Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ze Plan... Feedback Requested

This is what I am thinking for my long run schedule. *Remember this is my long runs only.

I am going to run about 3 times per week during the week also, but really try to not run 2 days in a row. I am not going to plan out those days, as "Fashionably Flexible" is rule #1 (for week days only).

Do you think that is too long of a taper from my last long run to my race weekend? I think I did this last year, but can't really remember.

Song of the day: Dangerous by Kardinal Offishall


Lily on the Road said...

No, that looks good. A short run during the last week is all you need. The rest of it look bang on!

As for the BWDOTDFM, tell him he doesn't fit into your plans....gah, I hate stupid men.

BeachRunner said...

I am too new at this game to be any help to you at all on the marathon training plan. But I just wanted to commend you on your approach and say that I am sure you will have fun training and kick some ass racing. I also know your blog peeps will hook you up with helpful feedback.

Ali said...

looks good! the only thing different in my plan is the drop down weeks, I can't drop below 12 miles, or my legs like it too much and never want to do double digits again.

Frayed Laces said...

Hey girl, just catching up on the last few weeks on blogs. Congrats on kickin the half's arse. Your long runs look pretty good, but I'm concerned that you drop the miles a bit too much on your recovery weeks. I'm following a modified FIRST plan that has me running 3x week (plus 3x cross training): one general run of 6 miles, one day of speedwork intervals, and a long run. My long runs go: 10, 12, 14, 6, 14, 16, 18, 9, 16, 18, 20, 12, 29, 12, 8. On the weeks when you drop mileage, you may want to consider picking up the pace a bit too, as long as Garmin doesn't show your HR going through the roof. And as for the boy---give him another chance. If anything, you can get a few more free meals out of the deal.

teacherwoman said...

I think it looks good! And I don't think the taper is too long, but what do I know? I have only done a half marathon!

Debbie said...

that looks pretty close to the training plan im on. I love the "fashionably flexible"

Viv said...

You know I gots nothing on marathon training, except to wish you a happy training :-)

J~Mom said...

It looks good to me! I have only done the half though!

Unknown said...

It looks great. You have such awesome dedication!

Judi said...

you should do a 20-21 miler 3-4 weeks before the race, then you taper. 2 weeks before the race you should do 13.1. next week before the race just do 6. let me know if you need my schedule. :)

Jess said...

I think it looks good overall but agree with judi -- you need to hit a 20+ about 3-4 weeks prior to the marathon, then taper. So if it were me, I'd finish those last four weeks as follows: 20, 12, 10, Marathon.

Anonymous said...

First, you gotta do what works best for you. Having said that, it looks like every 3-4 weeks you have a recovery week, which is good. However, I wouldn't drop the miles down so low (6 miles), maybe go down to 9 or 10. I would also stick to a 3-4 week taper.

I do think it is great that you are going to keep up with yoga. Mixing things up with cross training or just another activity is beneficial.

doctorval said...

Personally, I'm not loving the 7/5 16 with the 18, then finally an easy week.

7/5 7
7/7 16
7/19 8
7/26 18
8/2 9
8/9 20
8/16 10
8/23 22
8/30 10
9/6 22-26

Then the rest like you have it. But I'm just a fat bastard so what do I know.

The Laminator said...

Might I make a suggestion...

I think you drop off too much in your runs between the 20 milers...especially in the second half of the plan...those 7 and 8 milers should be more like your weekday runs. Instead have 12 mile runs in place of them and have a couple of 16 and 18 milers later in training...

Case in point...if you just add the columns going across...the second column has 60 miles, while the third and fourth has 56 miles...so if anything, the first half of your training plan looks tougher than the second half.

Also, I hope you get to do a couple of half-marathons in the weeks leading up to the full for practice.

Good luck!

The Young Family said...

June 7 -13
June 14 -14
June 21 - 16
June 28 - 18
July 5 -20
July 12 - off
July 19 - 18
July 26 - 22
Aug 2 -14
Aug 9 - 15
Aug 16 - 18
Aug 30 - 0ff
Sept 7 - 20
Sept 14 - 13
Sept 26 - 6
Oct - 4 race

This is my training plan - it was divised from an elite triathlete and my running coach. Not too far off of yours! Best wishes in your trianing!

I run a 12:30 min mile for anything over 8 miles! Just an FYI


Aron said...

looks good to me :) although i really have no clue hehe. i like your taper better than mine though... hmmm

Stuart said...

If anything I would say that the step back weeks are too big a step and too frequent, in my mind every 5th week should step back to the same mileage of the first of four preceding ones a'la:


BTW are your fashionably flexible weekdays going to be fast, tempoish and interval-like?

TNTcoach Ken said...

In the olden days we only used two weeks to tpaer and we ran without shoes uphill both ways! Just be careful on those twenty plus runs in July and August, they'll beat you up! Those mid-week runs really help, so don't be too flexible.

Auntie J said...


your such my inspiration,,

East Bay Triple Crown Trail Championships said...

i agree with your thinking that the taper might be one week too early. I think Sept 13 is the best time for your longest run. So then you could drop to 12 on Sept 6; 21 on Aug 30; 12 - 14 on Aug 23; and then 20 on Aug 16 and 19 on Aug 9.... or some variation like that, which allows you to recover every other week, once you start running more than 20 miles. Good luck!

Runner Leana said...

Overall I think it looks okay. I had a 4 week taper for the Goofy mostly because I didn't want to run my 10-20 mile combo around Christmas in ridiculously hot, humid Singapore. Good luck!

sunshine said...

well, I gotta give you credit. After not opening the door for you, not sure I'd give him any email time. :)

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I have a good feeling for the Race Weekend........it's my Bday!! (35th)