Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a Difference A Day Makes

Sorry my dear readers for exposing you to my depressing side.
But what a difference a day makes.

Hallelujah for Hand Me Downs
I am not too proud to except hand-me-down clothing. Especially from my boss. Last night when we were leaving work, she said, "Hey Jess, come to my car, I have some stuff for you." Let me tell ya... a few little treasures like this can cheer any gal up:
A little Diane VonFurstenberg Top
A pair of Paper Denim Jeans (a little muffin-top-esque, but I'm working on that)
A pair of Laundry Slacks
And a bunch of cute tops, 2 sundresses
Basically - I scored big time :)

Fanatic for Friends
How freakin' lucky am I that my running partner hears I'm down and shows up at my house with a bottle of wine and amazing advice??!!!
And tonight, my other great friend is taking me for post-work martinis! Flippin Sweet.

Revamped on Running
I think I'm really back. I got my runs in last weekend and felt pretty good. I woke up this morning and got in a couple miles. Chatting with my running partner last night we both reminisced on our favorite run during marathon training and decided we need to get back to doing long runs together. I know I need to get my nutrition back on track - being sick and depressed has me not eating healthy or enough of the right foods. Hopefully running will help bring back my appetite.

I'm still waiting for my two new toys to arrival in the mail - Big G and "the Scale." I guess I need to name the "The Scale." But maybe I should meet her first and see how I feel about her before I name her. I'm sure we will have a love/hate relationship, so maybe I will call her bitch. But then she might be mean to me, so maybe I should call her something nicer. hmmm - I'll keep ya "posted."

Song of the Day: The Way I Am by Ingrid Michealson (I think I already had this song, but I really like it)


My Life said...

Ummm... so who gets your hand-me-downs? I call first dibs!

Nancy said...

Hmmm, I wonder if she has any hand me downs for bigger girls. ;P

Glad you're back!

Lori said...

You lucky girl! Sounds like a pretty darn good day. Awesome new clothes and awesome friends. Can't go wrong there :)

Laura N said...

It's always positive to count your blessings.

I predict that Big G is gonna revolutionize the way you run. I just took mine out yesterday for the first time, and am so thrilled with it. I really didn't think I needed it (hence, why DH bought it for me as a surprise Christmas present and I didn't buy it for myself, like I do everything else I want), but now I know how woefully wrong I was. You're gonna love it.

Here's to you feeling all better and being back to 100%. Go kick some ass, girlfriend!

Danielle said...

I'd accept those hand-me-downs any day! Nice score!!

Heather said...

Excellent point about naming The Scale. I think I'll name mine PSYCHO. It'll go like this: "So Psycho says I weigh 135, which is a total lie because I ate pizza last night. Psycho, you are a liar!"


Full disclosure: I did not eat pizza last night, though I did indulge in a whopping 3.75 oz of old chardonnay. My nerves were shot after a shit-day at work (again).

Viv said...

Nice score on the clothes, and great friends to spunk you up!

Great job on the mileage this morning.

healthy ashley said...

That's awesome about the clothes! And glad to hear you're feeling better. =)