Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Miss Scatterbrain

So, this is what is up next to my desk. It is Ze Plan - my long run scheduled for the BIG DAY! As you can see, I have 21 miles tomorrow. I have to be out the door by 5:30 am to get this done in time to hit the road to Vegas.

Yes, I am a little bit stressed. Ok, a lot a bit stressed.

I am also dealing with work stress, client dramazzz, etc. My client doesn't know I will be out tomorrow, so I will be working in the car via blackberry.

I leave Tuesday for Cabo where I am scared I won't get my 14 miler in. I am going to be a SLAVE TO THE MAN that entire week and probably won't have time to do more than a 3 or 4 mile run (if I'm lucky).

My other big debate is if I should do yoga tonight. I really want/need to for mental reasons. But I'm scared that my muscles might be sore and I will lose too much hydration if I go. If I can slip out of work early, then I will go. This way I can get home by 6pm, start to rehydrate and have a little carbo dinner. But if I can't slip out early, then I will just head home.

Sorry about the boring post today, but all this crap is overloading my mind.

I still need to:

  • Prepare for long run - get all the goodies packed in the belt, find my moleskin to cover blister from stupid new shoes, charge iPod, charge Garmin, etc.

  • Pack for Vegas - clothes, shoes, makeup, products, healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, etc.), camera, iPod docking station, work shit, BIKINI cuz I am hitting the mofo pool.

  • Cook dinner

  • Ride new bike to friend's garage so it doesn't get stolen

Damn... I feel like this girl today:


Aron said...

lists always help me with stress!!! no worries, you will get done what you can and what you cant wont kill you! i missed a 14 miler when i was on vacation and i hardly noticed (i didnt notice at all physically, it was mentally i knew i was missing it).

race day is getting closer!!!

Amy - the gazelle said...

sounds like you have a LOT going on! Good luck with the yoga and/or run. And have fun in Vegas.

I am so jealous of your long run! Or any run, at this point. 2 weeks to running time!

Melissa said...

Well hey, I went 1.05 miles today! You know, I used to have dreams about flying but now I have them about running. I once dreamed I was in a town way far away and that I started just running home instead of driving.

I wish I had better knees so I could actually run. But you go, girl! I'm behind you all the way! (WAY behind...)

Marcy said...

Dayum son, you've got a lot going on. You'll be fine for your mileage. Fo sho! ;-)

Viv said...

Not a boring post at all...
Man, it is a lot of stuff going on.

Take a breath, you got your list check it twice, and you got it under control. Mind you all this is easy for me to say while my debacle is Oprah or Mauray... damn this is a tough one.

I thope all goes well for getting the Ze plan action accomplished during scatterbraining times.

*Putting on my plus size cheerleader outfit*

Viv said...
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Viv said...

Impatient chick I am

Judi said...

If you have to skip the 14 miler, do so. You will be fine. Quit stressing out woman! You need to CHILL.

Shelley said...

Look at all those runs crossed off! You rock!

BeachRunner said...

Ooofah! Good luck balancing the client shiz with the runs. Have fun!

carla said...

(G-d I love those books)

Ill skip the BREAAAAAATHE which everyone has covered and echo the YOULL BE SET BECAUSE YOUVE MADE LIST AFTER LIST.

and, can this nonhardcore runner say that it isnt the end of everything if you miss the 14 miler?



ok no :)


N.D. said...

Good luck with everything and try not to go nuts! Even if you miss the 14 miler, you have put in tons of long runs and will be in great shape to rock the marathon!

:) said...

Skip the yoga tonight and just focus on the long run...that's what I would do! :)

Have a good trip!

Ian said...

Wow, that book brings back memories. I used to have all of those books as a kid.

Also, thanks for the heads up on the e-mails that you've been getting. I feel so... loved.

E said...

It will all come together - don't worry!

Romance said...

Hey Good Luck!!!

I hate the stress of not making a run, and it will be totally OK if you don't... you are in terrific shape...

Hope things relax up a bit soon for you

C said...

You've done the planning. Things will fall into place, no worries.

Take care.

A said...

You've got a lot on your plate right now ... one bite at a time, girl! Everything will be OK. Good luck!

J~Mom said...

You can do it...I agree, yoga will be beneficial!!

RunnerGirl said...

You are one busy lady - hang in there!

Michelle said...

Hey p.o.m. you will do great in every single thing you do!! You always seem to get it done my friend!!

Do you run the 21 miles alone or with a running buddy? Thats an aweful long time running!! But, you get it done!!

Have a great weekend!!! I will forgive you if you don't post!!


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, 21 miles alone! Wow! That is quite impressive!!! You have your ipod with you right?? Do you run on the boardwalk? How far is your boardwalk? MIne is 2 1/2 miles each way so its good to record distance. Good luck!! Let me know how it goes!!!


Stuart said... bike! Did I miss this? When did you acquire a bike?

Nikemom said...

omyfreakkkkkingod! 21 miles? you definitely rock girlfriend.

M*J*C said...

You have a TON going on, but you can forget it all once you're in VEGAS! Hava a BLAST!