Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Case of The Blues

I didn’t run again this morning because I’m still recovering from Saturday. Yesterday’s painful attempt scared me and totally sucked. It’s only been a few days and I miss running like I miss my best friend who moved to Denver. Or like I miss eating Thai food. I know I promised to "take a break” after the marathon. But what else would I do? I guess go back to Bikram Yoga and weight training and boring cardio machines at the gym. I will probably do that for a while. But I know I will end up running again. How can I not? It’s part of me now. It’s who I am.

There are already a million thoughts going thru my head and the taper has just begun. I definitely have a case of the gloomies this morning. That “rain cloud over my head” feeling. Even El Cap asked me why I looked so sad today. The thing is that there is nothing wrong. I just feel blue. That last long run really did me in. I have a sore throat and I woke up with a huge cold sore this morning… sexy! I’m so glad that I have more than two weeks to get healthy again. I wonder how I will be after the marathon. Scary thought. But to be honest, I am already thinking about new goals for after the marathon. I know my first and foremost priority will be to get back to my goal weight – at least get my pants fitting again. (I set goals when I get depressed)

The only positive so far from not running this week: My appetite is totally non-existent.

Dinner & Games tonight with friends. Bring on the charades (and martinis)! That will cheer me up.


Nancy said...

Sorry you are experiencing the blues. I know what you mean. My feet are not cooperating with my goals... A good friend just told me the best way out of the blues is to reflect on everything you are grateful for. It might be worthwhile?!

Good luck. I hope the running gets better.

J said...

Oh! I am sorry you have the blues. I completely understand. It must be something in the air this week. Maybe you are having taper blues!