Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backslide On A Stick

Well, the scale went the wrong way this week. I have nobody to blame but myself. I missed my workouts Friday and Saturday. I was down in San Diego for work then stayed to have some fun with a friend in town. I figured that 3 hours of dancing like sweaty maniac would be enough of a work out, however when you add a late night burger, fries and hot wings into the mix, it is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention waking up covered in hot wing sauce.

We also hit up this little spot - Seriously GO THERE if you're in San Diego. It was so yummers. I actually went there for dinner Fri night and returned for lunch on Saturday. I don't know how to describe it - it's like high end bar food. Dreamy. Chorizo corn dogs. hello!

Leaving for Cabo in 2 days. Let's just say that instead of dropping cash on new bikinis, I purchased two new cover-ups instead.

In OTHER news... I have to say that there are alot of scummy jerks out there. What sucks is that they are disguised as nice guys. I met a guy in San Diego - we hung out with all our friends, had a BLAST. He was really funny and sweet. We texted all weekend. My friend had some fun pictures, so I texted him and asked for his email address so I can send him the photos. He sent it to me. Then I thought, 'oh I should see if he's on facebook.' So I looked him up and
Obv, I cut all contact. But seriously people - what the heck?


X-Country2 said...

Whoa- MARRIED!? WTF, who does that? And who's so casual as to make it so obvious? Boys are beyond stupid.

Have a blasty blast in Cabo!

Unknown said...

wow what a scum bag. grrr.

san diego sounded pretty fun though. that is where i went to school. such a pretty city.

Delane said...

ah the beauty of the internet! Have Fun in Cabo!

My Life said...

I would have had The Diaz ("bacon seduced brats?" yes, please). Hope you're loving Cabo!