Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sorry No Jazz Hands

My gentle readers,

I tried to get the jazz hands into every photo op, but it didn't happen. I am truly sorry.

However, there is still humor to be found.
It looks like I'm actually enjoying myself in the first one - must be all the skills I learned in drama class. Faking the smile thing.
Then you can tell that things are taking a turn for the worse. Not so much enjoying th run.
Now this is my favorite. This guy realizes that the only way he will beat me is if he takes me out. Doesn't it look like he is going to sweep my legs right out from under me?
Funny thing is I looked up his time and he was actually 2 minutes ahead of me. I suck THAT much!







Very happy to be done.

Can't breath.

Want to die.


C said...

You have no idea how much my heart hurts right now with the absence of jazz hands.

How will I go on??

Aron said...

you definitely have the best race pics :) i am dying at that guy behind you!! lol

Lily on the Road said...

Great Pictures!!

The guy behind you looks like he is trying to land an aircraft!

Carly said...

LMAO at the guy behind you! Great photos.

X-Country2 said...

Ha! Great race pics and even better commentary.

Chic Runner said...

What is that guy behind you! What a freak! ha ha, those are good pics though seriously... Why do boys always want to beat us. Get over getting chicked loser.

Carolina John said...

ROFL at the guy who wants to take you out. you're fixing to be in some pain. oh wait, you were already in some pain. still, looks like a good time. thanks for posting the pics.

Missicat said...

Great pics! I have a half marathon coming up in May, will try to get some taken - I definitely don't look as good as you do, though!

Shelley said...

That first one is a really great picture of you!

Razz said...

I think you photoshopped the smile. I don't remember smiling *during* the race.

Amber said...

Wow you take great running pictures! I turn BRIGHT red after about 10 minutes of running and look like a gross sweaty tomatoe.

That guy is weird :S haha

Sarah said...

I possibly feel that airplane arms really took away any need to do jazz hands! Now, is this the same race that you got rained on last year? And you did great!

Denise said...

Love the order of the pics! You look good in them all! Like a tough runner!!

Judi said...

i think you look good. it's good to make yourself suffer. now go and register for a 50k or something different, something challenging. you need to break up some of that monotomy.


Susan said...

I like them! You look very strong.

Danielle said...

Great pics! I had some funny ones too.

B. Kramer said...

You look like your running away from that guy's hug. Your face seems to say, in slow motion no less, "Nooooooooooo!" With good reason.


love all the photos!!!!

jen said...

Nice pictures, you look great. That last one says it all- whew! What a race. :)

Court said...

You're a rockstar with or without the jazz hands!

I am training for a hella long bike ride from Houston to Austin and I got off of my bike bc I dropped something. I did that half jog/ half walk type of run to pick up what I had dropped and then back to my bike and I wanted to die. I said outloud, "Running a marathon will never be a freakin goal of mine! UGH!" And then people passed me and thought I was crazy.

Running is hard. Go you Miss Athletic thighs! Woop woop! ;)

Alisa said...

Haha you have "jazz hands" and I have the bunny arms...though mine ALWAYS ALWAYS make an embarassing appearance.

You look great chica...I'm jealous of the sunshine and warmth!

Anonymous said...

you look great! the fact that the guy was behind you in 3 out of 4 pics gives me the creeps- maybe he was checking you he single?

Jess said...

Great pictures....the guy behind you cracks me up! Especially in the one where he looks like a plane

Christie said...

Love the pics.

RunToTheFinish said...

my goal for this year is to get 1 decent running pic!

dude you were so fast that guy was trying to slow you down because he thought you might take flight

teacherwoman said...

Great pics! :)

Petraruns said...

You're looking good though, if not very happy...

You should have just stopped - bang - that would taken the plane down..

Viv said...

that first pic is a keeper, like blow up size keeper. Your legs look fantastic in that second one, no doubt. If I would have seen that mo fo in gray out there I woulda tripped him. He just looks annoying.

Jess said...

That guy in the 3rd pic got his pics and is like, "Sweet! I got a pic with a hot chick!"

Michelle said...

Looking good girlie!!!

Strong legs and a nice smile!!!!

Way to go!!!

summer said...

awesome, hot and loving these pics!! i'm so proud of my friend!!

Laurel said...

DOOD! That third picture is cracking me up! What the hell is happening there?

My Life said...

Don't feel bad about the guy beating you. He apparently was fueled on Jackass and was more aerodynamic.

eurydice said...

you made it though - that is the important thing. and it looks warm where you are! funny commentary. :)

eurydice said...
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Crazyisa said...

I think that you look great on your photos.
I just discoverred your blog, and I like it a lot :) it's very inspirational.