Friday, December 14, 2007

Houston, By The Numbers

I'm waiting for my flight home! Home ... ahhh... back to the healthy me. This trip was just a disgrace, health wise. Here are the stats...

  • Number of Days in Houston: 7
  • Average # of Meals per Day: 6
  • Average # Calories per meal: 2,800
  • Average # of Trips Thru the Buffet each meal: 2.75
  • Number of Workouts: Zilch
  • Bottles of Wine Consumed: 14 (with coworker)
  • Dirty Martini's Consumed: 3 (wine was easier to come by)
  • Number of Desserts per Day: 3
  • Number of times I said "I'm not going to eat like this again": 14
  • Average Time before Eating bad again: 25 mins
  • Number of Arguments over a candy bar: 2
  • Number of pants that could not get buttoned: 2
  • Number of times the hotel banquet staff made a comment on how much food I ate: 5

Serious issues people. Real Serious.

Good news is that I will be home in a few hours and back to eating like a human.

Great news is that The Captain fixed by closet! Dang I love that man.


Heather said...

I'm so jealous.

Viv said...

The Cap is so awesome!
Umm, no comment about all the eating that can go down in Houston. LOL!

Marcy said...

Oh my yummmmmmmmmmm!! Dang, you should have saved me a plate/drink or 2 ;-)

Unknown said...

Glad to have you back!

Unknown said...

It's so hard to be healthy when you're not home. Sounds like you have plenty of yummy temptations

Jess said...

Must be why Texas hasfive of the fattest cities in the US -- everything is bigger there!

Laura said...

I've been eating about 2800 cals the last two nights also. I'm actually home, but have a friend staying with me for a few days so we've been going out to eat a lot, and then drinking after. And I haven't really been able to work out with her here. I want my regular routine back! Good luck to both of us :)

Reluctant Runner said...

"What happens in Houston stays in Houston." Shouldn't that apply to calories?

Nice to see you back and blogging POM!

Amy said...

"Number of times the hotel banquet staff made a comment on how much food I ate: 5"
I know I shouldn't have laughed, but damn, that was funny! Sadly, it's happened to me before, only they were Chinese, and it was takeout...

Hooray! The closet is fixed. Maybe you can return to some sort of normalcy now!