Monday, June 14, 2010

Slow Start

Weigh In this morning - 142.8
That's like 1.2 f'n pounds for the week.
Me not happy.

I didn't drink all week (except for wine during my stupid delayed flight home Friday night).
I did 4 days of Bikram this week.
I ran 3 days this week.
I kept calories down to about 1200-1500 per day (except wine on Friday).

But, I have to admit that I did eat about 6 lbs of M&Ms. Do you think that could be the problem?

17 days til Cabo. Step away from the freakin' M&Ms. I don't even really LIKE them - they are just sitting there - at work - staring at me. I tried to move away from them , but they call to me..... stupid M&Ms.


Julie D said...

I hate when I waste precious stomach space on things I don't like. Don't be discouraged!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The weight just never comes off as fast as it goes on, does it? I actually think you are doing really well, though... at least the scale numbers are moving in the right direction...

MB said...

I hate when the chocolate taunts me. Tell those M&M's to SHUT THE F* UP and leave you alone.

TonyP said...

Actually, I have found that if I eat the M&Ms fast enough, and fill my entire hand with as many as I can for added weight, it substitutes for a very, very good bicep/tricep workout. Peanut M&Ms work better for more weight.

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