Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ewe...What's On Her Sleeve?

I've been feeling a little sicky - sore throat, snotty. Maybe it's just allergies.

I was running yesterday morning and having issues breathing out of my nose. So I blew a couple snot rockets.. and let the flood gates open!

I swear I lost about 2lbs of SNOT, which I very carefully wiped on my sleeve.

The down side of blowing snot rockets while running is that you don't have a mirror to see if there are any remnants.... you know? The captain used to call them 'men overboard." Crusties, boogies, little friends? What do you call them?

What? Are you grossed out? At least I didn't poop my pants - not naming any names AMY LAWSON.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

LOL. I am not grossed out. There is something about being a runner that breaks down boundaries and makes you not grossed out by things! I mean, we've seen/heard it all. Snot rockets. Extreme chafing. Bloody Nipple. Accidents in the pants. Nothing is off limits in the world of a runner I guess!

Amy said...

Usually I love links......

TNTcoach Ken said...

I've been feeling that same way with the throat and Runny nose, but you definitely threw her under the bus.

Seriously TMI! said...

I call it a bat in the cave as in "hey honey, will you check and see if I've got a bat in the cave?"

I'm 99% sure I stole that line from Steve in SATC.

BTW...meant to comment awhile back that I often skip hair washing, even after sweaty workouts. My mane takes a frigging eon to blowdry, so I use dry shampoo and make that blowout streeeeeeeeeeeeetch for a few days.

Amy said...

No way, don't take it down!

I trie to comment on the loadmaster post, but it didn't work for some reason. I'm just glad I can wear my Team Loadmaster shirt again.