Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time to Clean Pod

Noooo, not my space ship pod.
That's already clean.

My iPOD.

I feel like I spend most of my time running, digging for my iPod to hit the "forward" button. I am seriously sick of all my music. I need to clean it up and get rid of songs that annoy the crap out of me. Call me a "fickle fanny" but after listening to a song for a month, I'm over it.

This is where you guys come in. Please help me re-org. I know this topic has been beat to death - but if you know of any NEW music that is awesome - please please please share it with me! I'm desperate.

Also, I'm in a bit of a tiff with Big G. I think he's mad at me. This is what the bastard told me this morning:

4 miles:
Mile 1: 10:03
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 10:28
Mile 4: 9:55
447 Calories; Ave. HR 167

I'm not even going to talk to Anita The Tanita until later in the week. We need space right now.


Sarah said...

I'm in the same boat! I NEED new music.

Sarah Jo Austin said...

I love the song "I Like It" by Narcotic Thrust. I'm also a big Paul Oakenfold fan; he's had a few popular songs in the last few years on movies and TV. Good luck finding new music...and let us know what your new faves are!

Heather said...

Check out the imixes on Itunes. Apparently Serena Williams and I like the same kind of music: I downloaded her interval running mix. It freaking rocks.

Heather said...

Check out the imixes on Itunes. Apparently Serena Williams and I like the same kind of music: I downloaded her interval running mix. It freaking rocks.

Jess said...

I don't know if I could add anything "new" -- since I can listen to the same stuff over and over and over.

I think the Big G is treatin you alright. Don't be so hard on yourself -- you spent weeks on the mend from your injury, and speed doesn't return overnight.

P.O.M. said...

Checking out iMixes right now - some of these "celebrities' are a joke - but found a few good songs so far.

Laura said...

I really like Taylor Swift's CD... it's a lot of upbeat stuff that's pretty fun, and good for running. The only downside is the songs are so catchy I wake up singing them every morning! It's like a pop/country hybrid though... not sure if you're into that.

Lori said...

I can't help with the tunes, as I run naked :P But I don't think your splits are all that bad either. Heck you were just laid up not long ago!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry can't offer any new music help (don't listen to any while running) but just wanted to say that your relationships crack me up!

RunnerGirl said...

I hope you get some good suggestions for music, I'm in need of some new stuff myself. When you run as much as we do (ha) I guess the music gets old quickly!

Heather said...

Sorry for the double posting!

Christine said...

Blue water by black rock.....it is seriously amazing! If you dont have it..you will love it. Also Believe by DB boulevard. umm..and "call on me" by eric prydz. Lemme know what you think!

teacherwoman said...

I don't know so much about anything new, but I did finish off a good workout today with "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton. Just thought I would pass that on!

Christie said...

New music? I was all set to help, but all my music is old.

Erin said...

When you google anything to do with playlists, you get complete crap back. There is nothing good out there that I can find! And all I can think of for myself are the same old songs. Drives me nuts. I am not at all helpful, though!

Unknown said...

ever listen to artic monkeys? I like them a lot for working out. also some eminem and other cheesey hip hop type music. Alkaline trio is also my favorite, but mostly because it was a high school favorite. haha. Ever listen to Save Ferris, they are great as well. Now you know some of my inner high school music that works well for working out for me. Please no making fun :-)

Stuart said...

Have a look at eMusic.com:
Global Underground - not chill out mixes or
Judge Jules: Global Warm Up

On Itunes (free)podcasts:


All of the above will get you swinging your pants up them hills!

If you like these I can suggest a load more...

Drusy said...

I stole my son's running playlist for variety and found some I'm enjoying (variety is great!)

Ready to Run - Dixie Chicks
The Hardest Part - Ryan Adams
Tony The Beat - The Sounds
Guided by the Wire - Neko Case
Pink Light - Laura Veirs
Banquet - Bloc Party
Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley

Tall Girl Running said...

Give "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor a listen. It's the perfect soundtrack for the last killer mile on any long run.

P.O.M. said...

Sweet. thanks for all the suggestions - I will definately be listening to these today while at work! ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE new tunes! I'll be adding some of these to my playlist shortly.

I don't know that ANY of these are super-fresh brand new... but they're relatively new to me:

1. Feedback by Janet Jackson (cheesy, but good running beats)
2. Time to Pretend by MGMT
3. Fancy Footwork by Chromeo (very 80's dance-off movie sounding, will make you smile!)
4. D.A.N.C.E. by Justice
5. Woman by Wolfmother (not new to me, but has definitely been getting me pumped lately)

And the whole album by GirlTalk. It is the one album that I can't seem to get bored with.

Brooke said...

I wish I could help with new stuff, but I'm in the same boat you are.

Sarah Jo Austin said...

I thought of one more: The Wreckoning by Boomkat. You might recognize the song from The Italian Job.

zanne said...

hey ... have you gone to pandora.com? you can enter a song or an artist you like & it will create a playlist of similar artists/genres, then - if you like it, you can go to iTunes and buy the song. i found a bunch of new artists this way. you should also try something called the Filter (not sure of the address - will look it up) - you download it, it goes through your iTunes list & creates playlists based on songs you already have - its great for those songs you like but are buried deep in your list - the great ones that you haven't heard in a while!

Drusy said...

I loved Pandora, but they stopped streaming to the UK on Jan 15th because of licensing fees and I understand that it is at risk in the US too due to new RIAA fees, but I have not kept current with situation. http://blog.pandora.com/pandora/archives/2007/04/legislation_to.html

renae said...

I love to listen to Lilly Allen (Alright, Still). The album is really good if you like pissed off chicks that don't take any shit. It makes me laugh too which keeps my mind off the pain from the waist down.

J~Mom said...

I totally use up songs and have to clean them out and get rid of them. I wish I had some good suggestions.

Drusy said...

Thanks Laura for the Taylor Swift recommendation! I liked "Our Song"

and admit that I also like the musical equivalent of the chick-flick:

Real Girl - Mutya Buena
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Survivor - Destiny's Child
New Shoes - Paolo Nutini
Proud - Heather Small
After all this time - Simon Webbe

Jeff said...

The Fratellis, almost all of their songs are upbeat and kind of fun...not sure about some of thecontent but I listen to them on every run right now. Try out Blink 182 -gREATEST hITS....

Boomkats is great!
It's time for the reckoning!