Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Fantastic, The Annoying and The Down Right Stupid

The Fantastic
  • Condo home improvements going smooth. It looks like I'll be moving in this weekend! Yippy.
  • Running getting there - did a 7 miler on Saturday and a 3 miler this AM.
  • Yoga - loving it. Had awesome new teacher this weekend and I talked my boss into making it a weekly thing for us to leave early one day to catch the 4:30 class!
  • With my move, I'm trying to figure out my new running path. I THINK that I might be close enough to this river jetty that runs into the ocean. So I'll have to check that out next week!

The Annoying

  • The only hiccup with the condo so far was the mail situation. They have group boxes and since my condo was bank owned, I didn't have the mail key NOR did I know what box was mine. After several visits to the post office, $35.00 and a call to the post man (who had to put a sticky note on my mail box - it is finally resolved.
  • Moving is annoying. I need to start packing tonight.
  • I have a major closet issue. Right now I have converted an office into a ginormous closet. It is currently overflowing with stuff. My new condo has the smallest closet in the universe. Honestly it probably won't even fit my shoes. I might have to take pictures to get suggestions from you all. I need a closet solution!
  • I have to get rid of my couch and chair. I think I have to put it on Craig's List. How annoying is that?

The Down Right Stupid

  • Sunday, I was (kinda) play fighting a certain person you all love to hate. To defend himself he put his arms up. I socked his forearm and I think I broke my finger. I can't straighten it and it's black and blue. Ouchie. Stupid. You're not supposed to hit.


Heather said...

Glad the home improvements and moving stuff are going pretty well - all that stuff can be annoying, but so worth it once you're in the new place. Sorry about the broken finger! Just goes to show you that it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. :)

Susan said...

Finger - ouch!

Bring on the closet dilemma. I love a good space dilemma!

Alisa said...

I lived in Boston, i.e. the tiny closest haven, bring it on I'm your closest solution go-to gal!

Running = yay! I will have to look into planning out my long workouts but leaving the rest to the wind and see how I do.

Finger...sorry chica but you ain't gettin' no sympathy from me on this one.

TonyP said...

I love how you broke the post into categories. Bummer on the finger...I hope it isn't your middle one.

Jess said...

Glad to hear everything is ocming together on the homefront! As per the lack of cloest space, my only suggestion would be a large armoir, if you can find an affordable one that fits.

And, ouch! on the finger.

Viv said...

First off I am glad to see you put your plan in motion for the next big marathon! If I know you well "know" you you will be back to your fighting weight soon girl, shit I am so far behind your probably are already.
Secondly glad this time the closing went a little smoother with the exception of the 3 day turnaround rule, that just means it was meant to be.
Glad the renovations went well and good luck with moving this weeking. You know if i was out there I would be carrying or unpacking something with newspaper black crap to my elbows.
Playfighting with a person you all love to hate! AHAHAHA! Seriously hope your finger is allright if not it will by annoying you this weekend with the move.

Chocolate & Chants said...

I'm sorry to hear about your finger! Once I was pissed and threw something with all my might...well, I managed to hit my pinky against my closet door mid-throw, and my finger turned black and blue and swollen. Just make sure to ice it! To this day, it still hurts from time to time...so i'm wondering if I broke it.

As for the closet space situation...can you knock down a few walls and create a huge, walk-in closet? Either that, or buy a few dressers, but I personally hate folding clothes.

Amy - the gazelle said...

yay for the big move - it's going to be so exciting, even with the annoyances. Although I am concerned about your closet situation - if there's not even room for shoes, how will you surive?

Amber said...

Ouch! That sucks about your finger!!!

Hope the move goes well, packing sucks but once you're all moved into your new place you'll feel so good!

Heather said...

We're selling stuff like crazy on CL. Annoying for sure. But hey, we're making some cash for what we'd otherwise take to Goodwill.

RunToTheFinish said...

fighters never win...except when they are bigger and trained in martial arts, so just go learn some karate and then beat him down

teacherwoman said...

So, do you own this condo now?

You might have to take pics to get some advice on the closet situation. No girl should go through that alone!

I have absolutely NO advice for your "Down Right Stupid" action... none. :)

Lauren said...

Why do we always hurt ourselves doing something stupid instead of say, fighting to end world hunger?

I absolutely hate moving. I still haven't unpacked everything from my move a year ago. Good luck.

Sarah said...

The closet situation is tough. That's my life right now too! I bought a couple dressers. . .thinking about a hanging rack - SO UGLY!

As for the one we love to hate - I don't hate. I understand :) Good luck with the finger!

Unknown said...

Moving is such a hassle! My lease is up soon and I'll be doing some moving of my own.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad things seem to be going well. It is going to be so nice to finally be settled in your own house. Nice to hear about you enjoying yoga too.

Sarah said...

I hate moving!! New great places to live are cool, but packing and then unpacking - not so cool.