Friday, October 26, 2007

D-Day of the Fat A$$

Holy Mother of All Things Crappy.
No. No. No. This can't be true.

Here's how last night shook down:

Enter Gym.
Spot scale from across the room.
Slowly walk towards it.

Deep breath.
Step on scale, simultaneously covering the results.
Jump off scale.
Wait. That did not say what I think it said. Deep breath.
Step back on scale.
There must be a mistake.
I hope nobody saw. (looks around)
I feel like I have to.

So, here it is. 1-f''n- 4 - g'd -6.
There, I said it. 146.

Seriously - what the F%$* happened? How did I gain 12 G'd lbs?

Jess - It wasn't willpower that kept me from the scale. It was pure fear.
Mendy - You're on! We can do it.

So my goal is out there. 135. That's 11 lbs. I want to be there by race in Feb.

For me, it's mostly about eating, so here are the rules:
1. Breakfast: Egg White/Cottage Cheese, Kashi/whole grain bread, Fruit
2. Salad for lunch with no dressing (I do this already)
3. Protein and veggies ONLY for dinner
4. Wine/Martinis - only once a week
5. No bread at dinner/lunch. Ever.
6. No chocolate. No cookies.
7. Weigh self once a week only
9. Stick to work out plan
10. Don't be psycho by talking about it all the time. Only blog about it. (So get ready, cuz all my psychosis will be directed to ya'll.)

I did it before. I can do it again. I just thank God I caught this before it got out of control.

Does anyone want to see my workout plan??? Not sure if it's annoying to show that shizz.

In other news, The Captain is returning on Saturday from a week long fishing turned gambling trip. Can't wait until he gets home! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Song of the Day: Here Comes Your Man by The Pixies


Ian said...

Oooh, I couldn't live with rules 5 and 6. Giving up bread and cookies and chocolate? Not gonna' happen for me.

Anonymous said...

But...but...but... Chocolate is your friend.

You'll drop 11 in no time!


RunnerGirl said...

With that plan, you're bound to reach your goal soon. There's just no way I could survive giving up bread, ot to mention chocolate, so you are now basically my hero!

Ali said...

I treat the scale at the gym like a growling dog. I just ignore it, don't make eye contact and take the long way around to avoid it.

Are you setting a weight lost challenge?

I like that idea, otherwise I will spend all of November and December eating chocolate.

Marcy said...

4,5 and 6 would be my undoing.

You GO GIRL!!!I wish I had the same kind of dedication. I could probably stand to shed 5. Ick.

My Life said...

Okay... you still weigh less than I do... skinny biatch. ;)

And yes, put your workout plan on here.... this is still a running/working out blog! Inspire us!

katieo said...

Love the picture!

When read your list I THOUGHT I read for #5: "No dinner or lunch. Ever."

Uh. yeah, you'll definitely lose weight with that regimen. lol! THen I read Vanilla's comment. Glad to hear you're not going anorexic on us! ;)

Sarah Jo Austin said...

Wow! That's quite the plan! Best of luck.

I've been following the Abs Diet most of the summer/fall, and I've had pretty good luck with it.

Can't wait to read your progress.

Laurel said...

We are totally in the same boat. I weighed in at 144.5 right before the marathon and am now at 146.5 (after marathon shenanigans).

However, I am down from 150 (about 10 weeks before the marathon).

I too want to be at 135! But I want to get there by my next marathon (Miami/January 27).

Thats 3 months for 10lbs! What do you think? Everything would be fine if it wasn't for the dreaded holidays and their delicious foods!

Damn you holidays!!!

Jess said...

That's not a bad number. How tall are you? Plus, in training, you probably gained some muscle. In your race pictures, you look fabulous!! That can't be a girl who needs to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those rules are tough!! #s 2 and 5 would be awful for me!!

You'll do great I'm sure though!