Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Red Alert

I took this picture from my street corner. The foreboding cloud is actually SMOKE (from the CA fires, if you have been living under a rock.)

Considering that the sky looks like this and everything is layered in ASH, I have not run at all. I'm bummed because I am ready to get out there again. So tonight I will be hitting the gym (first time in MONTHS) and feeling thankful that the only effect the fire has had on me is that I can't run. It is actually really scary and I can't believe how out of control the fires are. What makes it so much worse for the Orange County fire is that it is suspected arson. Some idiot actually did this on purpose. Parts of Southern California look like a war zones - I'm so sad for everyone who lost their homes and the firemen risking thier lives to save them. (I'm from a fireman family, so my heart especially goes out to them.)
Song of the Day: Smoke and Ashes by Tracy Champan


Jess said...

Those fires are unbelievable. I feel for all of those who lost their homes.

Nancy said...

It's so sad. Glad you are safe.

katieo said...

We have lots of family and friends down there and some have had to evacuate, so scary! (We're pretty sure my mother-in-law's house has burned to the gound, although she doesn't live there anymore, it still totally freaked us out) Glad your safe too!

My Life said...

Ohhhh bless your heart. I have family in the area too - it's been a rough week for you all! (& I think it is amazing they can tell how those fires are started, wow).

Keep safe and hope the gym visit is a good one!

Laurel said...

We have a lot of family out there too. My stepsons school got cancelled for the rest of the week. Ugh, This whole situation is so sad.

I'm glad that you are safe!