Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Not being one to sit around with no plans, let's see what's next on the agenda:

First up:

How can I not run this virtual race? Nancy and I are practically engaged - and she's the best race coordinator EVAH. I just decided yesterday to run this and she was kind enough to let me register late and NOT charge me more! Due to my aversion to hearts though, I am not going to get a shirt. Sorry Nanc. I don't "do" hearts. ha ha. But I do run :)

I'm going to make a Mother's Day Girls weekend with this one (Grams, Mom, Sis, Nieces & Aunt) ~ A good way to ensure a cheering section for me. ha ha Just kidding. This race has mad hills though - so I am going to need to start training hills and I HATE HILLS. But I'm never one to turn down a challenge. And best of all, the race ends with music and WINE. HELLO. Can you imagine a more perfect race for me???? I think not.
Song of the Day: Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy


Viv said...

What a great plan!
Yep, that wine country one is an ideal one with the vino.

Jess said...

I would love the wine country one -- sans hills, of course.

Best of luck with both!

eurydice said...

Ah... good luck - they both sound awesome!

Laura said...

I'm trying hard to get on a project out in California. If it happens, I am SO IN for the wine country half!

Unknown said...

that does sound amazing. I am jealous. but not of the hills. hahah.

Petraruns said...

Honey one day you have to come to Europe and we will run the marathon du medoc together (http://www.marathonguide.com/races/racedetails.cfm?MIDD=53060909) where they have wine stations instead of water stations.. It's not for PBs but what fun!

Nancy said...

I'm over the moon that you've publicly acknowledged our engagement. hee hee

Glad you're in. You don't have to wear hearts. I'll try to make sure you get a nice title that isn't to "hearty" either.

I'm totally jealous about the wine country run. That should be a blast.

Stuart said...

I ran the SB half last year and got my PR there, there is only one really bad hill but it is a bitch right in the middle, but what goes up must come down, check out my race report for the Garmin info.

Marcy said...

Yup, Nanc is the best! Heck you could run after the 9th and she'll still put you in ;-)

Did someone say wine? Yeah I'd be all about that too! LOL

TonyP said...

Wow. sounds awesome.

Sarah said...

I love how the drawing factor of the Wine Country half marathon is.. the wine! It would be for me too if I did that sort of crazy thing!!!

Robin said...

I wish I could run the Wine Country Half. That almost makes me want to run 13 miles.

BTW - I had to move my blog, so if you are looking for me, you can find me under it under this profile.

chia said...

mmmmmm... wine. So wish I could do it too! Happy training :-)

RunnerGirl said...

The Santa Barbara races sounds fun . . . any run with wine at the finish line gets my vote!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I am SO jealous!! There is one in Napa in July too.. I have to do at least one of them!