Monday, September 24, 2007

Confidence Recovered

Here is the report on Saturday’s 22 mile final training run.

Woke up early, ate Kashi cereal with yogurt and half a banana and a hard boiled egg white.
As I am waiting for my running partner to arrive, it started pouring rain. Now, California has been in a major drought and there has been NO rain for like 2 years. However, on the morning on my last training run, it’s pouring. So, I met my partner outside and sat in her car staring at the rain. All of a sudden, it stopped and the sky turned clear blue. (If that’s not a sign to get out there and run, I don’t know what is!)

So we started along our amazing beach path (God, I am so blessed). I had this thing planned down to the tee. I started drinking water after about 30 mins of running and eating the clif shot blocks at about 45 mins. The weather was awesome, a little chilly, but the sun was out. UNTIL, mile 18 – torrential down pour again. But we were in such good spirits about our awesome run that we kept plodding thru the puddles. I actually prefer the rain over the beating hot sun. We did have to stop for about 3 mins until the major storm blew over because we couldn’t even see. The funny thing is that there other psychotic runners out there too. We were all cheering each other on. It was great! Then the sun came out again for our last couple miles. I took this pic with my phone while running.

All in all, it was an amazing day. My body felt great (maybe the 800 mg of Advil helped) and I am so CONFIDENT now for the race. I know my running buddies all feel the same way, too! We chicks are going to rock this marathon together.

20 more days until the Long Beach Marathon and I’m ready!

Song of the Day: Push It by Salt-N-Pepa


kate said...

Awesome! That's got to be such a great feeling going into your taper. And I MUCH prefer running in the rain over scorching heat any day!

Unknown said...

yeah, jess! 22 miles... dude that's so impressive. you are really motivating me! went on a run with reese (in her awesome BOB jogger stroller) and jason this weekend, and jason said... did you read jess' blog or something this morning? :)

do you have your post-run massage scheduled yet??

Laurel said...

That is so awesome! Glad to hear it went so well. I know my last 20 mile run made me feel the same way.

And I have to agree with you, I prefer the rain to the blazing sun too.