Thursday, October 25, 2007

Truth in Numbers

Being borderline obsessive/compulsive, I have steered clear of the scale lately. To be exact, I have managed to avoid the scale for 16 weeks. When I decided to train for the marathon, I thought it better that I paid attention to being healthy and eating properly for training, instead of trying to cut calories, etc. So, now that they marathon is over and ALL MY PANTS ARE TOO TIGHT, I think it’s time to step on the scale again. I don’t have one at my house, so I am going to use the gym scale.

I’m freaking out. I’m scared of what I will see.

Let’s talk real numbers here people. This is very hard to do because WE ALL LIE about our weight. I have lied on my driver’s license about my weight since I was 16. But I’m going to be honest today. My highest weight was 168. Ouch. That was not pretty. I’m a tall girl, but not tall enough for 168. That was 2 years ago. I got down to 134. I was very happy there. I can wear a size 4 at 134. I think I have a lot of muscle, because my goal was 130 and I just could not get that low.

So the scale thing happens tonight.

I have taken the following preliminary action to deal with what I see on the scale tonight:


Half marathon training is perfect for weight loss for me because the mileage is low enough where I don’t want to eat everything in site. I have created a great training program that I am very excited about it. It starts Oct. 28th. That’s this Sunday.

Local friends - Anyone want to join? PT Friend, Booch, Shevon, Saaaaaaarah??? anyone? anyone? There is also a 5K if you don't want to commit to a half!

New Goals:
* Weigh 134 again – before race in Feb.
* Half Marathon in Feb – run it under 2 hours (prev time was 2:04)
* Incorporate Core Training & Strength Training twice a week

Song of the day: Maniac from Flashdance Soundtrack


Nancy said...

OMG we are just about twins - Nearly the same high and same low although I am closer to the high than the low right now :^( I'm not tall enough for 168 either !!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Yeah, marathon training is most definitely not the place to be losing weight I learned! It's all about the half! (especially since getting a few under my belt, I don't feel the need to carb load the way I did for my first half :-))

My Life said...

How much I loathed the times mom would ask me "so have you lost a lot of weight?" during the marathon training... ahhh no. No, I didn't lose a pound during the marathon training and she could *not* understand that. (I think I was so terrified of running 16, 18, 20, etc miles that I just kept eating my magic pretzels...). Anyway, I'm sure once you mix in weights again you'll get back down to your goal weight!

The Surf City sounds fun... but a little close to PFChang's for me. I'm still rolling around the idea of a late-spring marathon... lord help me....

Marcy said...

They ask for your weight for your driver's license in CA? *Note to self* NEVER move to CA :P

katieo said...

amen sista.

Good luck tonight! I will be sending looooow weigh in vibes your way. I have to take a break from those numbers, they DRIVE me NUTS. But I gotta be careful to just be free from accountability. It's a hard to keep that balance!

Mendy said...

I'm also on a quest to loose weight. It's funny how many people (new marathon training runners and others), think it's easy to loose weight during that type of endurance training. Not so!

I am doing a couple of half's at the beginning of the year too, and want to shed some lbs. I'm just a little under your weight, but also probably much shorter. My goal is 135. So, I'm right there with ya!

I agree that a half training is easier to loose weight. Let's do it!!!

Love the pictures of your marathon weekend! That one of you and the drink reminds me of Jess's blog picture! Too funny!

Jess said...

I can't believe you had enough self control to avoid the scale for 4 months! You must be very disciplined. I weight myself about once a week -- and I almost always hop on the scale at the grocery store (although it has always struck me as weird that our local chain here, Publix, has a scale in the front, by the carts, of every store).

Good luck with the viewing!