Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Walk It Out

I think I need a new sport. I was looking forward to a nice quick run this morning. Put on my new Brooks Capris (super comf). I was planning on running 6 miles fast – just a little test on my speed. Got about half a mile out and my run turned into a walk real quick.

EVERYTHING hurts again. I thought two days of rest would be enough. I’m starting to feel like a fat, bloated cow and I needed to run this morning. So I walked about another half a mile, thinking the knee and hip pain would loosen up. Plus UNK was in my ear telling me to “Walk It Out.” Who am I to argue with UNK, especially when remixed by DJ Nasty? I don’t want those guys pissed off at me.

I’m a mile away from home now, wishing I brought my cell phone to call El Cap to pick me up. I hobbled the mile back, literally. Old ladies were passing me. Old ladies with walkers (They must have been listening to “Walk It Out” too). I was humiliated, angry, frustrated and in pain. I almost faked tears.

Maybe I am addicted to Advil. Is that possible? I didn’t take any today. I wanted to try to go three full weeks without it. In my warped head, I thought going 3 weeks without it will make it better/stronger when I take it for the race. Is Advil addiction dangerous? Do you think my family will send me to Promises? Or better yet, to Cirque Lodge so I can stalk Lindsay Lohan and Richie Sambora. My best friend and I always said we would end up at “The Betty.” Knowing my luck, I would end up at some low-rent rehab with a toothless, ex-dancer from Reno.

I digress.

Lesson Learned. Will rest more.


Unknown said...

No matter what is said or done, walked or run, taken for pain, or drank for fun...we will still end up at the Betty. =) Luv ya! Can't wait to see ya in a couple weeks.

Arron said...

the taper is about resting. so rest. i took two days off after my 20 miler. plus those three runs after it were real slow. rest up and feel better.

Maddy said...

I am a BIG fan of Advil also. What can I say, it works...

Here is a link to stretches for those hips: http://www.rice.edu/~jenky/sports/itband.html

They make a world of difference.

Some times our long runs take a lot out of us! No worries!

Nancy said...

So sorry about the pain. No, you won't get addicted. Actually, taking it around the clock is better when you are trying to heal. It won't be "stronger" if you go cold turkey for a while. Keeping the inflammation down around the clock allows your body to start healing itself. You aren't treating the pain, you are treating the inflammation caused by injury. Hope you can give it some time and rest to heal. :)

Laurel said...

Haha... I hope you don't end up at "The Betty"!

My body was killing me this morning after my 20 miler on Saturday. I took two days off too, but today my legs felt like they each weighed 300lbs.