Saturday, September 15, 2007

Martinis are Like Breasts

Just finished my Saturday morning 8 mile (8 is great) run. It really hit me that I have one month until the marathon. 4 measly weeks. Next week is my last "long" run, then I will taper down. I did 20 miles about a month and a half ago and it was surprisingly pleasent. I did 21 miles 3 weeks ago and it totally sucked. I can pin point a few things that probably made the difference - not a good brekkie, irritating shirt, tried Accelerade sports drink (gave me major stomach issues), extremely hot, forgot sunscreen, etc.

Anyway, 4 weeks left and I feel like I haven't been taking my training seriously. Don't get me wrong - I have been running and doing the long runs. But I have it in my head that I will be able to skate by. THat was until that last miserable 21 miler. It gave me doubts. On the other hand, it's making me realize that I need to focus and plan better and it will go just fine. I think I'm just a little burned out maybe. Maybe I need to get my diet/eating back on track. Maybe I need to cut out sugar again. Maybe I need to cut out my drinking for a bit.

Ouch. I think I just nailed it on the head!

I know the main culprit to this little "burn out" is that I can't seem to say no to a martini (or two). And frankly, who would WANT to? I just love them and their dirty, salty goodness- shaken, almost whitish from the flakes of ice floating on top. Oh and don't forget about the olives. Big, succulent, green, salty olives. mmmmm After some experience with this lusty libation, I have learned: (I didn't make this up, so I can't claim the credit, but it is definately a rule to live by)

~~Martini's are like breasts - one is not enough and three is too many~~

So, there's and easy solution, right? Just say "I will not drink until after the marathon." But before the words are even uttered, the little devil on my shoulder pops up... but what about the wedding at the end of the month, or so-and-so's birthday, or delicious wine with El Capitán's (The boyfriend) home-cooked dinner or after-work cocktails? See, it's not that easy.

My ramblings really have no point today. These are just the things that went through my head this morning. I guess the Moral of the Story is....

Kids - just say "no." Since we all know how well that campaign turned out, here's another option. Just have TWO. That way, you can still run in the morning.


Laurel said...

Ha! I too have had this conversation with the devil on my shoulder many, many times.

Stupid devil, always gettin me in trouble.

I love the martini quote too!

Good luck with your next long run. Just save the martinis for AFTER the run!

Dev said...

Where have i heard this expression before?? hee-hee.
Margaritas are like breasts too.

Unknown said...

Oh man, dirty martinis are my vice as well! Have you ever tried the double-stuffed olives from Costco? They're stuffed with garlic and jalapenos -- salty AND spicy -- how can you go wrong? Of course given it's Costco they sometimes don't carry them :( In fact, I'm due for another jar.

Reluctant Runner said...

A running buddy of mine had her friends meet her 50 metres before the end of her half marathon with a beer ... you are a paragon of virtue compared to her! (Mind you, she kicked my butt in terms of time.)

Just tried an oyster martini last week. They are most excellent. A splash of worcestershire and an oyster marinating on the bottom. Even if you don't like oysters, you'll be ready to eat it by the time you get to the bottom of the glass!

All the very best in your upcoming marathon!