Monday, April 28, 2008

Runners Lounge

I just started a new Forum on Runners Lounge for the Portland Marathon.

So anyone wanting to chat about it - check it out. Even if you are not running the marathon, but still want to chat about it :) ha ha.

Peace. Out.


Peggy said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a bit but never posted. I really enjoy it! I'm curious how you got into running (this is probably on your blog but I can't seem to find it). I've never ran before in my life...I'm just not sure how to get started. That sounds dumb - I hope you know what mean :)

P.O.M. said...

Hi Peggy. THanks for commmenting. I've only been running a couple years now. I've always been a "walker" then I just started really slowly. Run a block, walk a block. Then I tried to increase it slowly. My friend talked me into doing a 5k and I got hooked on races. Always wanting to push myself, I did a 10K, then a half, then a full marathon. Maybe find a running buddy or a group that can help you get started. Blogging about it is really fun too.

chia said...

I started running because I found insane amusement in seeing how much I could make my wobbly bits jiggle.

Your answer is a lot more adult.

brb, checkin' the forum