Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cliché Run

We have all had the run that was hard to get through, right?
Right? Oh come on... you know you have.

Well, this morning, my cheesy little 4 miler took about all my mental and physical strength for some reason.

As I'm barely over mile 1, I tried to change my perspective. This usually works at mile 1. But by mile 2 I was still lagging. My legs were heavy, my mind all over the place.

Then I was trying to think of ANYTHING to get into this damn run. I realized how cliché all these "sayings" sounded so I decided to start listing all the running clichés.
  • If it was easy everyone would do it.
  • Every run is different.
  • I think I can, I think I can.
  • Right Foot, Left Foot
  • Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Help me out guys... can you think of any?

Anyway, I made it thru the run. I didn't time it. But I survived it.

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Song of the day: Our Lips are Sealed by the Go-Gos


TNTcoach Ken said...

It must be contagious, I had that same run. I swore I would never run again, if I finished. Sometimes you have to lie to yourself.....

Wendy said...

Sorry about your sucky run. It happens to all of us.

I can add a cliche..."I eat hills for breakfast!"

(but it works!)

N.D. said...

That happens to everyone, definitely! I just start thinking about what my goal mileage for the week is and start telling myself that only doing a mile/ 2 miles/ however many miles is lame and that I had a goal for the run and I have to get to it, otherwise I'm going to have to run the next day to make up for it (and it is good for me to have rest days/cross train).

BeachRunner said...

Way to get through it using every tool in your belt. Whatever works.

Ms. Flusterate said...

When I'm dragging it helps to have a mantra that I can concentrate on instead of my tiredness, for instance..."just keep on keeping on. this will soon b over."

Anonymous said...

right foot left foot? thanks for sticking that Dr. Seuss story in my head now...and you know I was here working on 3.5+ miles and now I cring at the thought of going past 2.5. WHY??????

Romance said...

I totally had that run on Sunday... I usually play little games with myself - I say this kind of stuff "just run one more ten minute interval as slow as you want and then you can walk the rest... and then after nine minutes.. if you just run six more minutes you can walk the rest of the run.. and so on and so on and so on".

I also now know that some runs just suck fantastically bad ... I hate them.. I also hate it when I am a mile or so in and know that I am running like crap.... Its rarely the tough runs that get me.. last week it was a city street four mile... the next day the six mile hill run on the mountain trail was all good

Heather said...

If it makes you feel any better, at least half of my runs (ahem, when I was running) were like that. A. Fight. Every. Step.

Lesley said...

Weird isn't it....biorhythms perhaps??

Another "change of perspective": "Mmmm,this driving windand rain in my face is really cooling me down...."!

Lesley x

RooBabs said...

There really are a lot of cliches out there- way to work through it. When I hit a tough spot, I tell myself that I can always shorten the run, or take a walk break, which makes me feel kind of wussy, so I usually just end up running the full amount. Or sometimes I take just a quick walk break, and after that I can usually run much better. I always look for the external excuses, like maybe I didn't eat well enough (fuel-wise) or drink enough water, or it's the humidity or something like that. Then I don't blame myself for a crappy run.

BTW, I nominated you for a blog award. Check my site for the details. = )

J~Mom said...

My buddy Pat used to always say that the hard part is "where we grow as runners." I totally remember that and when I struggle I know that it's going to make me stronger for the next time.

Melissa said...

Sorry about your crappy run. I always like to just blame mine on the heat,humidity.

doctorval said...

Today I went with:

Ting Tang
Walla walla bing bang
Ting Tang, Walla Walla
Bing Bang.

Sometimes it's:

I left my wife and 48 children, alone in the kitchen in starving
condition with nothing but gingerbread left, left, left right left

Mendy said...

Complete suckage. We all have bad runs, it makes those good ones that much more appreciated. You're doing great though and I'm super envious of your training and how committed you are. Keep it up! It's inspiring.

RedDaisy said...

I AM A runnner

Closer to being done with every step

Push Through

This sucks but I'm doing it

LOL...I have several "sayings" and I have had to use them often.

Kelly Olexa said...

awww the GoGos....great tunes. I've been walking down memory tunes lane lately...too fun. Not enough great music today or maybe its just that I never listen to actual radio....

carla said...

I dont have any new ones but MUST ECHO the first one.

Id be logging far more miles were it easy---and you kick my A** on a weekly basis!


Anonymous said...

Runs like this are the worst. Way to push on. Maybe next time you should think of your tatto yoga guy.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this happens to me too often.

I try to convince myself that I am actually a robot and might repeat the following to the beat of whatever I happen to be listening to:

I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine
I'm a machine

Kate said...

I hate runs like that!

Usually I just keep telling myself, Your almost done, your almost done, just a little longer. Seems to help!

Nitmos said...


"You really aren't dying. No, you're not dying.""

And repeat.

Viv said...

Cliche look at me chickie.... fat girl running, the whole enchilda is a cliche!

Song of the day, hahaha. Is that your way of keeping mum about yoga boy??

Glad you got through the 4 miler. Good luck with your long run this weekend and have fun with the weekend in general just not running.

carrie said...

I try to get all zen when I'm having a hard time, so my mantra is "at this moment you are fine/strong/ok/alive." It's that whole 'living in the moment' mentality. Sometimes it works. When it doesn't...I count. Usually to my breath (like four in four out). Crazy, huh?

Jess said...

just 10 more minutes...just 9 more minutes...just 8 more minutes...

I'm sure you get the idea haha

Jess said...

That definitely happens to everyone, but doesn't take really peeve you when it happens on a short run?

Aron said...

i hate those runs but awesome job for making it through!!!

Stuart said...

1 mile is 8 mins
1 mile is only 8 mins

I can run for 8 mins

See I just did it

Repeat to fade!

Unknown said...

"Just keep moving forward"

rinusrunning said...

Sorry, but i run only on Falk soks and that is the best soks for marathon or long run!.
But when i run the marathon and it go not so good at the end, i think that the time in minute to the finish is short in a live time ;-).
So i can run a marathon..
You go good and go for it.
Groet Rinus.

Unknown said...

You may want to use iPod and just listen to your favorite music. It will help you get through it. Don't even think about your speed or the time. After you listen to your iPod, you will say "Holy Cow, I must have ran 3 miles already."

Victoria said...

I got this from a really impressive ultrarunner: Relentless Forward Progress.