Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's A Tie & Quirks

I chose the warm bed this morning. Oh well. There is still a good chance I can get my 20 miles in this week - especially because I am doing 10 miles on Saturday. So, as long as I run Wed and Thur - I'll have it made.
I was thinking about quirky things I do now that I'm a "runner." Here are a few that popped into my head:
  • I clock miles in my car everywhere I drive and wonder if I could "run it."
  • My dirty laundry has tripled. So when I don't have any running gear, I just smell the pits of a dirty shirt to see if it's wearable for a run.
  • I read "running blogs" religiously.
  • I get WAY to excited over new tennis shoes.
  • I get even more excited when I find cool running clothes at Target on sale.
  • But I don't blink an eye at paying over $50 for a pair of ugly ass shorts because they will be my "race shorts."
  • Garmin is my best pal and I even named him (Yes, he is a boy).
  • My coworkers and family members are TOTALLY SICK of hearing me talk about running.
  • I download about $30 in music a month - always on the search for something new to run to.
  • I feel like the day is a waste if I don't run.

Do you do anything weird or differently since you've become a runner/jogger/woggler?

Song of the Day: Proper Education (club mix) by Eric Prydz


Razz said...

Wow. with the exception of the shorts and the music $$, this sounds strangely familiar.

Nancy said...

VERY FAMILIAR!!! Sometimes while driving through or past somewhere that I have run, I frequently reminisce about the run. The other day (in tons of snow and below freezing temps) I drove by the spot that I stopped this summer and drank just about my whole camelbak of gatorade because it was so damn hot on my run and the gatorade was so yummy and cold I couldn't stop! It cracked me up.

Chant your splits in your head from the gym so you can remember them long enough to put them in your blog? Anyone??

Write your blog in your head the whole time you run??

P.O.M. said...

Nancy - oh yes. I totally come up with blog ideas while running. But my brain can't handle numbers, so I write my splits on a sticky note to take into work. Or - I just bring the Garmin into work.

My Life said...

I read books... on running. How dorky is that? ;) And I find myself checking out people's calves... hmmmm... wonder if those are runner's legs? Eesh.

marie said...

I rationalize spending $300 on running gear but not spending the same amount on a new kitchen table.

ShirleyPerly said...

I sleep like a rock. My husband is amazed how such a little person can make so much noise :-)

Ali said...

I buy new running outfits cause I really believe they will make me run faster.

I like smelling like tiger balm

I will pee anywhere now

Marcy said...

LMAO!! A lot of these are VERY familiar. In fact this sort of touches on the post I'm going to blog about (when these damn kids get off my butt :P)

I'm with Taryn and Marie, I'm a leg looker :P And I also can justify ANY running purchase, because? I WILL USE it fo sho!

chirunner said...

I will run in freezing, freakin' weather (for me that's down to 10 degrees, sometimes less) but I'll wear socks around the house when it gets below 70 outside.

Jess said...

Nearly every day of the week revolves around my running: when I can eat, what I should drink, how much/how little I should be on my feet, when I go to bed, etc.

Unfortunately, this affects not just me, but my husband as well. Oh well, he's flexible and is totally okay with dinner at 9 pm (or 4 pm). But it is cute when I'm not training for a long race, he'll ask: "Do you have to get up early on Sat for a long run?" No. "Yay!" he says. Mostly that makes him happy because I won't be the one to drag us home at 9 pm on Friday night.

Tri+Umph said...

Here's two things:

Like Nancy, if I'm going somewhere, I always will drive part of my running route even if it is shorter to go another way.

Also, if I see someone who looks in shape, I will always look at their shoes to see if they're a runner. Yes. I'm a guy, judging people by their shoes. God help me.

K80K said...

The first thing I do when returning home from a race is I run into my basement and I hang my bib on the wall. A race isn't truly complete until I do that. :)

NB said...

OMG!OMG!!!thats me squealing like my 6year old. Yes I do all that and more.
I drive to library more than 20 miles away to get Runners World issues becos our library doesnt carry those.
I read Marathon training books for bedtime reading.
I slow down my car when I see a runner and check out their form, gear and speed.
I do not think the people out running in the snow/rain are crazy, anymore- I totally understand them.
I run in the morning and finish writing the blog in my mind by the end of the day, so when I actually begin to write I have forgotten half of it.
I spend atleast 1-2 hours a day surfing the runner sites and am onstantly amazed at the writing talent hiding out there.

Mamacita Chilena said...

hahaha, love it. i do lots of those things as well.

here's one for me. instead of planning a vacatin for when my husband has time off of work, I want to go somewhere to run a marathon :)

Viv said...

LMAO, those were great. I could totally relate to all of em! I buy the books the magazine.
I have total respect for runners. I see them on the street and think I wonder what distance are they running, is it their short run, are they training or running for fun!

RunnerGirl said...

All those things sound so familiar, especially the parts about running shoes and clothes!

Christine said...

I plan races to meet up with long distance friends...and sucker them into running the race too

I enjoy eating clif shot bloks...not just during runs

I invited my whole graduate class to run a race with me...and half of them are interested!

renae said...

SO true! Every stinking word! I do the car thing everywhere I go...which means I've done most of the routes (grocery store, schools, etc) multiple times! Wack job.

Anonymous said...

Your points are great! I get so excited looking at running clothes now and reading up on all the new technology (Garmin, GPS) and sneakers!

Jeff said...

My wife says the only women I talk to now in my life are runner women...I eat,sleep, live running/swimming/biking...I look at my bike everyday and wonder how fast I can get it to go.

If I am running and someone passes me I say to myself "that person is probably only running a couple of miles! You are running 20!!!!"

Laurel said...

Haha, I go to bed at 10pm on Friday nights so I can get up at 3-4am on Saturdays to run so as not to run in the Miami heat!

I also don't drink of Friday nights!!!

If that's not weird, I don't know what is!

Maddy said...

So funny! Yes, yes, yes and yes. I need the big suitcase for a weekend trip because I pack twice as many clothes - and running shoes take up a lot of suitcase space.

I think about what I might post while I'm running (See Five Mile Headgame)

I too get excited over running clothes on sale at Target, but even more so over NWT running clothes on eBay for pennies on the dollar!

Reluctant Runner said...

Great list, POM. Funny, I just posted today on the fact that I have come to love the smell of my gym bag ... because it means I am about to go running. Mental.

Unknown said...

I totally relate to two of your comments

pit smelling of dirty shirts (yeah, it's gross, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do)

happiness at target sale items for running (I scored the most awesome techincal tank for $3 the other day. yessssssssss)

Mendy said...

Those are soooo very true! I am a target running gear freak. Seriously, their knickers are sooo good, as good as my Nike ones, and I'm one to save money when I can. I'm going to Target tonight, to look at running stuff!

I'm having the same feeling about the music. My ipod needs some change in tunes.

I love reading about running so much, whether it's other journals, or just technique.

Yah, we're runners!

Anonymous said...

I'm just now catching up with your blog... Congrats on your GORGEOUS new niece!!! I'm going to be an aunt again in Aug and I'm crossing my fingers for a girl ;)

Congrats on your 'spiritual' run the other day. Sometimes my runs are fun, other times they're awful, but often I feel like they're spiritual too - like this is my version of church. It's a powerful thing.

RunToTheFinish said...

Who knew running actually makes you crazy? At least that's what I think from reading these posts! I know my weekends are different than other people in their 20's because I feel like I can't get hammered it will run my planned run...or i have to figure out how to get in that 3 miles with company coming and such. Plus yes everyone wishes I would talk about something else!

Gotta Run..... said...

Holy COW!! The only one that did not apply to me was the $30 a month in downloads. We use limewire and pay a flat membership rate for unlimited download.

As runners, we really are insane when you put it in writing.

i would not want it any other way!!!

healthy ashley said...

I do all of those things (except for the Garmin..)!

I especially love the sniffing of the dirty clothes. =)

(Weight) Loser said...

I have a few questions for you if you don't mind!! When you started running, did you get shin splints a lot? How far could you run when you first started? How much did you improve as you went along? I am a beginner runner, and have seen those couch to 5k programs, but I can never seem to break past the 1 1/2 mile mark. One day it's because my shins hurt, and another it's my whole leg in general. Another day, it's because I get out of breath. And then some days, it's a combination of them all!!! Thanks for your help!!

NB said...

Hi (weight)loser, I couldn't stop myself from replying to your comment as I went through what you are going through...

I am obese by 15 pounds (well, overweight by 30 and then obese by 15, talking in terms of BMI). I started running 3 months ago. At that time 2 minutes of straight running was an issue but slowly the stamina started building up and I could see a difference. When I started, I used to walk at 3m/h and running was out of question. At that time I thought that I will never be able to run a 15 min mile....but things got better with time and now I can run 3-4 miles in 45-60 mins. And yes, I went through and still am going through all the different kinds of aches and pains. Me and my sister blog as GB and NB at http://marathonpreparation.blogspot.com
Do visit our blog sometime and go through the initial posts which reflect our hiccups and problems as we started preparing for a marathon 12 months away...

Midwest said...

Woman, don't be teasing us about naming Big G and not tell us what his name is. Maybe he and Paula, my Garmin can go out.

Database Diva said...

My laundry is always pretty bad, but sometimes I don't get around to changing after the run, and the next thing you know it is the next day and I'm still wearing them (I work at home) and I'm going to run anyway so... Even though my laundry pile is always high and smelly, I've made enough trips to Target that I never run out! Other than that the lists match.

I also use all of my vacation traveling to races, and don't have any left to relax!

I flew to Nevada to run a half marathon in the desert near Area 51 at midnight under the full moon? Anyone got something crazier than that?

Oh, and I'm addicted to hills. Whenever I drive through hilly areas, I think about coming back so I can run them.

Stuart said...

WOW you have a bajillion comments! I look at trail hills when I drive through the mountains and think can I?, I have "race togs" for any given Sunday (or Saturday), I always sync before I stretch, I keep adding non runner blogs to FeedDemon...and then delete them!