Monday, September 17, 2007

Fat Jeans

We all have them. Fat Jeans.

I went to Vegas over Labor Day weekend with El Cap and a bunch of friends (4 couples). When packing, I grabbed my favorite, sexy Rock & Republic Jeans. They are my “go-to” jeans. They are kinda dressy so you can wear them to a nice dinner or club and I know they always look good. I was getting ready to go out, I grabbed the R&R’s…. slipped them up my thighs and STOP. That’s odd. They’re stuck. They usually just slip right up. So I did a little pulling, a little jumping and a lot of sucking-it-in. I managed to get them zipped, but I couldn’t walk. I looked in the mirror and they looked horrible. So tight that there were extra creases in the back – horizontal creases along the back of the thighs AND a muffin top! Oh it was dreadful. Luckily I had a plan B outfit in case I didn’t feel like wearing jeans. Oh boy, I sure didn’t feel like wearing jeans. Any jeans. Ever.

Could it be possible? Am I actually gaining weight while I’m training? I may be running 30-40 miles per week, but I must be eating/drinking extra calories to counteract it. ARGH!

So, I’m back wearing my fat jeans. For now. However, to make sure that this is just a temporary set back, I have provided myself with some additional motivation:

NEW JEANS. (See photo to left– and NO, that is not my booty).

Clothing really motivates me. So I bought these new jeans that I have been obsessing about. I really mean OBSESSING. I saw them in In-Style Magazine 2 months ago and I “goggled” them. I looked at that website almost everyday for the past 2 months. I finally bought them realizing it was the perfect motivation. I bought them in size 28. Although at one point, I was down to 27 –I will be happy with a 28. (Hey, I got up to size 32 a couple of years ago.)

After the race, I will refocus on “the diet” and slim down again. I swear weight loss is 90% what you eat and 10% physical activity. It’s just too hard to think about cutting calories when I’m running. So I will re-focus on that goal after I get thru the marathon goal. Plus, there are cupcakes in the office today.

One goal at a time is enough.

Running Song of the Day: Stonger by Kanye West


Unknown said...

Girl...that picture is motivation enough. If running will make my body look like that, I'm all over it. However, unlike you, I have no will power when it comes to food. Gotta do that extra running so I can have that 3rd martini and second helping of gnocchi. Pass me some of dat runner's high...your Denver Gal Pal

Dev said...

if what you were wearing saturday night were fat jeans i am depressed because it means mine are seriously obese jeans :) Whatever they were, you looked hot!

Anne said...

Ah, you've found the rub with marathon training. Unless you cut way back on calories (and therefore risk running out of steam during long runs), you actually can -- and do -- gain a little weight. But you should also be better toned, right? Maybe those jeans just shrunk a lot in the wash.