Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It’s All In The Hips

Thought I would share a little about the pain I’m going thru right now. It started when I began to increase my mileage. I first noticed that my hip flexors were really right. I tried to stretch them. It seemed like a normal thing, so I didn’t think it would turn into a problem. Now my outer hips at the top are so sore that I actually cannot run 2 days in a row. The mornings that I run, I am practically limping for the rest of the day. By the next day the pain has dulled, but it’s still there. So I’ve changed my marathon training by actually CUTTING DOWN my weekly mileage. This freaks me out but I think that as long as I do my long runs on the weekend I will fine.

I tried doing research online but can’t find exactly what I’m experiencing. I don’t have limited range of motion and I don’t have a “popping” sound. It’s probably just a strain or overuse injury, but being only 3.5 weeks away, there is no way I’m going to rest it enough to actually heal. What if I have an uneven pelvis or unequal leg lengths? That would be weird.

According to
Treatment of Hip Pain
The initial response should be rest for 1 week; you can continue to run as long as your hip injury is not being aggravated. Anti-inflammatory gels, ice packs and relaxing deep massages can help to increase the healing process. Running alternations include shortening your running stride, changing your shoes and a change of running surface. You may need sports orthotics to remedy any foot imbalance you may have. Finally, you can try lower back strengthening exercises to strengthen the back in order to prevent a re-occurrence of the condition

I can handle some of those suggestions. I will keep you posted.
Sorry for the boring blog today. I might have something interesting for tomorrow. No promises.

PS: Mom/Aunt J/Other concerned family members- Don't freak out. I'm fine. I promise I will take a break after the race.

Song of the day (not for running): My Moon My Man by Feist


Dev said...

If it makes you feel any better....before my first (and so far only) marathon, i never ran more than 20 miles. my long runs leading up to tapering were 16, 18, then 20....and i never repeated any of those distances. you are totally ready, and i'm sure its not easy, but resting as much as possible is probably the best thing!!

Unknown said...

from your friend, the PT :)
When you describe the tops of your hips- it sounds like it may be a muscle called the TFL (tensor fascia lata) which is attached to the IT band (connective tissue, like a tendon) which is very commonly tight in runners (the popping that you may be reading about is often the IT band). i would google ways to stretch the TFL and IT band- it is very painful but should help!!

Tall Girl Running said...

Hmm. Sounds like you're taking a wise approach with cutting back a bit. If you've done most or all of your long runs up until this point, the rest will be more advantageous to your body than getting in more mileage.

That said, your hip pain sounds similar to what I dealt with at one time when I had trouble with my entire right IT band, knee to hip. The cure for me was religiously practicing this particular stretch: place one foot in front of the other, then lean to the opposite side of the front foot. The further you can lean to the side, the deeper the stretch. You may need to stabilize yourself by holding onto something until you get the hang of it, but you'll feel the stretch all along your outer thigh and especially in the hip. If your pain is in both hips, stretch both legs. If it's just one, place the non-affected leg in front of the affected leg. Clear as mud?

Also, try ice baths if you haven't already... especially after your long runs. If there is one thing that has helped my body adapt to increased mileage with very easy recovery, it's the ice bath.

Jes said...

Hm, I have definitely been experiencing some hip pain. Especially on my right side. I am finding that the foam roller is helping.