Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today is my Friday

Today is my Friday, so I am not sure if I will have a chance to blog before the BIG RACE on Sunday. I am feeling calm overall, but worried about my hip. I attempted a mellow 4 mile run last night and half way through, my hip was so sore I had to walk the rest of the way. But nothing is going to stop me at this point!

Let the marathon festivities begin.
Thur: Clean, running pal #1 arrives, dinner with friends
Fri: Tool around the beach, relax, eat carbs, running pal #2 arrives, dinner with parentals
Sat: Tool around the expo in Long Beach, relax more, eat more carbs
Sun: Run 26.2 miles, dinner and lots of food and beer with friends

I broke El Cap's camera last week (sorry babe). So hopefully one of the girls will bring theirs so I can chronicle the weekend in photos. (My sister and I thought we made up the word "chronicle" when we were little.)

Thank you everyone for your support. I can't wait to see my friends and family on Sunday -either at the race or at the bar afterwards!

Last, please check out the "Lawsons Do Dallas" Blog. Amy is so hilarious, she will have you cracking up in your cubicle, or living room or where ever you read blogs. Vote for her for the funniest blog. I know I did.

Peace. Out.

Song of the Day: Back That Azz Up by Juvenile (for you K.S.)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the song dedication! =) I've got my camera ready with extra batteries! I can't wait to see you tomorrow...let the festivities begin.

Ian said...

Today is your Friday? I hate you already. ;)

Best of luck in the Marathon on Sunday.

Jess said...

Best of luck with the marathon -- I'll look forward to the post race report!

Anonymous said...

Friday! I'm jealous.

I hope you have a great run on Sunday -- Have fun!


My Life said...

Have a fabulous marathon!!

Reluctant Runner said...

P.O.M.: Will be thinking of you on Sunday. It's been a real pleasure following your blog. You are the Bridget Jones of running bloggers (the fit and healthy but still funny Bridget Jones). Looking forward to reading the continuing marathon "chronicles" (I think you and your sister should stick by story that you invented the word!).

Theresa (Reluctant Runner)

Tall Girl Running said...

I can't wait to welcome you into the fold of newly-medaled marathoners! It's said the first third of a marathon is run with your brain, the second with your body and the third with your heart. Run smart, Run fast, run strong.

Remember how it feels when you cross the finish line because I guarantee there will be nothing else like it ever again.

Good luck!

Nancy said...

Yeah, I agree, I was starting to like you until you said, Today is my Friday. Huh.


Amy said...


and thanks for the plug!

Laurel said...

Oh wow it's here!!! Good luck girl, stay safe and have fun!

You are going to rule the LB. You and Snoop that is ;)