Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend Worries & Preparation

Final long run tomorrow morning.
Feeling a bit of anxiety.
Last long run, not so good. MUST do WELL this time!
Can’t even write complete sentences.

This is the final dress rehearsal. I think I have it all under control:
Comfortable Race Outfit – check
Geeky Water-Bottle/Fanny Pack Combo - check
Clif Shot Blocks with Caffeine – check
Gatorade – need to get at store
Advil – check
Eat a good dinner and breakfast – need to go to store
Running partner – check
Hat – check
Sunscreen – check
Positive Attitude & motivation– uhhhhhhmmmmmm – check ??

I did a bunch of stretches for my hips last night. They are still sore and tight. I will do them again tonight. Also, I made a few changes to my diet. Instead of waiting until 9 to eat breakfast, I have a bit of protien right when I wake up. It's really helped keep my blood sugar regulated all day and help with the afternoon cravings. I also increased my vitamin B - I think that has really helped too.

Wish me luck!

Song of the Day: Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie


SoberMommie said...

Good Morning =)
And good luck on your race!
What race are you doing??
Happy Day!

Laurel said...

Oooh, good luck!!!! You'll do GREAT! :)

Nancy said...

Good Luck, hope the checklist works. Water, don't forget lots of water tonight and in the morning :) I keep making that same mistake over and over. You are probably smarter than me, though! Have a great run!

kate said...

You can do it!! Can't wait to read the report =)

Jes said...

May I ask what kind of hip stretches you are doing? And Good luck!