Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Annoying Conversations

Ring, Ring
Me: Hi mom
Mom: Hi sweetie. What are you up this weekend?
Me: Going to a wedding with El Cap.
Mom: Who is getting married?
Me: One of El Cap’s friends
Mom: Well, gee, it sure seems like everyone is getting married these days, doesn’t it?
(I can see where this is going)
Me: Argh. NO, mother. It really doesn’t.
Mom: Oh, well, are you and El Cap doing ok?
Me: Yes mother. Everything is fine. I have to go now.

Ring, Ring
Me: Hello
VW: Hi, this is Joe Blah Blah with the VW Dealership calling about your car.
Me: Ok, so, what’s the damage? Ha ha
VW: Well, blah blah blah Throttle blah blah blah Adapter blah blah blah Timing Belt blah blah Serpantine Belt blah blah blah Valve a blah blah blah Casket blah blah blah Distributer blah blah blah Rooter, blah blah blah $1209.00.
Me: Uhm. What?
VW: $1200.00
Me: Well, that’s just not something I can handle right now.
What is the minimum I have to do to get the car to pass Smog?
VW: Blah blah blah $378.00. But if that doesn’t work, then you will have to buy a new blah blah blah and that is around $700 plus labor. Then we can talk about the other items next time. But if you don’t take care of some of them, you can really damage your engine for good. Blah blah
Me: Ok. Thanks. I guess.

At least I ran 5 miles this morning. Thank God!

Song of the Day: Sweet Child O Mine Remix by Flatpack


Jess said...

That sucks about your car. I hate that I don't know what mechanics are talking about when they tell me something; they could easily be making sh*t up: "Yes, the quixar needs to be replaced with a fubar and if you don't do that, your car will most definitely blow up. So, that will be $1500. Thank you."

For what? The ass rape or the explanation?!

Maddy said...

I refuse to go to one of the local VW dealers because on two separate occasions, I was told after the $500 repair was completed, the problem remained. Maybe the $40 repair will fix it. Hmmmmm. Now I go way way out of my way (and bought a new VW with a warranty)

At least you got 5 miles in!

Unknown said...

because i am a g'n'r girl and an eternal 80s hair band chick, i googled flatpack's remix of sweet child of mine. nice!!

Nancy said...

Oh God, both of those gave me the familiar creeps. I'm so sorry. At least you can pay the car guy and he will stop :) hee hee.

Hang in there. Good job getting in a run whilst annoyed. :D

Nancy said...

I have no idea why I used that word. I think I need to go to bed !

RunToTheFinish said...

Thank goodness my mother never played that game...I'm really so direct I'd have told her to shove off, even though I love her dearly!


Charmaine said...

MKenna VW Dealership is operated by the Devil.

Laurel said...

I hate car people.