Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Closet Conundrum

I have to admit that this is completely humiliating and embarrassing.

I'm talking about my closet. When I moved into my little beach apartment, there was pathetic hole in the bedroom that they considered a closet. But luckily, there was an "office." I called my dad over straight away and he turned the office into a big ass walk in closet. You might also remember when my closet collapsed that one time.

Pic 1 is my current closet.

I have 3 racks for shoes and a basket of shoes overflowing. Yes, I need them all.

In a feeble attempt to be organized, I purchased some baskets (sitting on shelf). These contain hats, bathing suits, cover ups, costume items, and purses.

There is also a little shelf thing that is crammed with sweats and jammies.
Not in the picture (but on the left wall of the closet) is a dresser. The dresser is completely overflowing to the point that some of the drawers don't close. In the dresser are undies, socks, tank tops, tee shirts, running clothes and sweaters.

Hanging on the wall - belts, scarves and a robe. Oh, and you can see all my race medals on the door nob. Exciting place for them, huh?

This second pic is my new closet.
It is about 1/4 of the size of my old closet.
What the hiz-ell am I going to do?
I do have a few saving graces - I have a spare bedroom. So I can put stuff that is not frequently worn in that closet. Also, there is a closet down stairs where I can put jackets and such. Last, I have a very high bed, so that space can be utilized somehow.
I am reaching out to you. I need help!
**Please note that after all the home improvements I had to do, I am completely broke. Like won't have furniture broke.


Carolina John said...

wow, sounds like it's time to thin the supplies some. going to 1/4 of the closet space is going to be a huge challenge, my friend.

Petraruns said...

Ok girl. Firstly - don't tell me you wear all that. So start sending stuff to charity - whatever you haven't worn for a year. Chuck out your fat clothes. Then head on over to and I think the double rod idea could work for you. But seriously - don't miss the opportunity to clear stuff out before you move...

X-Country2 said...

Oh no! I always do the 6 month rule whenever I'm trying to reorganize. "Have I worn this in the last 6 months?" If it's a no, it goes. Godo luck!

Elisabeth @ said...

I think it's time to benefit from one of the best parts about home ownership: TAX WRITE-OFFS.

Donate some of that sheeet to charity. You don't wear it all. It's impossible. Downsize, simplify, and organize! I moved from a 1200 square foot condo by myself (2 bedrooms) to a 675 square foot, 1 bedroom condo with my BF. Things are cramped. We both downsized, and we get along just fine with one closet TO SHARE.

I promise that if you keep the things that you wear the most, you won't miss the crap that you don't.

Petraruns said...

Did I sound too much like a mom here? I hope you realise I'm writing this at a desk in a study FILLED with shit. But still - I envy you the fresh start so go for it girl - get that bottle of wine ready and just dump it!

Mrs Furious said...

Do you have a dresser/dressers in your bedroom or is this it?

First you need to make room in the closet for you everyday clothes. I think this process will be less overwhelming if you do it one "type" of clothes at a time.
Obviously because of your job you have a lot of resort wear but I'm thinking that stuff doesn't have to be hung up since it is constantly being packed. Store that stuff under your bed.
Okay that is Step 1. Obviously as you go through those you should weed out anything you can. But I'm a big believer in baby steps toward purging and understand how hard it is to let go.
Step #2 If you know you should let go of something but just can't do it yet that stuff should go in a bin under your bed too. If you don't take anything out of that bin in the next 6 months/1 year (whatever) take it to Goodwill (DO NOT OPEN IT) and walk away.

Amy - the gazelle said...

I do have to vote with the 'if you haven't worn it in a year, donate it' (or if it's nice, sell it on ebay - that's what I did with my nice fat clothes). And if you wear a size 6 shoe, I know the perfect place to donate any extra shoes. :)

Also, totally utilize that spare bedroom closet - that's what I do at my house - I don't share a closet with the architect!

Maybe some of those roll-out (Target plastic) bins for under the bed for anything that can be folded, and add a 2nd bar under one of the existing bars in the closet for shirts & slacks. Good luck!

P.O.M. said...

These are great ideas.
I'm a def getting a double rod (that sounds dirty..hee hee).

My resort clothes are not EVEN shown - they are in my other closet. I can keep those in the spare room. My day-to-day clothes are mostly "office" clothes - that is the majority of my crap. I do wear all of that.

I am going to do a serious purge tonight.

What do you guys think of the shoe boxes that go under the bed? Anyone use those? To me it looks like they won't fit high heals and 80% of my shoes are heals.

TonyP said...

Holy crap. How are you going to fit all that stuff in the new closet ?

Alisa said...

Alrighty! Solutions brought to you by, I had a HUGE walkin closest in Cali then moved to Boston and had NO space:

#1--I hate to sound like a copycat but spring cleaning is in order. (What I do is go back through whatever season just passed, i.e. winter, if I have winter clothes that I didn't wear this season I chuck em! Anything that hasn't been worn more than 3 times in the past year, chuck it, or better yet, donate to Goodwill/charity or other bloggers who are on a shopping hiatus due to the economy--insert Alisa here.)

#2--Hit up Ikea or Bed, Bath & Beyond for under bed storage. In Boston I had several slidey drawers under my bed. Put any non-essential folded items here.

#3--Make use of creative solutions. You are already doing this with the scarfs and belts. I have a wall of hats. They make a good border or wall decoration and it keeps space free for other items. (I use tacks but you could use nails.)

#4--Shoes. Shoes take up a lot of space, especially when they are hung in the closet. Consider over the door shoe racks for the closet door/spare bedroom. And if you don't have a dog (which I don't think you do), you can leave them on the floor under the hanging clothes. This is floor space that won't get used anyway. I keep my shoes in shoe boxes (b/c of the dog) usually two pair per box. I also have an over the door rack.

#5--Consider space saving techniques like, hanging multiple pants on one hanger or a few white tanks on one hanger.

#6--Make sure all the things you use regularly are accessible and those things that are rarely worn are packed away, under the bed or in the bottom dresser drawer.

I'm sure all of this is stuff you already know!

Happy closet organizing!

Trophy Wife said...

I had this same issue recently, although my closet was bigger than the one you are going to, but not by much. I got a pretty inexpensive (compared to the others out there) system at Home Depot that you can cut, add shelves, drawers, shoe racks, whatever to make it work for your space. I did a post about it and posted pictures as well here:

I never found a good solution for shoes, I think everything is ugly and doesn't function well. I would have to have to get under the bed every day for shoes but it might be the best solution for you.

Susan said...

Goodness... I have to say that a purge is in order. Sorry - I know you don't want to hear that. I also agree with the 6 month rule. Fo sho!

I think purchasing every organizer bin/rack/.shelf possible is a good idea. What about putting seasonal items in your suitcases, since you have to store them anyway?

If you're not much of a cook (which I totally don't know!) you could use some cabinet or pantry space.

Utilize the space under the bed! Give to charity. Use this time as a re-birth. Get rid of stuff that is not FABULOUS. Re-stock when you can. Go girl go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok my suggestion? Garage sale. And try to live the minimalist lifestyle.

Sorry. That sucks.

Jess said...

I think everyone else has already imparted the #1 piece of advice here: purge.

Runner Leana said...

This is how I dealt with my shoes:
Not sure if you have a could always do something similar in a garage.

I'd also check out the Container Store for ideas on how to maximize closet space. That will help a lot.

I'm trying to purge my closet too, but it is tough. If you have any nice stuff you can always take it to a consingment store or try to sell it on ebay.

Good luck! said...

For my shoes I use plastic containers, I then take photos of my shoes and tape it to the front.
It is a little OCD, but it is WONDERFUL! You can stack those plastic containers like 5 or 6 high and they totally preserve your shoes as well.
You can also cycle out your summer from winter shoes and store the ones that are not in season under your bed.
:-) Hope that helps!

Amber said...

I think you've got some good ideas. Spare room closet, downstairs closet and under the bed would be perfect for shoes (neatly in containers of course ;)

I also think that if all of your stuff doesn't fit in those three places you might want to get rid of some. Garage sale maybe? You could get some extra moolah to buy storage shelves :-)

Unknown said...

I know you said you do not have a lot of money, but if you can purchase these flocked hangers they are great. They really do save on space and your clothes will not be falling off of them. They also have some that you can hang 5 pair of pants/skirts on. I love, love, love these.

carla said...

wow. you have some great advice here and WAYYY better than my SELL SELL SELL.
which is what I did when we moved :)
ebayed a TON.

healthy ashley said...

I have to tell you- my current closet is 1/3 the size of your NEW closet! And THAT is art of the reason I'm moving out next month!

I go through my clothes to weed out the to-Goodwill's and items to eBay VERY often. I also have a shoe storage thing that hangs over the back of the closet door. And I have big plastic containers that hold clothes under the bed. Good luck!

kristen said...

I use the spare bedroom closet and call it "my changing room"

Can I come over to your house and shop?

Heather said...

I like the 6 month rule (or 12 month rule, if you're feeling more generous with yourself). I put the double layered hanging racks in my closet (you know, one on top, one on the bottome - I don't know the technical term) and that seemed to help a lot.

I could send you my mom . . . she is a master organizer and whenever I feel overwhelmed or cluttered she just comes to my house, waves her magic wand, and performs a little miracle. :)

Heather said...

I like the 6 month rule (or 12 month rule, if you're feeling more generous with yourself). I put the double layered hanging racks in my closet (you know, one on top, one on the bottome - I don't know the technical term) and that seemed to help a lot.

I could send you my mom . . . she is a master organizer and whenever I feel overwhelmed or cluttered she just comes to my house, waves her magic wand, and performs a little miracle. :)

Glenn Jones said...

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! Always nice to hear from other local runners. I notice that you live in Newport - so do I. I'm usually either running the Back Bay, San Diego Creek up into Irvine or Crystal Cove. I run afternoons on my own, and Saturday mornings with Cal Coast at CdM. Hope to see you out there some time!

Aron said...

this happened to me when we moved from the apt to our house. THANK GOD we have 2 closets in the master, even though they are small. but i have also overtaken the closets in the 2 guest rooms :( i hate it but there is no room!! lol and you know i need EVERYTHING i have :) good luck!

eurydice said...

remind me in a year (when my new condo with the small closet is built) to refer back to this post. now i have a walk-in brimming with clothes.