Friday, January 11, 2008

Takin' It Back - Old School

The Year: 1990
10th Grade
Stick with me on this, I'll "circle it back."
The best part of 1990 was that I met these chicks.
They are life-long friends and occasional commenters.
(This pic was taken in 2004 hence my fatness. I am on the far left.).

The rest of 1990, well - not so good.
Memory 1 - The Great Wardrobe Malfunction
Do you remember those little floral rayon one-piece outfits that all the girls wore? They were usually sundresses, but sometimes they were like culottes. They are hideous. Well, after P.E. class, I was walking across "the quad" when I heard "Hey Girl. Yo. Hey You." At this point, everyone (in my 15 yr old mind) was staring at me. "Yeah, You. Your underwear hanging out."
Yes, apparently my snazzy little rayon number was tucked into the back of my underwear exposing my "silkies" to the entire student body.
Memory 2 - Year of the Gain
Oh yes, 10th grade brought many things, including my first experience with weight gain. In 9th grade, I weighed about 105 and I was jealous of Melissa who weighed 103. We could still share our Z Cavaricci pants and pink Guess Jeans, but still. But jump forward to 10th grade and I was weighing it at about 130-135 by the end of the year. Yes, 30 pounds. Seriously - I have stretch marks to prove it. I know, I was "blossoming into a woman" and all that crap, but 30 freakin' pounds? Give me a break. I also blame this on having my first boyfriend - we liked to eat together. A lot, obviously.
Memory 3 - D-Day In P.E. Class
(This is where I "circle back")
Denver Running Girl should remember this day too. It was probably the worst day of 10th grade. I'm not talking about the "scoliosis" test where you had to stand in your training bra in front of everyone. I'm talking about the BODY FAT TEST. I remember thinking I was healthy and in shape. But my 15 yr old body was tested at 33% body fat. I was devastated. I remember going home and wanting to starve myself. My craziness started way before this day, but this is a day I will remember forever.
So flash forward 18 years (holy shit - 18 years???)
I had my first "run in" with ANITA last night. If you don't know who Anita is, read my previous blog entry. I must say that Anita and I might be able to form a friendship here.
This is what she told me this morning:
Weight: 138.2 (SWEETNESS)
Body Fat: 29.5 (What the fuck?)
Water %: 49.3 (HUH? Not sure what this means)
Metabolic Age: 31 (Gee, that sucks)
Bone Something: 5 (huh?)
I already broke both my rules regarding Anita (Told you - I'm crazy). Last night after dinner and drinks, I weighed myself - 140 and 27% body fat. How could my fat go up over night? And my Metabolic age last night was 27. Apparently in my sleep I aged 4 years.
But overall, I'm happy with her.
And I'm' definitely happy that I am 3.2 lbs away from my goal weight.


Unknown said...

My first thought when you said D-Day in PE Class was Eagle Run. That was another dreaded day, but one I think we would now look forward how we've changed.

P.O.M. said...

Ha ha. I remember the Eagle Run was barely over a mile! And we struggle with it. But now a mile is like "warm up." ha ha.

Jen said...

Those dresses were 90210-chic. I miss those tacky fashions...

Amy said...

Jen, "90210-chic"! So true!

Talking about jr high/high school is making me break into hives! I've had a few moment such as yours, except my underwear wasn't showing, a small dark stain on the back of my jean skirt was. I believe, "Kill me now" were the words running through my head at the time...

Christine said...

how can you already be within 3.2 lbs from your goal weight? did you cheat during the holidays and not eat christmas cookies?! I'm jealous! haha Also did you wear jordache jeans...or french roll your jeans?

P.O.M. said...

Jordache? In highschool> Sheesh - i'm not THAT old. I wore Jordache in elementary - when they were hand-me downs.

Sarah said...

Hey P.O.M., don't freak out about the fat percentage gain overnight, they say those scales are very sensitive to the amount of water in your system. I hear you're supposed to drink a glass of water about an hour before to get the most accurate reading!

My Life said...

Seriously, what does that water% mean?? And wherever did you find an image of the outfit... nightmare, how did we ever think they were hot??

P.O.M. said...

I'm really not sure about the water %. I think it's how much water is your body made up of or something. The lower your body fat %, the higher your water %. It's supposed to be in the mid to high 50's - I think.

Robin said...

Hey p.o.m-
My high school wardrobe malfunction involved a denim skirt that I bleached myself and then dyed pink (cuz my mom wouldn't buy me the one that was on the cover of YM magazine.) The bleach weakened the fabric and I blew a hole in the arse.

The body fat % you took at night is probably more accurate. If you do it first thing in the morning, you are dehydrated, and it reads high. Just pick a time to do it and always do it then, so you know how it changes. I record my body fat at night, and my weight first thing in the morning. Bwahahaha

Heather said...

Loving the wardrobe malfunction. God I miss the simplicity and effortless style (ha!) of those romper things. Put on with keds, and I was adorable.

I'm still friends with 5 girls from high school. It's fun.

I love the name Anita for the scale!

Heather said...

Loving the wardrobe malfunction. God I miss the simplicity and effortless style (ha!) of those romper things. Put on with keds, and I was adorable.

I'm still friends with 5 girls from high school. It's fun.

I love the name Anita for the scale!

Mamacita Chilena said...

congrats to you on being 3.2 lbs away from the goal weight, what is the celebration going to be when you get there? New shoes? Girls night out?

and by the way, I don't know which person is you in that picture, but nobody looks even remotely fat!

Reluctant Runner said...

Yup, I have to agree with Mamita C ... I looked and looked at the picture above to find "the fat one" and couldn't pick you out by that description at all. You all look lovely. And your nose is perfect. Don't go all Jennifer Grey on us, POM. :-)

Stuart said...

Never had a problem with those kind malfunctions myself!

Make sure you have 'programmed' Anita with all the required stats otherwise she'll just be a lieing beeatch!

the Bag Lady said...

"The human body is 62% water" - the Bag Lady read that somewhere recently.
(and she has aged 4 years overnight several times least, she must have, judging from how she looks in the mirror in the morning!)
She also agrees with mamacita - where in that photo is the 'fat' one?

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd...the Guess jeans. Mine had lace hearts and zippers at the back of the ankle. By high school I was WAY into the grunge thing. Brother's SilverTab Levis + father's old flannels, rocking my Soundgarden T-shirt underneath. Yikes. Way to cover up my 14 year old, decent figure!

Anyway, you're brave with Anita - I would absolutely be on and off that thing 100 times a day. Drink a glass of water? Let's just see what kind of change that makes. Go #2? Better see what Anita says now. Eat a cookie? Anita? Verdict please!

PS: I had some of those rayon culottes too!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I was barely 4 years old in 1990. BUT, I do remember the horrors of HS PE. Ugh.

I hated getting weighed in PE class -and for different reasons than many girls. I'm soooo petite, I always wanted to gain weight -still do.

Laura said...

I have a Tanita as well, though I haven't named mine. However, she is WAY less cool than yours! All I get is weight and body fat. If it's any consolation, mine for body fat is ridiculously inaccurate. It does track changes well, but it's definitely very high - I just use it to see whether I'm going up for down.

Laurel said...

Hahaha...seriously, I think we lived the EXACT same life in high school. And yes, I have the stretch marks to prove it too!

Ugh, scoliosis tests were the WORST!!!