Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend of Yoga

Here is my goal for the weekend - putting it OUT there.

Bikram Yoga - Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.
(maybe even tonight - Thur)

Since I can't run right now, I will use this time to get back to yoga.
I will try to run again next week if my calf is feeling better.

A couple of you guys mentioned my shoes - I wear the same brand all the time and my newest pair only have about 60 miles on them (yes I keep track). This calf thing is a re-occurring issue. I just need to rest it for a while. Then somehow magically run 20 miles the moment it's feeling better. ha! I can do it.

In other news, I think I am allergic to my office. While I was gone I felt great. 3 days back at this desk and my throat itches. I have this naggy hacky cough thing. Weird, I say.

Today is my friday - so have a great weekend everyone!!!
Peace out.


Lauren said...

I'm definitely allergic to my office. We have mold growing in the walls, though. Have a hot and sweaty weekend.

Carolina John said...

ah, enjoy your long weekend. you earned it with all that business travel.

Alisa said...

Ugh, who isn't allergic to their office? =)

Definitely not your shoes then.

Enjoy yoga...I really need to get back into yoga!

X-Country2 said...

POM=Bikram in my head, so I'm glad you're back!

Judi said...

compression socks sista'. 2xu makes calf guards.

Julie D said...

Have a great weekend and have a blast at your yoga sessions!

RunnerGirl said...

Enjoy all that hot yoga!

Bobbie's Babbles said...

I was listening to NPR in Philadelphia today and Marty Moss-Cohen was interviewing a runner who just wrote a book. I never got his name, but he said that all running sneakers are terrible. That before running sneakers were on the market (30 years ago) there were no stats on running injuries. He said the shoes cause them... and he has lots and lots of running shoes. Anyway, his point was that he just started wearing these "shoes" that have five webbed areas for your toes. He said that they are amazing to run in and he hasn't had any injuries or problems since wearing them. I saw them in my local running shoe store, but didn't realize they really were for running. Maybe I'll check them out. Good luck with your injury.

Unknown said...


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