Friday, July 31, 2009

Spoke Too Soon?

I might have spoke too soon...

There are some crazy wild fires in the Whistler area. We are scheduled to fly up there on Sunday. Pray this works out or there will be major craziness.

Sooooo... uhmmm could you tell I was a bit tipsy with my blogging last night?
First hint should be the typo in the heading. ha ha.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

If Favor with the Man Upstairs


I am a fool...

everything happens for a reason
Somebody upstairs LOVES me...


so far, well I can't say.
But... wow ~ they are everywhere.

My hotel is sold out.
So is Whistler.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus.
Thank you ever so much.
I promise to always read Amish books and be a gut girl for ever and ever Jah.

God bless the police and fire men of the world.
Double Amen.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canada Day 1

I think one of the most annoying things on the universe is air travel. Especially when one is not first class. It really brings out the worst in people, at least me. I am so impatient with people. Everything irritates me - well mostly just people. I know I've said this before but people lose all common sense when they step into an airport.

Anyway - I am here. I my room. 'Tis gut (Take one guess what I was reading Mrs F).

Remember my friends - I am NOT on vacation.

Hitting the hay early to gear up for a day of meetings.
First meeting is 8:45 am.
I know - I live on the edge.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Off to Canada, Eh.

I'm jet setting off to Vancouver tomorrow.
This might be one of my last trips, so I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.
First off, I lurve me some Canadians. The men ~ tall and manly.
The food... yummmmmmmmmmmssssssssss.
We are taking float planes to Victoria Island.
We are taking helicopters to Whistler.

It will be pure amazingnessocity.

Then I'm flying directly to Maui.

My life is awesome for the next couple weeks. I will have my laptop so stay tuned for updates.

I'm super duper glad I switched my marathon training plan around. I got that 20 miler out of the way so while I'm traveling I only need to get a 10 and a 14 miler in. The 14 miler will be in Maui - I'm looking forward to that!

When I come home - we'll let's not think about that just yet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Craziness Abounds

So I had a rough weekend, but I'm trying to focus on the good stuff.

First 20 mile run is checked off the list.
20 miles = 2:59
I felt decent - wasn't happy with the time though. I think it's about 8:59 min miles. I was having some breathing problems due to a lovely anxiety attack I had the night before - but we're focusing on the positive. So that other shit won't be discussed.

I got a pedicure (Thanks loadmaster). Pedicures are things that will have to be cut from the budget as there will soon be no budget. But this was a treat.

Went to Bikram finally! I was glad when it was over - we'll just go with that.

Oh, and I finally laid out on the beach. My first beach trip this summer (at home I mean).
So yeah, that was good, too.

Yep, that's about all I can come up with. I can't wait to get out of town - leaving Wednesday. Maybe I'll never come back.

(Drama not being mentioned in this post: sunburn, tears, money, job, drama, stress, anger, drama, hot water heaters, friends, drama, gossip, etc.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Sum of the First Nine Prime Numbers

It hit me the other day...
I'm gonna reach 100 miles this month!!!
Especially if I do my 20 miler on Sat. I'm super duper stoked and hope this little milestone will help keep me motivated.

One thing I love about is that I can go back and see where I was last year at this time. Last July I ran 97.75 miles. This July I predict I will be 108 or so. Last August I got to 110.63. So this August I will try to beat that. I don't think I was traveling as much last year though. So we'll see.

Just as I was finishing my run this morning I heard a little honk and it was Miss ChicRunner. Her bf just moved into the 'hood next to mine. I hope we can run together soon. Of course I was huffing and puffing and crossing over to the "bad" side of the tracks when she saw me. ha ha.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well folks, this blog has been infiltrated.
By, guess who?

I casually mentioned my blog to the Loadmaster a while ago and with his stealthy ways he found it on his own.

Guess how?
Just google "swasome and loadmaster" and BAM - there I am.

So - Hi Loadmaster. Thanks for dinner last night :)

Of course the first thing I did this morning was look back at the stuff I'd written. GAWD - I am such a dork! Why to I put all my business out there like this? Not only stuff about him, but all my other drama (and exes). So he's read it all. He didn't give me much feedback except something about it being kinda funny.

Some of you (and him) might think that I will filter myself more now.
Well, honestly I kinda filter already (hi aunties and nanny). So yes, perhaps I will. For a while at least. Then I'll get over it and be back to my sassy ass self.

I wonder if the Loadmaster will create a profile and leave a comment....
I double dog dare you Loadmaster :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mini Freak Out

I'm about smack dab in the middle of marathon training here so I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on my goals, my plan and see where I stand.

I'll tell ya where I stand... in a big pile of doo-doo.

If you remember I had 6 things that I did last year that helped me reach kick-butt status.
So you don't have to click on the link, here they are:
  1. Fashionably Flexible
  2. Weak Weekdays: Only 3 times per week MAX and not over 5/6 miles.
  3. Cerebral Caloric Intake
  4. Luscious Longies: 3 runs of 20+ plus miles, maxing out at 22 miles.
  5. Yoga Yahoo: Continue to do Bikram at least 2 days a week - aiming for 3.
  6. Healthapotamus: Get refocused on hydration/nutrition/vitamins/supplements.

I'm feeling like a bit of a failure here. Yeah, I managed 1 and 2 pretty good. But the rest was thrown out with the bath water (who would want to keep old bath water anyway?)

I am eating whatever, whenever. Not being strategic about it and definitely not drinking enough water.

And Yoga? What is this yoga you speak of? I have not gone in over a month. WTH?

So here is the main reason I am freaking out. Next Wed I leave for a 3 week business trip. The first 2 weeks will utterly painfully stressful. I'm talkin' crazy time. I suspect I will barely have free time to pee, let alone get a long run in. The 3rd week I will have more free time, in the evenings (which I hate to run in the evenings but will if I have to).

I totally need to readjust my training plan. Because I will not be able to get a 20 miler done while traveling. And in my head I'm not being flexible because I hate to readjust my plans.

This was my plan. If I just swap July 26 and August 2, then I can manage. That puts me doing my first 20 miler this weekend. I feel pretty confident doing a 20 miler this weekend, as I did 18 last weekend and my body feels fine. Then I have 3 weeks of lower mileage and back to 20 the weekend I get back from trip. Marathoners out there... what do you think????

PS: What ever happened to my song of the day???? I was thinking of bringin' it back, but I'm not loving any music right now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Genetic Ties

Jazz Hands

You can't escape them...

Sorry girls, you are stuck turning into me or your mother. There's no escaping who you really are!!!
PS: 18 miler was great. Finished it in a 8:41 average pace. Didn't die but my toe nails hurt. Just the nails. Weird, huh?

Friday, July 17, 2009

She Counts the Hours Until

Wowsers, this week has been the busiest I've been at work in a long time. Almost driving me to tears at one point or two. I really don't see the end of it for about 2 more weeks. I have one more full week in the office - then 2 back to back trips where I'll be gone for 3 darn weeks.

With all this craziness, I still managed to get my morning runs in - yeah me.

I'm pretty excited about this weekend. Tonight we (OMG I just said "WE") are supposed to go on a double date with some friends. The cool thing is that I have been friends with this couple for EVAH and they were sort of influential in the set up with Loadmaster - as he is friends with them too. We're trying to push for dinner and a movie - whoo hoo wild times. There's a new fancy theater by the Loadmaster that has a BAR in it - HELLO!

Tomorrow morning I'm hittin' the pavement for an 18 miler. yippy. (note to self - eat)

Then a quick shower and I'm driving up to see my sissy and nieces. The oldest is turning 4. She told me over the phone that she wants a Hannah Montana Barbie. Where the heck do they learn things like that? She also wants clothes (takes after me) but not shorts because she has too many of those already. Also anything with Ariel, Cinderella or Hello Kitty is much appreciated. I'm so excited to get some quality time with them. When I see them at family functions, they are too overwhelmed to really hang with. But when I go for weekend visits, I get them ALL to myself. muuuahhhhhh

Now I just need to get through 8 more hours of crazy time hell and then it's ON.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Fat

Last night the Loadmaster took me to Mortons.
This boy likes to eat well.

The good thing is that he likes to share food. I really like this about him.

Last night we shared a bottle of yummy pinot.
We shared a chilled seafood platter.
We shared a chopped salad.
We shared a filet mignon.
We shared green beans.

Luckily I talked him out of sharing a dessert. (I always say wine is my dessert)

I hope I don't get fat again.

What are your feelings/thoughts on sharing food at a restaurant??

I think it's fantastic because restaurant portions (in America) are way too big. DUH!
And I like having several courses without having to eat the entire thing.
And I have a hard time making up my mind and committing to just one plate. I always get 'plate envy' of what the other person ordered.
And I like enjoying a meal slowly, especially with a fine fella.

A certain other person (who I won't mention) hated sharing food. He liked to eat his entire plate and nobody could touch it. And he didn't want to seem cheap by sharing.

Chime in...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nickname Extraordinaire

Rarely do things fall into your lap.
But this time it just did - something fun to blog about and the most awesomest of all nicknames.

I'll start at the beginning, it's a very good place to start... (sing with me)!

Last Sunday I was chillin' at the pad of the boy formerly known as Swasome. We were taking in the rays at the pool, but it was getting way to hot and this former sun worshiper is now concerned with getting too much (and too many wrinkles). So we headed in.

Out of the blue the man throws out "Hey let's go to TJ Maxx."
(That's how we roll on the weekends)

We're wondering around TJ Maxx when I saw this plant that I liked. I didn't even say anything yet but he said, "Wow, that plant would look great in your living room." I agreed and we stood there staring at it. It's a big plant. He said, "Let's get it and go to your house to see what it looks like." SWEET! So he got it for me.
(I told you he is so nice)

We are heading to the parking lot and it hit me. He has a BMW ~not a small, girly one but it doesn't seem that it would have much trunk space.

How the heck are we going to fit this in his car??

So I asked, "Uhm how the heck are we gonna get this in the car?"

He responded, "Didn't I tell you what my job was in the Air Force?"

I looked at him curiously.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

"I was the Loadmaster!"

There ya have it.
I am dating the Loadmaster. You don't think it's bad luck to change a nickname like with a boat or a dog, do you? Cuz Loadmaster just takes the cake.
Say it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Runnin' on Empty

Sorry you don't get the Cliffhanger new nickname yet. I have more important topics to discuss since this is/was/is a running blog.

As a science experiment for you all, I decided to put myself in harms way and see what would happen if one were to do a long run on an empty stomach.

Ok, in all reality it went like this...
Friday night date with Swasome to Houston's. I got the fish special (Ono) and asparagus. And wine of course. Notice: No carbs except the wine. I didn't over consume, so we're all good there. But I wake up Saturday morning bright and early for my 16 miler and realize that I have NOTHING in my fridge. I mean NOTHING (well except for all the makings of a martini, but that's not good for fueling up). I shrug it off, grab my Shot Blox and Electrolyte replacement stuff and hit the road.

I decided to take a new path. I drove to the River Jetty (that dumps into the ocean) and ran from there. It's about 1.5 miles to the beach (all sidewalk, no shade). I get to the beach and things are going great. I downloaded all the obnoxiousness that is LMFAO and was rocking out. I took my Shot Blox at mile 5 and was being diligent about drinking the electrolyte stuff. It was frakin' hot at 7am. I was sweating... mucho.

I hit mile 10. I wanted to die. I popped 2 more Blox. I guess this is the "wall" everyone talks about. I've never really hit the wall before - not even in my last 2 marathons. Then again, I ate food before. DUH. I push thru the horribleness of it all. Next thing ya know I feel like I'm high as a kite. Running on air (and fast too). WTH? The real "runner's high" not just feelin' good cuz I'm running. But seriously high. Then I got to mile 14. Back to death again. I thought "holy crap I have 2 more miles and the last 2 are on the jetty with no ocean breezes and no shade." I tried to think happy thoughts and just push thru. I didn't really have another option. I swear it was the longest 2 miles ever. I could see the bridge where I would end the run, but it just wasn't getting any closer. I was feeling loopy. Like low blood sugar, calorie deficient, pass out loopy. (Yes, I know what that feels like unfortunately)

Seriously people I am smarter than this. I know how to fuel for a run. I don't know what cocky part of my brain thought I could outsmart my body. Sometimes after running a while you just take for granted that you can get up and push your body to do anything you want it to. Sometimes your body comes back to you and says "hells-to-the-no hunny bunny."

Luckily, I made it to my car. I don't really remember driving home (it's only about 2 miles). Do you think you can get a DWL = driving while loopy? I made it home. All is good in the world. I was actually fine after I shoved some old almond slivers (used for recipes) into my mouth. I think I even ate some stale crackers. Then hit the store for milk & bananas. Then I ate a homemade pizza :)

My average pace was 8:54 for 16 miles.
Just think what I could have done if I fueled properly!!!

Was I an idiot? YES.
Did I get a nice reminder lesson? YES
Do not try this at home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I've been neglecting my blog as of late. I am sorry my dear friendly readers.

Work is super busy, people are super annoying and I am just super.

Just a little running tidbit of advice (although I'm sure most of you know this already)

When I was majorly dieting I cut all Mexican food out of my diet. But I've brought it back with a vengeance. I love it, but it just makes me feel so *crappy* after I eat it.

In other pretty good news (maybe I told you this already), but I weighed myself the other day for the first time in a while (I put the scale in the spare bathroom). And I'm at about the same weight - 134 to be exact. I haven't been obsessing about my diet and it's staying the same. I have to admit thought that now that I'm back in my running routine - I get FAMISHED right quick.

I know you are all probably wondering about Swasome Dude. No more details to share except that the bestest of the best of nicknames for him came up in convo the other day. Seriously there is no better nickname in the universe. But I'll save it for another day....

Monday, July 6, 2009

14 Miles - Check

Happy 6th of July~

I did get my 14 miler in this weekend. My pace was 8:52 or something like that. Not bad, but still far from where I want to be. I felt like I was pushing myself the entire time.

You know how whenever you tell people you 'run' because you like it, a typical reply is "I only run if someone is chasing me." Well I realized that I run faster/better when I am actually behind someone. If I see a runner in front of me, I am determined to pass them. So I actually run faster. Does that make me a chaser, instead of a chasee? Kinda creepy, huh?

Well, after the run the rest of my weekend consisted of going to the market about 6 times, making 55 jello shots, chopping up veggies & fruit and drinking a mother load of Sangria.