Bank, but I feel like I need to run to earn it. And I know I'm going to eat like a horse, so I wish I could burn a few calories before diving in head first into a vat of stuffing.

Good luck to everyone else running.

Song of the Day: Jealousy by Natalie Merchant

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dear Running - a letter

Dear Running,

I don't even know if I am going to give this letter to you, but I'm so angry I had to write down my feelings. So, what's your problem? Seriously. Friday you let me run almost 5 miles of pure bliss. You made me like you again. Then Saturday, you turn on me. You were miserable and didn't even let me go 2 miles.

You need to make a choice. Are you going to be with me or against me? I can't handle this wishy washy bull$hit anymore. I want to like you again. At one point, I was totally obsessed with you. Now I do anything I can to avoid you.

Thanks to you, I did not lose a freakin' pound this week for the H.W.C. I had to post on the forum that the scale didn't budge. Thanks alot for that. You could have been helpful, but NOOOOOOOOOOO.

That's all I have to say to you right now so I don't say something I don't mean. Shape up or ship out.

Song of The Day: Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I wasn't the popular girl in school, so being "tagged' by Betsy makes me feel super cool. The only problem now is trying to figure out something interesting to share. I already screwed myself by sharing my mad driving skills. Now I'll never be able to borrow your car.

  • link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
  • share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
  • tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
  • let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.


  • I went through a horrible goth phase in Jr High - you know, wore all black, smoked cigs, listened to The Cure. My little sister loves to remind me (and anyone who will listen) about this phase.
  • I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I tried out for 3 years and never made it. I was on the newspaper staff instead. The only trophy I have ever earned was in 8th grade for perfect attendance.
  • I went through a VERY SHORT Karaoke phase. I loved to sing Pat Benatar, Jewel and sometimes Madonna. So scary. I'm really, really bad.
  • I've moved 17 or 18 times - can't remember. I seriously HATE moving.
  • I've been drugged at least twice at bars. But nothing serious happened, thanks to my good friends. I've been lucky, I guess. One time was by a quasi-famous person who was recently put on trial for murder.


Song of The Day: Superman by Eminem

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun Fact Friday

Welcome to the first edition of "Fun Fact Friday."

Fun Fact About Me:
I am quite possibly the absolute WORST driver.

The first day I got my driver's license should have been a clue. I should have just stopped there. I was so excited to be able to drive without a parent, so I packed up my sister and her friends and we were going to head to the mall. As, I was pulling out of the driveway, I sideswiped my mom's boyfriend's car. Uh. Totally not my fault. Why was his lame car in the driveway anyways?

But it really did go downhill from there. There have been so many rear ends, back up into's and yes, more sideswipes that I can account for. A few stand out in my mind as being the most embarrassing:

1. I was leaving this guys house after a bad first date. I just wanted to get outta there. Well, I pulled out and hit his neighbors car. That sucked.

2. I was moving my friends car so we could fit stuff in the garage - I sideswiped his car all down the side of the garage. Not pretty.

3. I borrowed my friend's truck to move. I swiped the mirror on a pole and broke it off.

4. Christmas day with my mom and her boyfriend - I sideswiped another car. Then the creepy boyfriend got out and yelled at the people. So they just left, scared.

5. I was carpooling (I was the driver) to work with people and I rolled back into another car. But I didn't realize it was me who rolled, so I was totally going off on the person for rear-ending me. oops. my bad.

My first car had so many fender benders that my friend's nicknamed it "The Rhino." Yes, my bumper was no longer parallel with the car, it actually stuck out like a horn.
Other fun facts:
1. A stranger once left a note on my car telling me I need new tires because metal was showing? What the heck? There's metal in tires? Weird.
2. I put on make up while driving. I know. It's bad.
3. I can drive with my knee pretty well.
4. I talk on the phone and TEXT while driving.
5. If someone tailgates me, I take my foot off the accelerator and slow down even more.

The worst part is that I am not getting any better. 16 years LATER, and I still can't seem to get it right. Just last Saturday, I went to park my car and I hit the curb so hard that my tire exploded.

Cuz That's How I Roll... pun intended.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News Alert

I have sad news to report today- I will NOT be able to blog tomorrow. Nor will I be able to read blogs tomorrow. Once again, there will be no blogging of any kind tomorrow.

Why, you ask?

Well, I am heading to Houston, Texas for the day. For work. This is just a precursor, as seasonal extensive travel is required for my job and the season is about to begin. So this will be a little test to get you guys used to me not being around everyday. It might be rough at first, but we will make it through together.

Please don't shed a tear. I will be back. All will be restored in the world.

Friday we will have another special news alert, as there will be a new segment here on Pieces of Me. Ok, I will tell you now. Fridays are now going to be known as "Fun Fact Friday." Yep, that's right. Fun Facts of all kinds will be revealed on Fridays. I bet you can't wait. But you'll have to...

Song of The Day: Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul and Mary
(I was a BIG fan of them as a child. Obviously hippy parents played a part in that)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Old Fashioned Italian Setback

Confession Time:

The Captian is not only an Tall Drink of Water, but he is also an amazing cook. He gets old family recipes from his Italian mom and his 90-something year old grandma. It's awesome. I'm totally blessed. I come home from work almost everyday to a delicious home cooked meal.

The Captian is totally on board with my healthy eating obsession, but sometimes he can't help himself and his chef-y ways get the best of him. Last night, he made THE ABSOLUTE BEST HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS evah. They were so flilppin' good. I pigged out like a total oinker. And what goes with a great Italian dinner, well Chianti, of course. The Captain had half a glass. I finished the bottle.

So basically, I jumped off the diet wagon with both feet.

But this mornin', I'm climbing back on.

PS: The Cap hates when I talk about him - so sorry babe. xoxo

Song of The Day: New Slang by The Shins

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Update, Version 11.12

I have some how found a way to simultaneously

How you ask?
I have no idea.

But, as you can tell from my running stats to the left, I have definitely been sucking ass in that department. However this morning on my whopping 2 mile run, I did manage to zoom by this lady who looked like Jack Nicholson. Take That Mrs. Jack.

On the other hand, in regards to the Weightless Challenge, I totally kicked ass last week. Week one, I barely dropped half a pound. HOWEVAHHH – last week I dropped 3.5 ell bees. I know that 2 lbs is the safe amount, so I don’t know how this happened. Maybe it took an extra week to catch up from my previous week. Well, whatever the reason, I’m one happy lady sans 3.5. And I won’t look this gift horse in the mouth. I earned that shit. I managed to keep at least a 500 calorie deficit every day, including un pequito vino on Friday. So, at this rate I will be in the high 130’s next weekend. Sweet Jesus! I see the light.

Non- running Nancy (seems like quite a runner to me) suggested a Blogging World Virtual Race. Run 8 miles on December 8th. I am up to the challenge (as long as my body is cooperating). So stop by her blog and let her know if you’re in, too.

So, there you have it. El Re-Cap.

Song of the Day: Talk to Me, Dance with Me by Hot Hot Heat

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Hip Hike

I’ve never been one to claim sanity, especially here in blogger-ville. I am obsessive, compulsive and can be down right crazed about certain subjects (i.e. running, weight, food, martinis). So, the following story might not come as a surprise, but I thought I would share it anyway.

Last Thursday night, my physical therapist helped me to realize that my weak gluteus medius is a main cause of my hip and knee pain from running (hence the stern letter to my posterior last week). As part of my therapy, she showed me some strengthening exercises, my favorite being the “Hip Hike.” We started out with 2 sets of 20 on each side. She said we’ll eventually work up to 3 sets of 45. As I left the P.T. office/gym/whatever it is called, she said,
“Don’t forget to do your exercises.”

Ahem, apparently my P.T. does not know how psychotic I can be. Let’s just say I have not stopped doing the Hip Hike. I Hike the Hip as I blow dry my hair in the morning. Then, I hike the hip while I’m standing in the kitchen figuring out what to eat. At work on Friday, I got up from my desk to stretch, I mean Hip Hike. I get home and Hip Hike as I watch TV. Then I wash up for bed and Hip Hike as I brush my teeth. If only I can figure out a way to do it while I’m driving. hmmmmmmmm

Now, for the scary part. I was shopping with my girlfriend today, waiting in line to make our purchases and I thought it would be a good time to get some Hip Hikes in. I just got back from the grocery store where I, take a guess….. That’s right. I did it in line at the market.

If a little of something is good, then A LOT will most definitely be better. Right?

So if you see a kooky brunette chick doing the Hip Hike at some random location, it would be safe to assume that it’s me. Because I have no intention of knocking this off – until my booty is strong (or my boyfriend threatens to dump me for being neurotic).

Song of The Day: My Goodies by Callis

Friday, November 9, 2007

Correspondence With My Culo

My dearest Gluteus,

I’m writing you this letter today to reflect on our past and hopefully repair our connection. Apparently, I have been neglecting you lately. I didn’t realize your true value, and for that I am sorry.

Ever since I can remember you were there, right behind me. In college you became more prominent in my life. However, even then I did not take care of you. You were just there, growing, following me everywhere I went. Then about two years ago, I lost some weight. This must have annoyed you because you disappeared completely. Looking back, I can pinpoint that as the time our relationship went FLAT.

Your recent passive aggressive behavior is completely unacceptable. Because I ignored you, you took it upon yourself to involve my hips and knee in your little pain game. But now that I know you are the root of all my problems, I will deal with you directly.

Oh Gluteus Medias, being in the middle is not easy. Your meaty brother, Maximus is always taking the spotlight, while you and Minimus are rarely acknowledged. But from now on, it will be all about you. At least until we build up your confidence and you feel strong again.

So consider this my recommitment to you. Now that I know how important you are, I will make sure to include you in my work out and physical therapy ventures. Some of this may be painful, but it is for your own good. So please stop messing with my gait and jacking up my hips and knee. I will build you back up and in return you will help me run faster.


Circle one and return to me after class:

Yes No

Songs of the day, dedicated to my booty:

Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx
Ms. Fat Booty by Mos Def
Booty Bounce by DJ Funk
Da Booty by A Tribe Called Quest

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Busy Bee

Work is really starting to pick up and I am super busy. Too busy for a fun post today. But since I really need a laugh, I thought I would share this pic.

My niece is quite possibly the funniest 2 year old on the planet.

Wish me luck at PT tonight. ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

And I've already consumed more than 3/4 of my allowed calories for the day. Looks like I'm having broccoli for dinner. Just broccoli. haha kidding. Kind of.

Song of the day: Galvenize by The Chemical Brothers

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Unsolicited Advice- Take 2. A Lesson in Sarcasm

I’m taking Vanilla’s “Advice” and I’m going to dish out some of my own unsolicited advice! I’ve gotten enough over the years. It’s high time I share my vast knowledge of REALLY important subjects and highly educated opinions with the blog world. This will be fun.
Thanks for the Blog Idea Vanilla.

To: You Know Who You Are

1. You really should not wear sweats with writing across the butt if you have ANY junk in the trunk.
2. You really should keep up your hair extensions or people will know they are fake. Actually, everyone knows they are fake anyways.
3. You really should not wear socks with sandals.
4. You really shouldn’t raise your voice to the cashier because it just makes YOU look like an A$$-hole, not them.
5. You really should not eat fast food. That shiz will kill you.
6. You really should learn how to do a four-way stop. Here’s a hint: Left turns YIELD.
7. You really should stop drinking soda.
8. You really should get more sleep. You look tired.
9. You really shouldn’t play your car radio so loud because nobody else cares about your Big Booty Ho.
10. You (yeah, you reader) really should leave me a comment with some unsolicited advice you want to share with the world. (It does not necessarily have to be directed towards me.)

Because, sarcasm is funny, damn it.

Last, but not least. I read an article from Elizabeth Scott, M.S. and she states that unsolicited advice can be a cause of stress. So, I think after all this bologna, I really need to take a day off of work (paid) and de-stress from all the unsolicited advice flying around.

On a running note. I'm so over it. I tried to run a measly 4 mi this morning and, once again, had to walk the last mile home. My last 3 runs have totally bit the big one. I went to my first PT on Monday and I'm going back Thursday. I only talked with an assistant and she thinks I have Bursitis in my hips. However I still think it is more IT Band related because now my knee is hurting. They are often mistaken for each other. I can deal with (aka still run) if it's just my hips. But the knee pain is what makes me have to stop. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it on Thursday and come up with some type of rehab plan. At this rate, there is no way I am running a race on Thanksgiving. Especially because I want to PR. Basically, I'm a grumpy stress ball negative ninny about this. It sucks A$$.

Song of the Day: None of Your Business by Salt-N-Pepa

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Unsolicited Advice

Good morning Campers. Today we’re going to talk about “unsolicited advice.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I love advice. Advice from true friends or loved ones, when needed and when ASKED for, can be very helpful.

For example:
Me: Hi best friend. Do you think this shirt looks good on me?
Best Friend: Actually, I think the pink one looks better.

See, that is solicited advice and that is fine. That is not what we are talking about today.

Unsolicited advice tends to come when you are least expecting it because well, it is UNSOLICITED. It is awkward for the receiving party and just plain irritating. Why on earth does the advising party think so highly of their advice that they just pass it out so obtrusively?

Let’s look at some examples that have happened in my life:

Example #1:
Un-named Person who is not close to me in a personal way: Hi Jessica. I love the outfit, but those shoes really aren’t working for you.
(Oh, really PERSON? Well, I like the f’n shoes. I think they ARE working for me and I will wear them every damn day now.)

Example #2:
Married Person: So, are you seeing anyone special?
Single Me: Uhm Nope. Not right now.
Married: Well, don’t rush it. Enjoy being single. It will happen when you stop looking.
(AARRGGGHHHH – shut IT married person. You know that you “looked” every damn day of your pathetic single life, too. So just shut it.)

Example #3:
Non-Runner: So, what have you been up to?
Me: Oh, I’ve been busy. I just finished my first marathon.
N.R.: Really? Running all that way can’t be good for you. I heard it’s really bad, especially for women.
Me: Hmmm. Well, I rather enjoy it and it does wonders for me.
N.R.: Well, running isn’t something you will be able to do forever, ya know?
(Ok lazy bastard! When you get off your fat tush and can run one freakin’ mile, then MAYBE we’ll talk.)

Example #4:
N.R.. So, you’re a runner?
Me: Well, I try. I’ve been doing it for about a year an a half. Maybe 2.
N.R.: Do you stretch? You know, you really should stretch.
(Light bulb! Really Einstein? I should stretch? Ok. I’ll try to remember that.)

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe not. Please validate my irritability by sharing a similar situation with the group today. Anyone? Anyone?

Song of the Day: Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Monday of My Discontent

I’m posting my Monday Weigh in on Sunday night because I’m not sure I will have time Monday morning. So here it is, in all it's non-glory:

Previous Weight: 146
Current Weight: 145*
*I did weigh 146 before my morning workout, but 145 after.

I have to say that I’m really disappointed. I know it’s better than actually GAINING, but shit, I really thought that I would have dropped at least 2 lbs.

To make this positive, a little disappointment might be what I need to kick this mutha into high gear. Looking back at last week, I can see more than a few *pitfalls* that might have influenced the scale:

  • Monday night pasta dinner with wine

  • Drank wine on Tuesday night

  • Drank a billion Blueberry Vodkas on Halloween

  • Went to happy hour on Thursday night and got “happy”

  • Went out to dinner on Sat night at had huge Italian dinner

What the F was I thinking? How can I expect to just drop weight because I “will” it?
So this it. This time I’m serious. This week victory will be mine.

Song of the Day: Save Me by Aimee Mann

Friday, November 2, 2007

Short-Term Goals

I'm all signed up for the Trot.
Yippy. I think I'm running it alone, but the Captain will be at the finish line, so that's fine with me. I ran this race last year and my time was 56:44. My PR for a 10K is 55:23. So I just want to beat that time. I'm a little worried that I'm slower because:
A. I still have hip issues
B. I am fatter and Heavy girl = Slow girl
C. I have been focusing on distance rather than speed
So, we shall see what happens
This is a FUNDRAISING run, so pleeeeeeeeeeeease stop by my fundraising page if you have any loose change laying around and you want to help feed the hungry. If you would like more info on the charity, check out the Feed OC Website. Also, there just MIGHT be a photo of a certian captain on my fundraising page, so if you want to check out his cuteness, you will just have to go to my fundraising page. And then since you're already there, you can just donate a few bucks. Sneaky, huh?
Last - the first weigh in for the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge will be monday! I hope everyone has been on thier A-game. To be honest, I have been a total booze-hound this week and broke all my rules when it comes to drinking. Damn Blueberry Vodka! But starting today, I am going to find a way to get at least 2 hours a day of some sweaty workouts in all weekend to make sure my weight goes DOWN instead of UP. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN UP - so if you have a few extra ELL-BEEs you want to shake, then check us out. We also have a fancy forum for chatting about food, drinks, goals, stats, etc.
Dassssssssss it for now. Have a great weekend peeps.
Song of the day: Boom Boom Boom by The Outhere Brothers

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Electric Boogaloo

Do you remember what you were up to in 1984?

I do.

I was out on the front lawn
dancing with my best friend.

We had mad skillz.

Traditonally trained in tap, ballet and jazz,
we were so good, the older boys on the street asked if we wanted to be in their crew.
Yeah, that’s right.
The Flintstone Lane Crew wanted us for our hot dance moves
(or because my best friend had a kick ass ghetto blaster.)

Well, whatever the reason, we were in.

The combination of the boys’ pop-lock moves and our jazz moves made us serious contenders for anyone who wanted to battle. There was some trash talkin’ coming from Prescott Lane. And there is only one thing we could do about it. Take it to the streets. So that summer we had our first (and only) Dance Off. I don’t even remember who won, but we maintained our rep, and that’s all that matters on the harsh streets of Huntington Beach. Yo.

Basically, we were livin’ the dream. We totally idolized “Kelly” from “Breakin” and “Breakin 2 – Electric Boogaloo.” I wanted to be her and for the summer of '84, I thought I was.

And last night, I brought it back.

Songs of The Day:

Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan


Freakshow On The Dancefloor by The BarKays