Thursday, September 27, 2007

Listy Listwell

Excuses for only running 5 miles this week:
1. PMS/Depressed
2. Tapering – need rest
3. I am a Pathetic Excuse for a Runner
4. Sore Hips & Right Knee

Today’s Blessings:
1. I actually got off my fat butt this morning and ran
2. Not hung over from last night
3. Beautiful morning sunrise
4. Leftover dinner for lunch today (Thanks El Cap)
5. Leaving work early
6. Dinner with good friend tonight at a surprise restaurant
7. Taking Friday off = 3 day weekend
8. Getting pedicure tomorrow – yes, I will pay extra for a longer foot massage, thank you.
9. My niece is the cutest little girl in the world and I’m going to have another soon!
10. Paycheck tommorrow (even though it all goes to rent)

I have more blessings than excuses so I think I'm doing ok.


Rhea said...

Thanks for the suggestion on the Surf City Marathon! Sounds fun. Did you run mostly on pavement?

Arron said...

great way to put things back in perspective!

fight the taper blues :).


Nancy said...

I have a very wise friend who pulls herself out of the blues the same way....listing everything she is grateful for. Now I have two wise friends!! Those are some great blessing, by the way.

Ali said...

taper is all about rest.

I love the grateful list.

Reluctant Runner said...

I like your grateful list, too, P.O.M. Hope you had a great weekend.

Laurel said...

Awesome list. I love it!

Are you having another niece??