Monday, October 29, 2007

Holiday Weightloss Challenge

Alright, so here it is. A nice and simple individual weight loss challenge.

  • Post your current weight.
  • Post your goal weight.
  • Post your prize to yourself.

Then Mondays we can all post your current weight to check the status. We need to reach our goals by February 1st in order to give yourself your own prize.

Whether you have 5lbs to lose or 50 lbs to lose, you are only competing against yourself. But, you have us to share your success with (because there will be no failure!)

My Stats:

  • Current Weight: 146 (All time high was 168; All time low is 134)
  • Goal Weight: 135
  • My Prize: Day at the Spa - Facial and Massage
Let me know if you're in. Good luck everyone.

***UPDATE: Database Diva has set up a lounge for us! Yeah - she rocks. So, please check it out, sign up and all that stuff! ***********
Holiday Weighloss Challenge

In other news, I started my training program this weekend and it's off to a great start. I ran my easy peasy 3 miles this morning. A little bit of hip pain, but I'm used to it. The girls in my office are eating bagels. I am not. I had a piece of whole grain toast with cottage cheese on top and some pineapple. The sunrise was awesome this morning, I had to take a picture (with my cell phone, so it's not that great):

Song of the Day: One Night In Bangkok Remix by Vinylshakerz


Nancy said...

Nancy ~
145 (hopefully by Dec 13)
Something fabulous from NYC Dec 14th
I haven't seen 140 since before kids...could I do it by Feb 1st?

Let's see

Gotta Run..... said...

OCD issues.... I am so there with you. I over plan all of my training and I love it!

Your plan looks good. I would just caution you to listen to that hip that is talking to you. Address the issue so that come race day you are more than ready.

As for the weight loss goal. We are what we eat and junk in is junk out. Took me forever to get that one. Now I run a ton of miles so that the treats don't tip the scale. Healthy living is the key!!! Keep it real and I will cheer you one!!!

Marcy said...

Why is it that when someone says "cottage cheese" I automatically think of my thighs *shudder*

Sara said...

October 29: 164.2 (ugh)
All time high: 183 (08/03/01)
Goal 1 - December 10: 153
Goal 1 reward - new jeans
Goal 2 - January 23 (my birthday): 145
Goal 2 reward - new bathing suit (and maybe another pair of jeans!)

Database Diva said...

I saw the post on Nancy's blog, and at first was a little freaked out about posting the number, even though anyone with eyes can figure it out by checking my waist/butt/thighs! So I'm in. My weight this morning was 143. I'd like to get to 130 by 2/1/2008, but if I can get under 135 and stay there I'll be very happy.

I will make this a regular Monday post on my blog. It's kind of scary, but just the thing that will keep me motivated, so thanks!

As for a reward, well let's just say there isn't much that I want that I don't already have. I think the leaner me will be the reward.

BTW, we are thinking about running the Surf City USA Half Marathon, too.

My Life said...

Oh you brave & sharing people. Fine. I'm in, but really not "in" until Dec 1... like I said, this Nov/first-real-vacation-with-my-husband-in-5-years/mucho family time month/move... is probably going to drive me to drink on some pounds. But here it is... 10/29: 162 (gaa, but I'm down from 176 on Aug 3!). Goal for Feb 1: 150. My Prize... fancy jeans.

Great idea POM and here's to all of us!!!

P.O.M. said...

YEA! I'm so excited that people are in this with me. I might change my prize to jeans too. hmmmmmm

Maddy said...

You know I track my runs on and I have never once entered my weight. I can't believe after training for a marathon I'm heavier (by about 13 pounds) than when I started.

10/29: 148:

December 11th goal: 133

February 1st Goal: 125

Prize: Hmmmm. Spa Day sounds nice. But if I lose that much I'm going to need new jeans too.

Great challenge!

Onion Kelly said...

Ok, I'm coming out of lurker status to join in . . . I weighed 147 on January 1st, the day I took up running and training. I've since trained for and completed (slowly, but completed) 3 triathlons and 1 15k trail race, am running and exercising regularly, haven't changed eating habits, and my current weight is . . . yeah, 147. HOW does that happen?

2/1 Goal: 135
Prize: Fancy jeans

Likelihood of success: Questionable, as I refuse to diet (I mostly eat well), and exercise hasn't done a whole lot so far . . . but I'm happy to sign up!

Unknown said...

I like your half marathon plan. I need to decide if I want to join your weight loss challenge....let me think about that. :)

RunnerGirl said...

Okay, I think I'm in. I too am one of the many that somehow GAINED weight while marathon training and its depressing.

Current weight: 140
Goal weight: 130
Reward: spa day and new jeans - the jeans will keep me motivated to keep the weight off!

Jess said...

First of all, hate to be picky but -- did you mean "sun rise" for the pic?

Secondly, I am hesitantly in. I don't really like to "try" to lose weight because then I get all sad about myself, and truthfully, I'm pretty happy where I'm at. However, I know it could be good for me to drop a few pounds, so...
I'm in!

Today, Monday, Oct 29th: 118
Goal: 113
Prize for myself: Hour Massage

J said...

Oh, you are so scary. I should participate. It's not that I have much to lose, but I am afraid of falling into the "I am training for a half marathon and it's the holidays and I love pumpkin pie and yum! cookies and I just ran 10 miles" trap. Because it seems that I am struggling to NOT gain weight while I am training for my half. WHY does that happen???? So, can I join too even though I did not weigh myself this morning? I can weigh tomorrow, is that okay? But I think I am about 134 (this was from last week), and I would like to be 129. 5 pounds. Not too bad. Just need to watch those "post-run" snacks.

J said...

Oh, and do we have to put it on OUR blog? Or can it be hidden away on yours?

Database Diva said...

I'm really excited about this because challenges keep me motivated. What do you think about creating a "Weight Loss Challenge" lounge group at the Runner's Lounge? We can still chat between blogs, but that is a nice, easy way to see who is in.

Database Diva said...

I set up a lounge group at the Runner's Lounge. Here is the link

I'm going to spill the beans on my blog later this evening. Funny when I saw Nancy's post I thought she was so brave. I can't believe I'm going to do it, too.

Oh, and by the way, weight gain while marathon training is common. Some of it is muscle, some of it is fluid retention, and some of it is because we are hungry all of the time when training!

Jeff said...

Sounds like I am the only guy entering so far;

Current weight : 190
Goal : 175
Heaviest I've been; 211

Unknown said...

I'm in too! (I'll be doing an initial post on my blog,, then updating at Runner's Lounge).

Current weight: 166 (my all-time high was 200 pounds on May 17, 2005; NEVER AGAIN!)

Goal weight: 155 (that's by Feb. 1; if I decide to try to qualify for Boston next summer, I'd like to lose an additional 5 pounds)

My prize: fried chicken (JUST KIDDING!) It'll probably be a spa day.

Laurel said...

I'm so in. I was planning on doing this anyway so I am glad I have other people to do it with!

Current Weight: 146.5
(All time high: 176, All time low: 126)
Weight by Feb 1: 135

I have to think about the prize but it will probably involve jeans or beer. Or hell, maybe both!

Anne said...

I'm in!

Current weight: 140 (which is an all-time high)
Goal weight: 125

Prize: Spa Day

This is a terrific idea. I just finished reading a book on the science of dieting, and it was pretty discouraging. We're all apparently a set weight that fluctuates by as much as 30 or 40 pounds over our lifetime. If we go below our set weight, we immediately feel it -- lost energy, pallid skin, etc. That said, the last time I was at my goal weight, I felt terrific. Looking forward to losing weight with everyone by Feb. 1.

J~Mom said...

I am in, do I have to post my current weight? *GULP*

Lee said...

I'll do it. I'm a bit scared to step on the scale so I'm going to guess.

Current Weight - 150ish
Goal Weight - 135

Reward - nice outfit

teacherwoman said...

I don't know if I can post my weight online! Scary!

But, I sure wouldn't mind having a good massage after my first tri in february...

teacherwoman said...

Damn... I'm in. I know it will be good for me... I have gained a lot of muscle mass in the past few months, but I NEED to start EATING BETTER! This will be interesting through the holidays!

Current weight: 150
Goal weight by Feb. 1: 135
Gift: Massage after my triathlon!

Anonymous said...

I totally want to play along.
current weight 148
Goal weight 135
Shopping Spree!

ws said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I should totally enter your challenge - when I get home next week I'll definitely consider it...

Good luck with the HM training.

Ali said...

I'm in. I can't believe how many people are doing this with you, it's awesome.

current weight 151
Goal weight 135
I'm stealing Nicole's. Shopping Spree!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog. Just checking it out from Jess's. This is a great idea and I'm in!

Irish Blue said...

I just read about this on Petra's blog and I'm in. I have vowed to drop 15 pounds before spring. This is a great idea!

Current Weight: 142
Weight loss goal: 15 lbs
All time high: 155
All time low: 120
Weight by Feb 1: 127

Irish Blue said...

I forgot the most important thing-the prize. Shopping spree with my best friend Deb, just us girls.

Rhea said...

Okay, I'm in. I'm not overweight, but I could really eat better. I tend to like sweets and hamburgers! I hope to reach this goal weight by mid-January, before I run the Carlsbad marathon. I hope people don't think I'm joking when I post my stats. Because I'm not.

Current weight: 110-112 (I'm guessing)
Goal weight: 105-106
Reward: A new iPod

Drusy said...

Hi, I'm Toni and I found your challenge through Petra and the timing is perfect. I have to get back on the diet, as I hope to have a charity place for the London Marathon next April (my 1st marathon) but I've found that running just makes me eat more! I've inched my way up to 128 and I'm only 5'2"! So my challenge:

Target is to weigh 120
By 1 February 2008

prize - top up my fundraising to my pledge level.