Thursday, November 29, 2007

Neither Hair, Nor There

Gots my hairs did last night.

I'm totally a creature of habit.
Same hair stylist for 11 years.
11 years. Seriously. I have followed her to 3 salons.
But I like her because she makes my hair look natural and healthy :) Thanks Kim.

This pic is from TG with my gorgeous sister (7 month prego).
I can always tell I need to get my hair done when I'm wearing pony tails everyday.


I also want to take this moment to talk about my favorite hair products. I am a self proclaimed "product whore" and therefore cannot commit to just one. So I mix it up a bit - here are the top contenders of late. Please feel free to share your fav products as I am always looking to "hook up" with a new one :)
Enjoy - Great product line. Smells good, makes hair really clean. A little pricey, but not outrageous.
CHI Shine Infusion - This is my new favorite. I makes your hair so silky straight and protects from the straightening iron. *Not for beginners. If over-used, you will be rewashing your hair. Less expensive than Icon.
Icon Airshine - This was a fav for a long time, until replaced by CHI. It's not as heavy as CHI, but makes hair shiny when using straightener. Very "airy" when sprayed. It's a little pricey too (about $19). I wasn't in love with their shampoo/conditioner though.
Mastey - This is my new favorite line for shampoo/conditioner. It make my hair sooooooooo soft and smells really good - natural good, not purfumey. It's amazing.
Song of The Day: Back at Your Door by Maroon 5


Laura N said...

So pretty! Great highlights, and are those layers? Cute cute cute. And my gosh, you've got some good genes in that family of yours.

I have followed my hairdresser too, and been with her at least 10 years, maybe 11.

My favorite hair product is Big Sexy Hair Play Hard hair spray. My hair is very fine, even though en masse it's thick and I have a lot of it, so I can't use any product except a light mousse (Garnier Nutrisse works best for me) and this fab hair spray, otherwise my hair just gets weighed down and limp. The spray keeps Indiana humidity away and my hair keeps it's style. I'd LOVE to have long straight hair, but it just gets stringy and yuck if it gets much past my shoulders.

P.O.M. said...

Yep - layers too.

I haven't tried the Big Sexy products yet - but it's on my list.

Jess said...

Pretty hair! I have not heard of any one of these products; where do you purchase them?

P.O.M. said...

oooohhhh man - my home away from home, also known as "Beauty Supply Stores." In Cali they have Planet Beauty. I also go to 17th Street Beauty. They have some of the stuff at Sephora. Or even

Tara Shirley said...

You look awesome!

I used to be a product whore, until I got married and got poor! Now, I hate to admit it, I use... are you ready for this, you may want to sit down.... grocery store brands! EEEKKK!!!! Right now I'm using Aussie, but I jump around to whatever suits my smell fancy.

I'm so ashamed!

Tara Shirley said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I have been with my hairdresser for 16 years!! I live in Utah now, but I used to go home to California just to have her do my hair. Now I can't do that so much, but every time I go home to visit I have her do it.

P.O.M. said...

Tara don't be ashamed. They have really good store brand stuff these days. I asked my hair dresser a long time about about what store brands she likes and she said "Aussie." I was using it for a while, but being the fickle product whore, I moved on.

Viv said...

I love the hair.. Just Gouwgeous! I love the Chi infusion. Use it everytime and makes it silky. I used Biosilk for a long time, but I think it was drying out my hair. I also love this Sheer Blonde John Frieda fine mist wax, great when you want that bed hed look, and livens up my highlights.

Viv said...

PS love the song of the day. I kept replaying it on the Sirius this am

Reluctant Runner said...

The hair -- perfect!

molly said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your comment about my itching! Seriously, it makes sense. I knew there was a medical reason but just didn't know WHAT. Just shows you that I was sedentary...I appreciate that comment tremendously!


RunnerGirl said...

I'm a total Sephora whore, I have to limit the amount of time (and $) I spend there!

teacherwoman said...

I have to chuckle, because when I look in my shower/tub, there are at least 3 different kinds of shampoo/conditioners... I use a bit of everything and like to change it up a bit to keep from getting that nasty buildup! I do love my Biolage... smells so good.. makes me happy happy happy!

Marcy said...

I LOVE IT!!! I'm really jealous of the hair. Yours always looks so healthy and nice. Mine . .yeah not so much LOL

Mendy said...

You're hair looks Gorgeous! Love it, and I love layers too. Thanks for the links to some of those - I really need a good straightening protecting product.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' purrrrdy!

As for products... I mainly get them at what I've dubbed 'Sa-POOR-a' (haha, get it?) aka Walgreens. I like John Frieda's brilliant brunette 'Runway Straight' product lately. Though I swear by Bumble and Bumble's hair powder for greasy days when I don't wanna wash and style.

I recently got a new flat iron (FHI Platform) and on the review people also recommended FHI 'Hot Sauce' which I really want to try.. but can't seem to find.

Anyhoo... yes, it is fun experimenting with products.

katieo said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Your hair looks awesome!

I just cut all my hair off.

no joke.

I have zero patience when it comes to growing it out.
(But I love color!)

A said...

Oh, I wish I had your hair! It is so pretty. Mine is a big ol' poof ball. I actually use nothing but straightening products ... to keep the curls behaving! -sigh-

Enjoy your fabulous gene pool, girl!

Nancy said...

The hair is gorgeous in the pick, Girlie. But I'm guessing the gentlemen will be checking the cleavage. :D

You look fantastic!

Laurel said...

Looking good!
I am getting mine done on Monday!!!

J~Mom said...

I forgot to mention that I also love hair products. I mostly use Tigi products though. I love Fashionista and my latest favorite is the wax mouse. It's called Hook up. I also love Cocky gel and Manipulator. LOL

MissAllycat said...

Foxy hair!!

I recommend Ojon hair products. LOVE.

SoberMommie said...

Love the after pic! The hair looks great! And thanks for the hair product tips. I never know what to try. =)